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Build 2012 is sold out. Tune in online.

Build 2012 sold out in less than an hour. Build 2012 will be unlike anything we've held on our corporate campus in a long time. For those unable to attend, there will be a world class online experience and local developer events throughout the world.


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  • I am in ...  A little pricey at 2k dollars

  • We have attended numerous TechEds, but never a Build conference.  It will be hard to convince the boss to send developers without a list of sessions.  Are the Build conferences run differently?  Are there tracks and sessions?

    The registration site does not mention transportation. 

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @jiffybot: We normally do not have a list of sessions/tracks until closer to the event, sorry!

    Transportation? There will be transportation between the hotels and the event venue if that is what you are asking?

  • And looks like it's sold out... man what is it with tech conferences this year selling out in record time? Smiley

  • Wow!  Wait listed.  Looks like the trend will continue.  Still unable to attend a Build conference...

  • Eduardo QuintanaEduardo Quintana

    I was probably the first person to try registering for the 2012 Build conference, today at 8:00.

    I filled all the forms as requested, but when I submitted my credit card, Microsoft rejected it, even as the charge was approved by the credit card operator itself. I tried again and once more, and it was rejected by Microsoft and approved by the credit card operator all the times.

    Then I received a phone call from the credit card operator about the charging tries.

    After a few minutes, I hang up the phone, I got another credit card and tried to pay for the registration with it.

    It was accepted, but I was put on the waiting list!!!

    How come I was the first one to register and did not make it in time?

    I still cannot believe this could happen to me!

    I am disheartened for this will be the first developers conference I will not be allowed to attend in a long time...

    As a Microsoft Partner, I feel this is just not fair.

  • So does anyone know the total number allowed in?  Was it 1000 ? 

    Eduardo,  Microsoft only takes VISA, Mastercard, or American Express.   Sorry but that probably cost you getting in.  Probably will miss out on a new XBox 720.

  • Eduardo QuintanaEduardo Quintana

    I was submitting a Mastercard Platinum International, perfectly valid.

    Eduardo Quintana

  • Eduardo QuintanaEduardo Quintana

    I was hopping for a Surface tablet or maybe a Windows Phone 8 to be given away. I won't miss an Xbox 720 at all.

    I will certainly miss the conference itself.

    Eduardo Quintana

  • MinhMinh

    It's because MS usually gives out cool hardware at Build... say... A Surface this year?

  • Eduardo,

    They probably will give away a new Nokia Windows 8 phone with the new Microsoft Surface Tablet and the XBox 720.   Google gave away even more with a lower priced conference.  Microsoft will then demonstrate how you can build one application and have it cloud compiled and put into all 3 devices.   It should be quite nice to have this type of Eco system in place.


    This is what Google gave away

    This year, the haul for attendees includes four pieces of Google hardware, with a total retail value of $1,176:

    The goodsRetail price
    Nexus 7 tablet$199
    Nexus Q$299
    Galaxy Nexus phone   $349


  • MikeMike

    Should I book a hotel for Friday night or just plan on leaving Friday?

  • Eduardo QuintanaEduardo Quintana

    I was put on the waiting list.

    Do you figure the probability of anybody that was luck enough to be registered to give up the registration? Mathematically equal to zero....

  • k4gdwk4gdw K4GDW

    @Eduardo Quintana:I had the same experience, Microsoft rejected but credit card approved the charge, when I tried to renew my MSDN subscription online.  I ended up having to renew over the phone.

  • NickNick

    Mike, I was wondering the same thing? Should I fly in monday night or tues morning?

  • Jeff Sandquistjeffsand Inch by Inch

    Sorry for those that were unable to register. I'd recommend flying in Monday at the event will begin Tuesday morning and finish Friday afternoon.


  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    For those on the waiting list, my friend was as well, and got an email saying he was off the waiting list, already.  That was at about 6pm and he had only until 7:30pm (not sure if that was EDT or PDT) to complete his registration, so check your emails and don't despair yet.

  • Eduardo QuintanaEduardo Quintana

    Hi Richard!

    Thanks a lot!

    My registration was off the waiting list too and would expire in, believe me, one minute.

    I had enough time to confirm my registration, finally.

    Thanks for your posting. It saved my day.

