Bytes by MSDN: Ramon Resma and Brian Prince on how Travelocity uses Windows Azure

Play Bytes by MSDN: Ramon Resma and Brian Prince on how Travelocity uses Windows Azure
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Join Brian Prince, Principle Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, and Ramon Resma, Software Architect Principal at Travelocity, as they discuss Windows Azure. Ramon talks about the advantages of utilizing Windows Azure for web applications. Using Azure for a specific customer facing web app, allowed Travelocity to track metrics of how the user was engaging with the new feature and scale accordingly to accommodate traffic. Tune in to hear this great Azure story! 

About Ramon

Ramon Resma is a Software Architect in mobile development at .He leads the development of mobile travel applications running on Windows Phone 7, Android, and iOS. He also works on cloud-based technologies to support development of applications for travel planning, travel shopping, and in-trip management. More recently, he worked on Microsoft Axure's cloud-based technology to support certain analytics tracking of Ajax-based functions on Azure provided the significant increase on CPU and storage resources required to support the spike in traffic required by the application on an as-needed basis.

He has worked in the past on web development, SOA, search engine, distributed caching, database and data-mning technology. Ramon has over 22 years of experience in the travel industry and has worked on architecture leadership roles for Travelocity and Sabre Airline Solutions. 

About Brian

Expect Brian Prince to get (in his own words) "super excited" whenever he talks about technology, especially cloud computing, patterns, and practices. That's a good thing, given that his job is to help customers strategically leverage Microsoft technologies and take their architecture to new heights. Brian's the co-founder of the non-profit organization CodeMash (, runs the global Windows Azure Boot Camp program, and speaks at various regional and international events. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science and physics from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, Brian is a zealous gamer with a special weakness for Fallout 3.

Brian is the co-author of "Azure in Action", published by Manning Press.


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