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    I have the following problem with the Windows 8 Store:
    I've been going back to the Win8 Store daily and it has said there are 88 new applications now for a long time.  I have to scroll through the list and try and figure out what is REALLY new and what is that which I have already seen.  I have no idea where the new apps will appear at the beginning, end or scattered in the list.  When I go to the list I only want to see what is new since the last time I looked.
    ...and if I go on holidays and come back and there have been 200 hundred new apps added... I don't want to see just the last 100 I want to page through all since the last time I looked... I do not want to miss any.

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    Hi Bydia,

    I have passed the feedback on the 100 to the product team.
    Trying to better understand the comment on 88.  Where do you see that number?? 

    I assume you are running RTM version of the OS, right?


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