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Channel 9 now has a Windows 8 app!

Hey folks, I’m sure a few of you have found it already, but there is a Channel 9 application in the Windows Store. The app lets you access all sorts of Channel 9 content, from the most recent to browsing back through past events, shows and series.

You can find the app in the store by searching on 'Channel', or by going over to the 'Music & videos' category, clicking on the category title (to show all apps) and it will be listed right there.



The app, written by Cara on our team, is a HTML/JavaScript app that handles all of the relevant Windows 8 integration points that we could think of, including:

  • Search (open up the charms and click Search to look for content across all of the events, shows, series and blogs on Channel 9)
  • Play To (while playing a video, open the charms menu again… if you have any play to devices configured you can shoot the video over to them). I’ve used this already to make a video play right onto the screen of another computer in the house, but I’m sure you can figure out some cooler uses
  • Share (if you have any apps installed that let you share, then you can go to a Channel 9 post, open up the charms and click Share). Easy way to try this out is to make sure you have an email account set up, then sharing through email will be one of your choices!

More features will be coming over time, and perhaps we can even post some early releases up here for people who would be interested in trying them out!


Thanks for installing, and let us know what you think!

Update: If you are browsing Channel 9 in IE 10 (Metro), then you can get to the app a whole lot quicker than going to the store and searching. Just bring up the address bar and there will be a circular button with the C9 guy in it... click that to either jump to the app's entry in the store or to launch the app if it is already installed. More details on how it works are available here: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ie/archive/2011/10/20/connect-your-web-site-to-your-windows-8-app.aspx


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  • FrankFrank

    The "beginning of the end" of normal websites, start now!

  • Search function doesn't work very well. For example, searching for "PING" only brings up the current episode. Also scrolling using the mouse wheel does not work. Otherwise great start.

  • DeathByVisualStudioDeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.

    @Sadatay: I thought Sinofsky say "write for touch get mouse & keyboard for free" I guess that wasn't 100% accurate.

    On a positive note: Full screen HTML5 video, YEAH! Nice job.

  • Maddus MattusMaddus Mattus Maddus on C9, Is often ​controversi​al, But fun ​none-the-​less -​evildictait​or

    Great start!

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @DeathByVisualStudio: It wasn't that hard I think to get the mouse wheel scrolling working (it is horizontal scrolling that was needed. I think you would get vertical scrolling for free as expected), but we didn't notice until after this version was published.

  • If the app gets hibernated(or shutdown by os) while playing a video, it gets resetted. also, background playing the audio would be nice. It's more a general os multitasking issue when playing media(a video should not essentially stop when navigating away).

  • The horizontal scrolling with the mouse will be in the next update. I don't use a scrolling mouse so I didn't notice it was missing (oops) but it wasn't hard to add. That's good feedback about the search and the video getting reset when the computer goes into hibernate - I'll look into those issues.

  • Another suggestion about horizontal scrolling that's bugging me. (not only in your app but others)

    1) On the main page, scroll right so that something like the "Shows" group is near the middle of the screen. The horizontal scrollbar position should be about 2/3rds of the way across now.

    2) Click on one of the items in the Shows group.

    3) Once the item is opened, click the Back button.

    When you return to the main page, the horizontal scrollbar is reset to the far left position when, in my opinion, it should be at the same place it was at the end of step 1.

  • Alirezaalirezanoori Alireza

    I wish it had an option for a black (dark) background. If possible, please add this feature. Wink

  • This app is really nice, but I usually download the hires mp4 version of the videos to watch in my large screen plasma TV during lunch time and I couldn't find a link to download the files in this app.

    I use Window 8 CP in my production environment and if this app had the download links, it would be superb!

     Will you add the downloading feature to this app? 

  • @Int64: This bugs me as well! I'm glad to hear someone else noticed it too so I can justify taking the time to make it work that way.

    @eduquint: Funny you should ask because there is actually a download flyout there in the code but it's commented out because I couldn't quite get the functionality working before we pushed it to the Store. By default, it tries to open an instance of IE to download the video, which makes sense because we are giving it a URL, but it seems strange as a user experience for this particular case so we need to figure out how to just prompt to save the file locally without it using IE.

    @alirezanoori: It is a bit vanilla right now but that's mostly because our real designers have been extremely busy and it was left up to a dev (read: me Smiley) to design. I'm sure the UI will be improved.

    Thanks for all of the feedback, we've just scratched the surface with this app so it's great to get more ideas.

  • Where is the app? running Windows 8 Release Preview and it is nowhere to be found.

  • Duncan MackenzieDuncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"

    @Caleb Scribner: Yep, we aren't in the store at the moment. First party apps (apps from Microsoft) have to go through an internal process and they didn't get to our app in time for the release preview's launch. We are working on the app though and do hope to get it into the store as soon as possible. I'm also trying to see if it is possible for us to just post the app package up here on Channel 9, for people to 'side load' onto their machines. Would give Niners an early look at the app, and get us a bit of advance feedback Smiley


  • @Duncanma: great to hear! Hope to see it soon. Love the CH9 shows

  • I can't find the app in the store anymore since I installed release preview! Sad

  • NathanNathan

    Missing having the app in the RP. Looking forward to when it gets back in!

  • Any update on the app availability for RTM?

  • DeathByVisualStudioDeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.

    I'm guessing either this app is dead or you guys got sucked into the W8 release abyss. Hope to see this app in the store soon.

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