Announcing the new Channel 9 UWP App


As we continue to serve our mission to be a premier destination to learn and have transparent conversations that build insight and trust in technical communities, we are committed to improving the experience and reach users on every platform.  Today, we are announcing a new Channel 9 UWP App, which provides improved search experience for non-English users who accept Language-Enabled, and features such as pin your favorite shows and keep up to date with Live Tiles, cast and watch videos on other devices on the network, and share the videos using Windows 8 Charm. 

The new tile layout

We want to keep the experience of Channel 9 consistent and familiar as our site so our videos are organized in similar categories in a tile layout

 UWP App Home - Title Style

Cast videos to other networked devices

You can connect and watch videos on other networked devices

Cast to Other Devices

Share your videos using Windows 8 Charm

Share your videos with Cortana for a reminder, email your network about a video, keeping notes about a video in OneNote, or tweet an interesting video. 

 Share using Windows 8 Charm

Share with OneNote

Easy access to your favorite videos in the Queue

 Easy Access to your Queue

See all your downloaded Channel 9 videos

 See all your downloaded videos

We are working hard to turn feedback into reality and improve the Channel 9 experience.  Over the coming months, you will see improved Search experience and new features such as PlayList, Subscribe, and Personalized content specific to your interest and preference to help you explore the vast collection of our videos.  

We always want to hear from you.  Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts.  You can share your thoughts in the comments below or through the Help link of the App or Site Feedback of Channel 9 forum.    





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The Discussion

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    Where is the download link? I found it in the Store, but it still shows the screenshots from the old one and I couldn't find any release notes about the redesign, so it is difficult to know it was updated. 

    Will this also be updated to support the Xbox One? The current CH9 app there is terrible.


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    @Kelps:It has the old screenshots/press kit in the store but if you download that one it will pull the UWP version down. If you already have it installed then it should update too

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    Maybe you should dogfood using your own company's Feedback Hub app?


    Out of all the apps from Microsoft, I would think this would be the one to actually make use of that.


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    And the queue still doesn't show all items I added there. I have about 84 items in my queue, and the app shows me only about 53. That's better than the web site (which shows only 25), but still doesn't work as it should. Funny, I reported this problem a couple of times (for the web site), but looks like nobody cares...

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    Great improvement of the app!

    How do I «pin your favorite shows»?

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    @andriysavin: Thank you for the feedback.  We are investigating the issue with Queue and will provide updates as soon as we can. 

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