Build Hackathon Winners Announced!


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Build 2013 Hackathon. We are proud to announce the winners of this year's hackathon are:

Windows Store   
1st - Erik Hougaard, Nia Samir, Joey Schluchter
2nd - Joe Lam, Kevin Prudente, Josh Quintus, Joseph Rall,
3rd - Patrick Goode, Sergey Zakharchenko, Erik Zettersten

Windows Phone   
1st - Jan Hannemann, Lance McCarthy, Paras Wadehra
2nd - Brock Dodgson, Peter Lang
3rd - Chad McCallum, Daniel Schroeder

Windows Azure   
1st - Tom Maravilla, Jared Roper, Tony Spencer,  Lance Wynn
2nd - Chris Calzaretta, David Mullin, Steven Schermerhorn
3rd - David Manske

Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see you all at the next Build conference!



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The Discussion

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    Mike Smith

    What were their hacks?

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    Thank you, Clint and Dan! It was great- so much fun and learning. Deep gratitude to all the amazing evangelist at the hackathon and the Microsoft experts for the help, inspiration and support!

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    @Mike Smith: Our team a 3D printing app Smiley The interview with all the winners and their apps should be soon available at this link

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    Thanks all, awesome fun! Can't wait for the next build! Make sure Clint runs the hackathon again, that guy is a machine!

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    Jason Black

    Will the video interviews shot at BUILD w/ the Hackathon winners be posted online, too? Thanks!

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    It was online yesterday when the streaming was hooked in (using "jump to x:yy minute mark"), but now they are processing it as individual videos. They'll probably have it ready in a few days.


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    @Mike Smith: You can see a Vine of the app in action here

    This is what you are seeing:

    A Netduino Plus 2 receives a pressure sensor measurement from a punch or fist slam. It samples that punch at 10 millisecond intervals during the punch and sends that data over Bluetooth to the Windows Phone app

    In the Windows Phone app the punch gets displayed in the UI within a Telerik RadGauge control to smoothly show the current hit. In the second panorama item, a RadDataBoundListBox shows the individual pressure values that were sampled.

    After a punch has been successfully captured, the Windows Phone app sends that data up to Azure using Azure Mobile Services. Using Live authentication we can store the punch values alongside the puncher's name, thus creating a leader board.

    Lastly, we have a Windows 8 client (WinRT) that displays the leaderboard next to a Telerik RadChart for Windows 8. The chart plots out all the 10 millisecond sampled readings which usually create a nice curve (low - high - low).

    That's what you're seeing in the Vine video  Big Smile

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    Thanks everyone for voting for us. @Lancelot  described our hack perfectly in his comment above. We had lots of fun building it and hope to get it out in the market soon!

    @Nia, it was great meeting you again.

    Paras Wadehra
    Twitter: @ParasWadehra

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    Man I had a lot of with this hack. It was awesome to meet all those great developers. Looking forward for next year.

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    Hey guys, we're working on a video and the rest.

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    Best Event i have been at!.. 

    Great Job!

    Thank you  Microsoft and Clint for putting on the Hackathon

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    @Clint: How do we earn the Participate in the Hackathon and Win the Hackathon achievement badges for Build 2013 on Channel 9?

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    Thank you Microsoft, Clint and all experts. The entire Hackathon is a great success, we were having a lot of fun. Hope to see you guys next year!

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    Thank you Clint, Microsoft, and all the helpful people!  Can't wait to do it again.  Everyone was so down to earth and approachable.  As a participant, you knew what you knew, and if you needed help, it was cool.  There wasn't any "seriously, you don't know this" mentality.  This was a great environment to foster creativity.  I would almost say I learned more here than in the sessions.  See you next year.

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    @MicrosoftAdmin: working on it

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    @JoeLam: @PatGoodeMadccalzaretta: glad you all liked it!

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    Thank you, MS and specially Clint and Dan! Great event and great experience. 

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    Thanks @Client, great experience. Looking forward to the next one.

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