Announcing Windows 8 on Channel 9!


Windows 8 on Channel 9

Have you built your app yet? To help you get started we've just opened the Windows 8 Area on Channel 9. Right now we have over 85 videos and 17 hours of free developer content. You'll learn how to build beautiful apps and sell them in the Windows Store

There's lots of new content for developers to get started, including:

We are also working on C++ content, including DirectX games and general Windows Store App development with modern C++. Stay tuned, C++ developers.

Build Conference

Remember to mark your calendars as next week we'll be streaming the Build conference live on Channel 9 Tuesday October 30 - Friday November 2nd with plenty of opportunity for live Q&A! As always, all of the sessions will be recorded and made available on Channel 9 within 24 hours of recording.


Jeff and the Channel 9 team

The Discussion

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    Ahhhh ..... the flooood ..... Scared

    The C++ video of STL is the only one left on the homepage now, holy cow ! Perplexed

    But, while you are at here , why not release some BUILD sessions for us ? Tongue Out

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    Between this and the new Build sessions, we're going to have a *lot* of video to go through Smiley

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    We are working on C++ content, too, of course. Stay tuned. You can blame me for the late arrival to the party (and this is an excellent party! Kudos to all involved who made this new section on C9 a reality.)


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    @Charles - thanks for all the work you put into making these video available.  C9 is a great dev asset.  Rock and Roll  Wink

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    @geeyef: Thanks. In this case, I deserve 0 credit. It all goes to Dan, Golnaz, Roxanne Beaver, Bob Tabor and the other personalities in the videos (great teachers!). If anything, I botched up getting C++ videos in the mix for this installment Smiley Will fix...


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    Awesome job guys!

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    Houssem Yahiaoui

    ♥♥♥♥ thank you guys ... for helping me i was struggling thankx alot ..... channel 9 .

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    Awesome !!!!

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    UserChoice and freedom

    A few questions i want answer to that i have not been able to find on window store site (microsoft still do not know how to design web sites!).

    Since you will be making windows 8 video saying, incorrectly, how great it is. Here are some real question i want you to answer.

    -How will windows store affect hobby developers and tinkerers (advanced users) ?

    -Have microsoft's view on open source changed ?

    -Was microsoft hiding its true view on open source and freedom of hobby development until the release of windows 8 rt and its locked in store ?

    -Can a hobby developer release an app for free on windows store without paying extortion fees for the "locked in" service ?

    -Will customers that agree to windows store agreements have any rights ?
    Example: Steam service reserves the right to change its mind and do what ever they want. Customers do not have any rights to their bought games at all. If steam was to close down, customers will lose all their bought games without the option to download and save them. Bought steam games are not technically owned, you only buy a license to them with no customer rights.

    -If i buy an app that gets removed, will i still have access to the app, i bought it so its mine to keep, right ?

    -In what way will microsoft provide proof that windows store do not use price fixing, overpricing, or any other kinds of price manipulations ie increase the price during high popularity ?

    -Will real neutral third-parties have access to verify windows store is legal without having to sign documents that gives microsoft control over the released information ?

    -With windows 8 rt and windows store release, have microsoft abandoned user choice, competition, semi-neutrality and freedom ?

    Microsoft did release visual studio 2012 without fully supporting official standard programming language C++ and instead concentrating all its resources on microsoft own proprietary programming languages like C#, WinRT, XAML, etc.

    All these moves by microsoft and the excuses microsoft have made do add up no matter if microsoft wants it or not. The result isn't good at all. Long term prediction show very bad things.

    Consider this an open letter of sorts.

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    this will come in super handy, cheers ch9

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    Afnan Makhdoom

    Every where, it is xml, c++, c#, java etc.
    Why did every body forget Visual Basic, I mean it's simple, with an easy syntax, isn't it?!?

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    @Afnan Makhdoom:there's a VB part 1-4 in the Build your first Windows Store app series

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    Afnan Makhdoom

    @golnazal: Thank you very very much, I didn't I can make Store apps with vb, you helped me a lot, Thanks Again!

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    We are looking for videos on developing applications using windows 8 features with C++. Thanks for considering C++ community as well

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