Announcing Channel 9 Notifications


Whether it is comments on a video, forum posts or events, Channel 9 is all about facilitating conversations. And there are a lot of conversations. Wouldn't it be handy if Channel 9 aggregated the conversations you were interested in and notified you when there was new activity?

We're excited to announce we've implemented such a feature. The idea is that in one place -- your notification feed -- you can see activity for any posts and threads you are following.  For this new feature, you'll notice we've incorporated ideas from other popular social network websites .  Here's how it works:

  • All video posts and forum threads now have a follow button next to them.
    Generic Episode Image
  • You can see and manage your notifications from your profile page:

    Generic Episode Image
  • Anytime anyone comments on an item you are following, an entry is added to your notification feed, which can be found on your profile page.

    Generic Episode Image
  • In addition, you can opt in to receiving emails whenever something is added to your notification feed.

    Generic Episode Image



We think the infrastructure we've built to enable this notification system has a lot of possibilities, such that Channel 9 brings the content you care about directly to you, instead of you having to seek that content out yourself. We're just getting started here and there's more we want to implement, including the following:

  • Following shows, so you are notified when a new video has been added to a show
  • Following people, so you are notified when there is activity by a person on the site
  • Digest emails, so you get one email a day instead of multiple emails
  • Giving you the choice to 'auto-follow' any conversation you participate in

We're excited to release this feature and looking forward to your feedback. I can tell you right now: I'm following this post and will be notified as soon as you comment!