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Mark Hindsbo, VP, Developer & Platform Evangelism discusses “the Windows 8 first mover advantage” for developers.  He shares information, with Tim Huckaby, about the staggering number of Windows 8 devices that will be running applications over the next 12 months, and the Windows Store user experience for consumers and enterprise.   Millions of consumers await Windows 8 apps; visit GenerationApp for help getting your app to market.

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About Mark

Mark Hindsbo is the Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer & Platform Evangelism Group (DPE) in the US, and a member of the North American Leadership team. DPE is responsible for driving excitement and adoption of Microsoft technologies, with developers and other technical communities. Mark and his team works with customers and partners, throughout the United States, to build the next generation of software solutions.  

Mark originally joined Microsoft in Denmark around the birth of Microsoft’s .NET technology and vision. Here he built and led the local DPE group and was part of the subsidiary leadership team. He has also worked in Microsoft’s corporate headquarter in various roles; most recently as responsible for worldwide field strategy and operations in DPE. Prior to joining Microsoft he was a partner and co-founder of a Danish innovation consulting company and has also worked as a management consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Mark holds a Master of Science in applied physics & mathematics from the Technical University of Denmark.

Mark is married and has three children that he tries to spend as much time with as possible. He holds a 4thdegree black belt in Karate that he tries to maintain in his scarce spare time where he also enjoys reading a good book.

About Tim

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Tim Huckaby is focused on the Natural User Interface (NUI) in Rich Client and Rich Internet Application (RIA) Technologies like Silverlight & WPF on the computer, the Surface, and Windows Phone 7. He has been called a "Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution" by the press.

Tim has been awarded multiple times for the highest rated Keynote and technical presentations for Microsoft and numerous other technology conferences around the world by Microsoft Corporation. Tim has done presentations on Microsoft technologies at technology events like Microsoft Tech Ed, Product Launch events, Dev Days, MEC, World Wide Partner Conference, MGB, MGX, and the PDC, along with 3rd party technology conferences all over the world is consistently rated in the top 10% of all speakers at these events. Tim was selected by Microsoft as a speaker for the International .NET Association and speaks at events world-wide on Microsoft's behalf. Tim has done keynote demos at big Microsoft events and product launches for numerous Microsoft executives including Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Tim founded InterKnowlogy, experts in Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Platforms, and Actus Interactive Software, and has 25+ years experience including serving on a Microsoft product team as a development lead on an architecture team. Tim is a Microsoft Regional Director, an MVP and serves on multiple Microsoft councils and boards like the Microsoft .NET Partner Advisory Council.

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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Daniel Dacey

    I like WinRT and its promise, but honestly this is half baked. Some constructive suggestions.

    Local data sources are not only required they are expected by developers for WinRT. SQL Lite cannot be the only source aside from WCF and the ever present, over marketed Azure. Put the data base stuff back in.

    Trusted WinRT apps should be able to copy from their local store to another or at least see others to copy from. No I don't want to use the cloud to do it or expect my users to manually copy everything.

    Allow me to use third party WPF libraries in WinRT, like reports etc. Give me much greater scope about what I can do in WinRT.

    Make contracts and other cool WinRT features available to all of Windows 8, including the classic desktop. You don't have to back port that to Win 7, just let Windows 8 see all the new stuff, irrespective of where I am at the time in Win 8.

    Get over Azure. Yes it has its place, no we aren't all dropping local data sources tomorrow to make the MS accountants happy because their spreadsheet predictions on the profit to be made looked awesome - it just isn't happening.

    WinRT is very nice, but its incomplete and can't be successful in its current form. The limitations on how we can use it and what can use it are just too severe.

    I love the promise of Win 8, but its my opinion its going to tank, unless a heap of weather apps and the odd game, is what WinRT is every going to be about and what Windows 8 needs to succeed.

    Best of luck guys in getting someone upstairs to listen.

  • User profile image
    Mouhammad Fakhoury

    Your MSDN subscription fees are outrageous even with MS alumni discounts! I am not sure how do you expect people to develop for your platform?

    MSDN subscription went up by $1000 since last year!

  • User profile image

    There is no future for Windows 8 developers on connected TV platforms.
    AFIK Microsoft refuses or has failed to license WinRT to any TV manufacturer.


  • User profile image

    Daniel Dacey, thanks for the feedback.. I have passed it along..  we are definitely working on some of the items you are mentioning ...    The platform definitely has a lot great features so I would advise not to discount it for the short term..  You can write some great apps in this release.. there is lots of them in the sore already...

  • User profile image

    Mouhammad,  the tools for WIndows 8 are free... 
    You can get a 90 day eval of windows 8 and that is usually enough to write an app Smiley

    The tools are free all the time, you can get them from here:

    hope that helps..

  • User profile image

    I love Tim's interviews, he look so passionate about his job.. good work!

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