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From our humble beginnings as a website built with alpha quality forum technologies that we stitched together with creative code and a lot of love, and our videos were made by a few dudes roaming the halls of Microsoft with a cheap camcorder – look at us now. Channel 9 streams live events to 100,000s of people around the world, we have a state of the art recording studio, we do C9 Live at events around the world bringing you directly into the conversation with Microsoft folks in real time. Today, much of our content is created from folks around the company. Channel 9 is THE place to watch MS events on demand and to learn about our technologies from the people who make them – people are the lifeblood of software and technology. Channel 9 is people!

Today marks 9 years of 9. It's a very special day. We are especially humbled and honored to still be around given the change rate of the web. We thank all past, present and future Niners for the excellent conversations, arguments, debates, entertainment, and camaraderie.  9 Years of 9. That rolls so nicely off the tongue.  Here's to 9 more.



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