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This week marks the 10th anniversary of Channel 9. To honor the occasion I've put together a list of 10 of some of my favorite conversations on Channel 9. Of course we wouldn't be here without you, the Niners, so please comment below with how long you've been a Niner and links to some of your favorite videos. We also have a happy anniversary message from CEO Satya Nadella

Bill Hill - Windows is not the most important OS
The late Bill Hill was the first person interviewed on Channel 9 and here you can see why. 

A conversation with Jim Gray 
Sadly there is too little video of the late Jim Gray, we're fortunate to have this discussion on Channel 9. 

Bill Gates transition interview 
Charles Torre talking to Bill Gates as he transitioned from CSA to full time at The Gates Foundation. 

Satya Nadella in Team Dynamics
Our first interview with Microsoft's most recent CEO. 

Robert Fripp on the making of the Vista sounds 
One of the last Scoble video posted to Channel 9 with Robert Fripp creating the sounds that would be included as part of Vista. 

Jeff Han on the touch experience: Build 2012
Following the acquisition of his company, Perceptive Pixel, Jeff talks with Charles Torre about wall-sized screens and collaboration. If it wasn't so recent, I would have gone with Bill Buxton and Jeff Han together.  

Inside the Vision Video with Ian Sands 
The envisioning videos out of the Office org are some of my favorite looks at the future. Here Ian Sands talks to us about how he comes up with what may be popular in the future and the thinking behind these videos.

Meet the people behind Bing photos
Have you ever wondered who picks those pictures in the background of Bing? 

Behind the visual identity of Windows 7 
Just after Windows 7 launched, Denise Trabona talked to us about the backgrounds that were selected for the OS. She also talked to us in another video about the progression of the iconic background for Windows 7. Congratulations to Denise, who as part of the Design Language Team won the 2013 Outstanding Technical Achievement Award yesterday! 

This might be your next mouse
Benko from MS Research showed us some of the ideas they were considering for mouse 2.0. One of these ideas did in fact end up being my next mouse with the Arc Touch that I'm using right now.  

Show us some of your favorite Channel 9 videos. 

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