Introducing the new home for Windows on Channel 9


Windows is one of the world's most complex pieces of software. The latest edition of Microsoft's general purpose operating system, Windows 7, is our best offering yet. The efficient and focused engineering and thoughtful design that went into Windows 7 deserves an efficient and well designed home on Channel 9. It was the least we could do. Further, as the title of this post suggests, this area of Channel 9 will accommodate future iterations of Windows, so don't just think of this as the Windows 7 area on C9 (it is today and for the next chunk of time between Windows iterations). It's the home for Windows on Channel 9.

We figured it would be a really good idea to break Windows down into three broad "pillars" that match our significant Windows content repository. So, if you want to learn about how to develop for Windows 7, we've categorized all of our programming content to fit neatly under a new C9 "taskbar" button, Programming Windows 7. If you want to learn about how to use Windows 7 and take advantage of its new user features, click on the Using Windows 7 "taskbar" button. If you want to know how Windows 7 works, the nuts and bolts, the engine room, well, you'll want to click on the Under the Hood "taskbar" button.

Enjoy and happy learning!

C9 Team