Happy Anniversary Channel 9, From Satya

Play Happy Anniversary Channel 9, From Satya


  A birthday message from our CEO, Satya Nadella. 


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    Happy Birthday !!

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    Wow 10 years! cool beans Happy Birthday!

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    Happy Birthday :)

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    What an honor to have Satya on C9 in this capacity!

    Happy Birthday Week Niners!!!!


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    Happy Birthday Channel 9! Here is to another 10 years of great Developers!


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    Happy Birthday - Good luck tomorrow at BUILD!

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    Happy Birthday Channel 9 ! Nice message from Satya, I like this new CEO :)

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    Happy Birthday Channel 9!

    So many great and diverse videos and series here, from Scottgu to Russinovich, from Sutter to Ping and many many more.

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    Happy birthday ch9! :D

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    I am going to miss Steve Ballmer sweating up a storm and running on the stage screaming rawrr.  I do however really like Satya Nadella a lot more than Ballmer so far. Satya seems more personable, in control and I think he's going to be a great CEO.

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    (These lines are in telugu language)

    satya garu e Microsoft leaks ni miru aapaali. miru akkada yentha kasta padda labam lekunda pothundhi. windows phone 8.1 lo kotha dhanaanni korukuntunna. anni phones os lu kantay kothaga undaali. andharu windows phones vaipu vochay la undaali.

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    Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Happy Birthday!

    Channel 9 is probably the biggest factor why I applied for a job at Microsoft. Watching the interviews gave me a very unqiue preview of how working at Microsoft looks like. But not only did Channel 9 provide great insight into how Microsoft builds the product, the interviews and shows also offer a very intimate view of the personalities behind the code.

    Special thanks to Charles. I've deeply enjoyed your "going deep" series long before I joined and I was humbled by being interviewed by you.

    This community is truly amazing. Keep it up -- you guys just rock! 

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    Thanks for all the hard work throughout the years! This Channel is truly awesome.

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    Happy Birthday Channel9! Great site for developer resources 

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    Crazy it's been that long. Was great being on the team for 4 of those years (and now helping them out from the outside). Happy Birthday Channel 9! :D

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    babacar lo

    happy happy happy 10 years!!! Channel 9!  thx Channel 9! :D

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    Keep up the good work.

    And for those who are as curious as I, the Telugu post (translated by friend of mine, as Bing Translate ain't there yet .... ) :
    "Mr. Satya, you have to stop these Microsoft leaks, no matter how hard you work there, there wouldn't be any use if you can't stop these. I would love to see something new in Win Ph 8.1 . It should be beyond all the existing phone Os'es. All the users should migrate to windows phones"

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    Yes, it's been an awesome 10 years. I liked the more informal format in the beginning better when Scoble was on the team, but you guys are still delivering great content! Thank you, we all appreciate it!

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    Happy belated birthday C9!  :)  And thanks, Satya! 

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    Sandeep Sachan

    Belated a very happy b'day!!! c9.. a true classroom teaching

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    Kus L

    Happy Birthday! I always enjoy the videos on Channel9. Thank you for good job and please keep up the good work.

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    Victor F Rodriguez

    Microsoft MUST PRESERVE, CONTINUE and EXPAND the product VISUAL FOXPRO since it is THE MOST IMPORTANT PRODUCT that belongs to this organization. There is a great community of developers that are waiting for this important decision.
    We hope that under the leadership of Satya Nadella this will become a reality.
    May God bless the people of Microsoft, and the continuation of Visual Foxpro under the expert hands of Satya Nadella.

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    Visual FoxPro? It will be great to keep it alive

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