Bytes by MSDN: Nickolas Landry and Rob Cameron on cool Apps for Windows Phone 7

Play Bytes by MSDN: Nickolas Landry and Rob Cameron on cool Apps for Windows Phone 7
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Don’t miss this dynamic interview with Nickolas Landry, Practice Manager for Infusion. Rob Cameron, Senior Architect Evangelist for Microsoft, has great dialog with Nick around enterprise mobility, location intelligence applications and Windows Phone 7. Nick’s team builds cool applications using Bing maps and is now bringing those apps to Windows Phone 7. And what does Nick do in his spare time? He’s also developing games for Windows Phone 7 and uploading them to Marketplace. Whether it’s locator, mobile or gaming applications you’re interested in, this is a good discussion to listen in on.

About Nickolas Landry

 Nickolas Landry is a Principal Architect and Practice Manager in New York for Infusion Development, a Microsoft Gold Partner which offers quality software development services, developer training and consulting services for large corporations and agencies in the North America, the UK and Dubai ( Known for his dynamic and engaging style, he is a frequent speaker at major software development conferences worldwide, a member of both the INETA and the MSDN Canada Speakers Bureaus, a Microsoft MVP on Device Application Development, and a former Microsoft Regional Director in Montreal. He is the Vice-President of IASA New York (, and is a Founding Member of WWISA ( His primary goal is to help businesses connect their information, systems, and people together in a seamless integration to achieve complete enterprise agility. Aside from his work in designing business solution architectures using .NET technologies, Nick provides mentoring services in architecture, design and .NET development, authors and teaches .NET classes, performs system audits, and profiles technologies for various enterprise scenarios. With over 17 years of professional experience – starting with Visual Basic 1.0 – and a career almost entirely dedicated to Microsoft technologies, Nick specializes in .NET mobility, Bing Maps, SOA, architecture & design patterns, High-Performance Computing (HPC), game development with XNA, and smart clients. He wrote multiple articles for CODE Magazine and several .NET mobility courses for Microsoft, has been a technical editor for many books, and holds several professional certifications from Microsoft and IBM. Contact and blog:


About Rob Cameron

 Employed by Microsoft since 2001, Rob Cameron is an Industry Architect Evangelist with Microsoft Corporation based out of Atlanta, Georgia. As part of Microsoft's Communication Sector Developer & Platform Evangelism team, Rob focuses on development tools and technologies focused on mobile devices, gaming, and embedded devices for telecommunications, cable, and media & entertainment companies. Rob co-authored several titles including Building ASP.NET Server Controls, Pro ASP.NET 3.5 Server Controls and AJAX Components, Silverlight 2 Recipes, and most recently Silverlight 3 Recipes. He has a master's degree in information technology management and a bachelor's degree in computer science. Visit Rob's blog at


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