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Play Channel 9 Player hot keys

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    Julien Couvreur

    Nice, thanks!

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    This is great! :) Thank you Channel 9 Dev team! Thank you Cara!

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    This is amazing and a lot more than what others offer. The idea for the hotkeys from 1 to 9 was amazing. Really appreciate the work and thanks a lot to everyone who worked on this.

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    Not mentioned in the video:

    This player works a LOT better with MacOS Safari, especially when it comes to watching videos at faster speeds. 

    Thanks, you guys. 


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    Thanks for the vid - I wouldn't have known about the hot keys feature being added otherwise.

    Where can I post some more suggestions?

    e.g. Ch9 Player code opensource. Shrinking chrome when zoom in. Help in player with hot keys listed

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    Will these hot key features be added to the player in the Channel 9 app?

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    Short and sweet message and instructions.

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    I am on Windows 10 using the Channel 9 app, we need these features in the app too, specially I am looking forward been able to scrubs the video to the % of the video.

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