Channel 9 Gets Localized In 32 Languages

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We are excited to announce that the Channel 9 chrome has been localized into 32 different languages. If your browser is set up to send a locale to Channel 9, the website will pick that up and render the chrome in your language. Otherwise, you can always go to the change language page and manually set your preferred language.

Let us know what you think of this new feature and, if you discover any translation problems, please let us know!




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The Discussion

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    I'm not sure if this is such a useful feature given the fact that most of the content is only available in English.

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    @sevenacids: True, most of our content is in English, but we are pushing for content in other languages this year with help from our field folks.

    Make sure when you are browsing that you have "Selected Languages" with the languages you prefer. We have a lot of recent content in Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish and Russian. More to come in the coming months :)

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    Respect For Russian) Waiting for more videos) [H]

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