Bytes by MSDN: Tim Heuer and Tim Huckaby discuss the future of Silverlight

Play Bytes by MSDN: Tim Heuer and Tim Huckaby discuss the future of Silverlight
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Tim Huckaby interviews Tim Heuer, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft for the Silverlight team. They discuss the future of Silverlight (no, Silverlight is not going away) and the Silverlight feature "wish list". Silverlight 4's top features tie back to the top 15 feature wish list from this site. Find out how to submit your next Silverlight feature request!

About Tim Heuer

Tim Heuer is a program manager for Microsoft Silverlight. He helps build the worldwide Silverlight community and loves talking about the platform and technology in general as well as learning and being inspired how others are using it. Having over 13 years of experience with Microsoft web technologies, Tim is excited about the opportunities that Silverlight brings for developers and designers and wants to ensure that everyone has the best information and tools available to them for success.

About Tim Huckaby

Tim Huckaby is the Founder of InterKnowlogy, experts in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Platforms, and has 25+ years experience including serving on a Microsoft product team as a development lead on an architecture team. Tim is a Microsoft Regional Director, an MVP and serves on multiple Microsoft councils and boards. Currently, Tim is focused on RIA & Rich Client Technologies like WPF, VSTO, Surface, Silverlight, Windows 7 Touch, and Windows Phone 7. He has been called a "Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution" by the press. Tim has been awarded multiple times for the highest-rated keynote for Microsoft and numerous other technology conferences around the world and is consistently rated in the top 10% of all speakers at these events. Tim has also done keynote demos for numerous Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.



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    Mical Jones

    I thanks to Tim Heuer for his great thoughts. I am also congrats him for his great success and His team efforts.

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