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    "Show Me The Cache" Achievement still BROKEN!!!  I've been waiting to get this thing forever please fix ASAP!!! It's the only one I need.  I have all the rest.  I did this many times with the Azure 1.6 and it never worked and I was told it was a bug and would be fixed in the next achievement release.  Now I'm using Azure 1.7 and the latest achievement release and I tried the "shared" cache which is the old way of doing it and I also tried the new cache preview and neither unlocked this achievement.  What's the point of Achievements if some are really un achievable.


    Here is the link where karstenj says it's a bug with the cache url.  PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP!!


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    Hi AceHack -- Fixing that is next in the queue!  Thanks, Karsten


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    Hi  AceHack - This is fixed in the 2.1 version of the achievements extension.

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    System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException was unhandled
           Message=Achievement Files Have Been Tampered With.
                at AchievementService.Client.AchievementClient. (String  )
                at AchievementService.Client.AchievementClient. (String  )
                at AchievementService.Client.AchievementClient.UnlockAchievement(String achievement)
                at Coding4Fun.VSAchievements.Core.AchievementManager.Unlock(IAchievementController controller)
                at Coding4Fun.VSAchievements.Core.AchievementManager.Coding4Fun.VSAchievements.Core.IAchievementServiceClient.Unlock(IAchievementController controller)
                at Coding4Fun.VSAchievements.FxCopAchievementRules.MoreThan30EnumFieldsAchievement.fxcop_AnalysisFinished(IFxCopAnalyzerContext obj)
                at System.Action`1.Invoke(T obj)

    What to do when this happens every time when building a solution (having a 30+ enum) in vs2012 RTM on win7?

    Can I reset my achievement data?


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