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Kinect Demos with the Channel 9 team

20 minutes, 53 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

As part of the day two MIX11 keynote, Jeff Sandquist led us through a set of cool Kinect demos featuring various members of the Channel 9 team (and others!). Check them out, they are cool, inspiring and even somewhat embarassing.

Update: adding direct links to the various parts of this demo

1:36 Dan comes out and codes!
4:10 Jeff gets to be the demo dancer
7:09 Here comes the chair!
10:10 Worldwide Telescope, Kinect Style!
14:24 Community Demos
17:49 Wall Panic Game Demo
19:40 Here comes the moon landing!



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  • ZippyVZippyV Fired Up

    How can you move sideways, is the opposite wheel turning in the opposite direction?

  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    dont say i didnt warn you Wink

    Dan in your hello world app, how come the framerate was [or looked to be] so low? (~5-10 fps)

    Is there a diffrence in perf for managed and unmanaged versions?

    Is subscribing to the image event the only way to get image data or can you also poll for it?

    You mentioned that you get a 640*480 feed, is that both for rgb and depth? is it any diffrent from the other drivers out there?

    Are there c9 videos with more sdk info coming before the beta release of the sdk?

    I guess this is a long shot since you're not even discussing skeltal tracking yet, but can you plug in your own image data into the kinect tracking software? (recorded data or from another device with diffrent framerate/resolution) that would really be awsome..

  • Those wheels Clint was using are great. Grant Imahara uses a forklift like that on Mythbusters sometimes.

    It's quite ingenious to make wheels covered in powered rollers. I'm assuming they're quite expensive though.

  • JeffreyJeffrey

    Those wheels are whats called mecanum wheels and the ones they used are sold by andymark at (andymark.com)

  • lilplucklilpluck

    each wheel is free spinning. for what they are they are quite cheep.

  • Ha, love the Kinect recliner.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    thanks guys!  it was a ton of fun to drive!

  • Bent Rasmussenexoteric stuck in a loop, for a while

    Clearly this has be to called the Kinnectmobile! Cool

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @aL_: Any details were said in the keynote Smiley  I'll be heads down creating some interesting, fun samples for Coding4Fun for launch as well.

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @dentaku: depends what you deem expensive.  The wheels are $180 each.  I got the steel ones that support 440lb each!  http://www.andymark.com/searchresults.asp?cat=187

    View them as a wheel with lots of smaller wheels in it.  Depending on how power is sent the different wheels, it will move in a certain way.  Really neat stuff.  I'll do a full write up soon.

  • Herbie SmithDr Herbie Not dead yet.

    Highlight of the keynote, Clint!  Definitely a classic moment.


  • StephaneStephane

    Microsoft presentation without tablets... laptop in box.. :S

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @Dr Herbie: Thanks!  Sorry I didn't hang out with you guys more but Thursday I literally had almost no voice. Interpretive dance at a developer conference doesn't seem the best way to communicate Smiley

  • Pardon my ignorance...

    How is the computer running the dot net code able to communicate with the Kinect? How is the communication exactly happening?

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @anilragh27: There are classes you call.  If you look at Dan coding at 1m36s you'll see what we're talking about.  Dan did a c# demo.  You treat the Kinect just as if it was another object in your application Smiley

  • @Clint: Thanks. However, I had problem viewing the video and couldn't see the code that was being written at all. Are you saying that the Kinect isn't physically connected to the computer at all. In other words, how do I get started...step by step. Any help will be appreciated. Angel

  • Clint RutkasClint I'm a "developer"

    @anilragh27: the kinect is connected to the computer.  But what I'm attempting to say is don't view it as you're coding against hardware, view it as any other object in your project.  When your application uses a Stream, you don't worry about all the stuff that happens under the hood.  View this as the same way!

    We'll have samples with the SDK when it is released, don't worry.

  • KenKen

    Can I please have a World Wide Telescope App served with my Mango please??

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