Bytes by MSDN: Windows 8 User Experience Design

Play Bytes by MSDN: Windows 8 User Experience Design

The Discussion

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    David is a huge asset and has a keen eye for ensuring quality on any product. It is so important to be able to put thought processes from the beginning, to watch those thought processes go through the different stages of a project's evolution and to see them really work when everything comes together.

    It seems that this conversation is incomplete - having developers tuned to the idea of user experience is ideal, but to get there, wouldn't it take more than a developer talking to a developer to get enough clarity to really make it a driving interest for others who aren't as exposed to the concept as David is? Is Channel 9 the place for that thread of thought?

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    certainly the conversation is incomplete.  that is part of the issue with this kind of thing is that we have not as an industry gotten to a place where we act as composite or multi-disciplinary teams.  as a rule we are still throwing things over the fence at each other.  That's part of my frustration in UX in the industry.  by all means I'll talk to anyone that listens Smiley  it would be great to see a more of a ux discussion or maybe a UX show on msdn?  I'm down with it.  we could have local UX/IA/Dev and all kinds of people...  maybe a show called {interact} ?  Wink 

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