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    @Eduardo Quintana:  My pleasure.  Smiley

  • Steve WIlliamsSteve WIlliams

    If they only give an hour and a half once taken off the waiting list, international delegates are once again up the creek without a paddle. The email would most likely arrive while we are sleeping, which was the same case for the time registration opened.

  • EricEric

    I registered with no problems. The hotel page seemed to need to be refreshed, but no other problems. My credit card went through without a hitch, probably because it was a personal card ;)

    See you all at //build 2012

  • HimanshuHimanshu

    When I tried putting my name on waiting list, it said an error occured. Not sure what else can I do to.

  • EricEric

    By the way, it was only 1595 because I was an early registrant, not $2k as suggested before.

    I hope Microsoft opens the show to more people due to the number of the waiting list. I hope everybody who wants to gets in.

    It is going to be a splendid conference.

  • Ian WalkerIan2 In geeks we trust ...

    I tried 2 credit cards, both good, both rejected, finally opted for the money transfer option and got it.

    Registering using a Windows Phone was a very poor experience (and a phone obviously hadn't been used in testing of the registration web site)

    Who are these guys?

  • Terry Oggeljocuriosro jocuri pentru copii

    @TexasToast: it's a good price


  • jeffjeff

    theres no such thing as the xbox 720.. its the xbox 8 generation console

  • jeffjeff

    whats really upsetting is that a lot of these idiots paid $2K just to get something free that they can pay $299.00 for later and have taken spots from people actually going there to learn something. I hope Microsoft doesn't give away anything.

  • venkatvenkat

    Like many people here I couldn't get in. I am not worried. MS does a great job of providing all the content online (Channel 9 for sure will have all the sessions). Will watch from the comfort of my home.

  • dan_tdtower Surface Fan

    I signed in to register at 8:03 and didn't get the early bird.

  • @dtower: Same here, signed in 8:02, but filling in the profile took a bit

  • Microsoft made the registration a circus.   The whole point of early bird is so they can get a good count of the number of interested players.   So because you took an extra minute on your credit card submission it cost you 500 dollars.    Also, last year it was cheaper and the venue was Anaheim,CA.  Hopefully, however, they will out perform Google's developer conference and make it worth coming to Microsoft's event.   They have usually done a great job at out doing expectations, so I will remain positive on this years event also.   I would expect more with the price increase from previous Build/PDC's.

  • The registration process was frustrating.

    I started the process at 8:00am, but actually read through some of the Terms and Conditions.

    That cost me an additional $500.00.

    Hopefully they rethink that 'Early Bird' mechanism going forward.

  • rogersbrrogersbr

    I also started the registration at 8am, filled in my details, etc. and literally submitted my registration 3 minutes after a colleague and I had to pay the higher price while the colleague got the early bird rate. Next time I won't bother filling in the survey so I can save $500. I filled it in with hopes of it helping to make sure there will be more content at the conference that would be of use to me.

    It seems that US Techs, the company handling the registration could have left the survey till after your registration was confirmed, that way only collecting survey data from those who would be attending. I'm not impressed with their registration system. Last year my credit card was processed/charged and I got a confirmation e-mail, later to get another message from them telling me that it had sold out and they were cancelling my registration. Seems like it might be time for Microsoft to seek out a new registration system.

  • I'm hoping the build 'local developer events' .. will be worthwhile and will feature similar giveaways as conference attendees get ... a Surface would be nice .. or maybe a discount coupon for a Surface .. say .. half price?.

  • Ken SKen S

    I also tried to register at 8am, but after taking survey etc... I was wait listed. Really wish they could open it up to get as many developers to the conference as possible. Microsoft, it's really to your advantage to make your developers happy.

  • OK, I missed the boat big-time on this one. I checked literally 1 day before it went on sale, but then didn't check back until 6 days later (needless to say way sold out by then). I was even on the email list I thought and never got one.

    Oh well here it goes. I called them and they said that at this point I could only swap with someone already in. So I guess I got to bribe one of the lucky ones who did. Just email me at mirkogeffken at gmail dotcom and name your price (have a little mercy, but I really need to go).

  • I'm enthralled both by the content and by those great MSDN hover-over effects of the icons with borders.. Is there a place to get the code to do that ?

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