Announcing Achievements For Visual Studio 2012 RC


We are excited to announce a version of Visual Studio Achievements that works on Visual Studio 2012 RC.  Running this version of the extension will enable you to unlock a new achievement called Brave New World, which is unlocked when you create or open a project when running Visual Studio 2012 RC on Windows 8 RP.  Expect lots more Windows 8 oriented achievements coming soon!

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With this version of the extension installed, you can also earn any of the 47 other achievements all from Visual Studio 2012 RC on either Windows 8 or an earlier version of the OS.

Note that the Visual Studio Achievements Extension for Visual Studio 2012 RC is a different binary.  This is because the extension has a dependency on the FxCopSdk.dll that ships with Visual Studio and the FxCopSdk.dll is not binary compatible between versions of Visual Studio.