Announcing Visual Studio Achievements For Windows 8 App Development

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    Phil Murray

    Are we playing games on Steam or XBox? I would prefer Microsoft concentrate on fixing some bugs with VS rather than this.

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    @Phil Murray: Thanks for the feedback Phil... don't worry, we are in agreement on the relative priority of this project compared to other work at Microsoft. We are not the Visual Studio team though, so none of their resources are being put towards this side project.

    The idea with this project is to encourage folks to explore a wide range of the features and related technologies available in Visual Studio, while having some fun at the same time.

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    Knut immature and childish.

    One more reason to avoid working with Win8...

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    Talking about immature and childish...

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    I don't get it. How can you say this is childish? This is a perfect way to learn new developers how to develop for Windows Phone. How can that be a bad thing? Might this be a case of "Haters gonna hate"?

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    @Naknut: Agreed entirely. As someone who's not a terribly proficient developer (but aiming to become so!), I think this is a great way to keep developers engaged in new projects, and keep development fun in the process.

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    HAHAAA, This is brilliant!
    Love this idea!!!

    It's not like the VS team stopped working on VS and decided to work on this, I'm guessing a small group of people (or maybe even one person) just made this for fun....and fun it is.

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    Why do microsoft tend to treat people like children?
    This is degrading and frankly offensive.

    I have never liked achievements in any form. It destroys the game's story and immersion.

    Playing a game for me is like reading a book. I play the game for the story.

    For a thought experiment: Would you continue reading a book if for every 10 pages you get an achievement?
    "Bing! Nice job buddy! You have read another 10 pages. You are so hardcore, cool and awesome. You have earned 10 achievement points. Share it with your friends. Show them how cool you are."

    What if microsoft implemented achievements in windows operating system? For every new feature you use and for every program and other actions you execute you get achievement points.
    "Congratulations! You earned the suicide achievement for deleting the boot sector."

    Get the picture?
    If i could sue game companies for destroying the games, i would. They do not even provide an option to turn of that childish feature.

    I know why achievements are popular in games. It is a psychology thing like how prices tend to be $5.95 instead of $6. Doesn't matter if a large population of people gets tricked by it. It still doesn't make it right.

    Manipulation through psychology for greed should be illegal.
    You should continue playing a game for the story, entertainment, enjoyment and fun of it. Not because of completion OCD that bugs you until you have gotten the full 100%.

    Achievements is another form of a unhealthy drug addiction. You do not take drugs because you like them, you take them because you must. Because you can't live without them.

    To take a quote from an activist: "Why do you and your company support an activity that is known to be mentally harmful?"

    Causing harm even non-physical is illegal. Doesn't matter if it was intentional or not. That is the responsibility of the maker to figure out before release that the product is safe for use. At least that is how it is in my country.

    For instance giving a drug to people that will cause addiction, mental anguish is illegal.
    Achievements is exactly this. A drug that cause and promote addiction. 


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    This is so cool! A fun way to make developers explore VS enjoy what it offers!!

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    Odds are this feature didn't take too long to implement, and adds a little bit of fun to learning. I like it.

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    @Phil Murray:Nah, This makes your work more fun Smiley GO @ch9!

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    Addig amíg regisztráltam,tudott magyarul az oldal.Regisztráció után,nem tudom használni az oldalt,mert nem értek angolul.Talán szívatás az egész?Ha nem értem,nem tudom használni,mi a lényege?

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    Have to find a PC now, achievments makes me crazy Tongue Out

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