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Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to officially announce the launch of our newly designed preview site of Channel 9!

Our development team has worked collaboratively and tirelessly to put together this new website.  The new preview UI is accessible and follows a responsive modern UI design.  This is a beautiful brand new accessible UI for the Channel 9 community!

We have taken a lot of time to think through the inclusive user experience, who we are, and why we do what we do, and incorporated all of that into our new design.  The goal is to provide visitors and contributors up-to-date content, with clear, accessible, responsive, consistent, and attractive user interface.  We have fixed numerous problems with the old, non-accessible, and non-responsive homepage.  This work is still in progress and we will be improving the experience in the upcoming months.  If a feature is missing, it doesn't mean it has been cut.  Hang tight, we are working on it!    

Please look around and let us know what you think: Channel 9 Preview Site.  Hopefully, you find the new Channel 9 site easy to use and clean.  Tell us what you think or your questions by posting comments on our blog post or add a feedback to the Site Feedback Forum

Below are some screenshots of the new experience.


Vi Nguyen

Channel 9 Interim PM


Channel 9 Homepage

 Preview Site Homepage-1

 Preview Site Homepage-2


Channel 9 Events

Preview Site Events page



The Discussion

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    Good going guys...  ! 


    Now, not only do you have great material but a nice website to look at when checking the videos. 


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    oooh, sweet!

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    Responsive design: finally! But I'm less enthusiastic about the gray background.. It is boring and ugly. Other than that... Great to finally see the technologies discussed on the site being implemented on the site. When can we expect a UWP app?

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    Here are some problems with downloading:
    - It's harder to download a video now. I have to click a combo box, then click the right resolution, *then* click the download button. The old layout was better, where the list of videos wasn't hidden in a combo box.
    - The combo box starts on MP3, which seems to me like a strange default. Do your users download MP3s enough to make it the default? I've never downloaded an MP3 from C9 in my life.
    - The site no longer says how large the video files are. Not everyone lives in the US without data caps, you know.
    - The video resolutions are in the wrong order; they're Low-High-Mid but I would expect Low-Mid-High.

    And a visual annoyance: As I scroll down a page, thumbnail graphics are faded in. That motion attracts my eye, and it's distracting as I scroll the page, trying to scan or read it.

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    I cannot wait to look at the new home page.[H]

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    // every so often you need a new coat of paint, only one suggestion: the videos were kind of hard to stream on a old machine "all torn apart" and was hard to go on low video quality too! can you look into that too? assuming you can find a machine from 2010 to try using the channel 9

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    Thiago Custodio

    It still does not offer a way to sort search results.

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    Have the C9 team test opening this preview site on SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S2 using Chrome browser? The layout is not responsive and some of the top menu text are cropped.

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    Why are all the elements so large in a desktop browser?

    Not a fan of the gray section backing.

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    And a visual annoyance: As I scroll down a page, thumbnail graphics are faded in. That motion attracts my eye, and it's distracting as I scroll the page, trying to scan or read it.

    I totally agree.

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    Happy to see all new changes. Good going team ;)

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    Great with a much needed update. I think it would be nice with a commeng regarding the IOS app going forward. Will you continue developing it or will you focus on building the new site mobile friendly from the start?

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    Where have the "Series" gone to in the new design?

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    The webpage renders poorly on an iPad 2 air in landscape mode. Videos overlap text in all the descriptions.

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