Announcing Channel 9’s first live broadcast - This Week on C9 this Friday!


Updated: Watch us live at today at 3:00 PM PST!

Mark your calendars, on Friday,  November 6th at 3:00PM Pacific Standard Time, Channel 9 will host its first live broadcast for This Week on Channel 9! We’ll have a special Web page setup for our live streaming player and you’ll be able to ask us questions in real-time via Twitter. Start following @ch9live on Twitter for more information.


Q: Do I need anything special to watch the live stream?
A: You just need Silverlight installed.

Q: How do I watch the live stream?
A: We’ll be posting the URL Friday morning PST?

Q: How can I participate?
A: Send questions or comments by replying to the @ch9live Twitter account during the live broadcast at 3PM Pacific Standard Time. 

Q: Will the content be available afterwards?
A: Yes, we’ll be uploading the recording for anyone that can’t tune in during that time.


Q: Will you do it live?

The Discussion

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    So here's something which would win me over to Bing right away: let me enter a query like "When is November 6th 3:00PM PST in CET?" and then convert it for me, including daylight savings and whatnot. Neither Bing nor Google nor Wolfram Alpha can crack that enigma for me, surprisingly.

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    Are you sure you can handle the pressure of being LIVE? Smiley

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    Ok according to this this puts it at 11PM on Friday night here in the UK.


    I may be there in body but a sober body is in considerable doubt Big Smile


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    Wait a couple of weeks and it'll work- the failed query shows up in their logs and they fix them.


    Actually, I want messenger to Remind Me! Setup messenger to notify me on that date.


    ...Actually, darn it, I want a service which remembers and then pings me via messenger and possibly e-mail.


    ...Actually, preferably, it shouldn't live on my local machine...

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    LOL, well, hilarious twitpic'd pictures of a rowdy UK night (assuming they are PG-13) are totally acceptable Smiley

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    Oh yay! Can't wait.

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    sweet... 6pm eastern should work for me Smiley


    what we need next is a chat stream.... like an IRC to chat and ask questions -- sorry i have never used twitter before i guess i am not with the times on that... will have to check that out.

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    Cool! I stayed to work from home.  So I'll won't miss it!

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    Yup, midnight in Belgium.


    Why does Seattle have to be at the end of the world (in time zones) Tongue Out

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    I hope it was as good for you guys as it was for me Smiley


    But it would be really nice if it could be an hour or two earlier.

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    Great stream. Can we have a link to that LINQ LIGHT stuff you guys mentioned? Thanks Charles!

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    I agree with Chadk.  3 Pacific Time is 6 PM Easter Time; that mean dinner time for many of us from east coast....Wink

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    That was cool.


    I think the stream worked well. There was a moment when the quality went way down and then came back up, but it transitioned smoothly so I guess it was doing the adaptive quality bandwidth whatever thing based on a dip in bandwidth, or something.

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    Hi guys! Loved the show watched it live at midnight! (so would be nice if it could be a bit sooner)


    Some feedback:
    # The player showed white vertical stripes in the timeline in the beginning, was that to indicate chapter? Was not really obvious since moving arround it did not really provide visual feedback

    # Skipping back and forward during live stream worked perfectly!

    # I would love to be able to SET the bandwith limits used (like in the smooth streaming video demo with Big Bug Bunny). Because in belgium our download limits are quite low and i don't want to spoil all of my limit on HD content of 2 people sitting in chairs (or some other video's on channel 9 who don't really need HD or high quality. I would LOVE this feature

    # When the show stopped streaming skipping back arround the timeline and trying to view some earlier stuff frose up the IE8 completely. Does this mean the video's are not avaibale on demand directly after the show? Is this not possible? And then why is skipping during the stream possible?


    That said, again, great show guys!!

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    TWOC9 Live ROCKED!


    And yes, it started at 11pm here in the UK, but that's cool, who isn't online at 11pm? Smiley


    The silverlight streaming worked great, I even tried the live rewind feature and it's flawless. I wish you could convine the BBC to use Silverlight for their iPlayer instead of (or as well as maybe) Flash.


    Only snaffu was that when you're doing a live event you need to start the stream in advance and put up a still or something. The player was bombing out with "stream unavailable" until the instant the programme started which means anyone who wasn't hammering F5 would have missed the start.

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    I tried "When is November 10th 3:00PM PST in CET?" in bing ... guess what i found as the first result ... your post Wink



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    For some reason twitter didn't seem to work right for me.

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    You are on air! Smiley

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