Announcing MSDN Profile Integration


We just released a feature that integrates MSDN profile information directly into Channel9. Now, for any niner that has an MSDN account, Channel9 shows that user's MSDN statistics – points earned in the MSDN profile system, badges, and links to their MSDN activity page and profile – both on hover of that user's avatar and on the users profile page. 

Here's a screenshot of the UI that shows up when you hover over a user on Channel 9:

Generic Episode Image

This new UI surfaces more than just their MSDN reputation though; it also brings up the user's Channel 9 stats and Visual Studio Achievements, perfect for the active community member who wants to show off his points.

We've already linked all users who have a corresponding profile on MSDN and we do this lookup for all new users, but if anyone wants to opt-out that is as easy as a quick click in their own 'hover box' or on their profile page.

Check it out for yourself in any Channel 9 forum thread, or in the comments on any videos.