Last Week on Channel 9: August 21st - August 27th, 2017


Last week's big news was the 2017 Imagine Cup World Finals and awards!

HP Omen Discusses Upcoming Gaming Notebook, Desktops and Omen Accelerator eGPU

[00:59] - New OMEN Lineup
[01:32] - Redesigned 15 and 17 Inch Laptops...      

2017 Imagine Cup World Finals Opener

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2017 Fourth Place: NeuroGate – University of Waterloo, Canada

NeuroGate utilizes various sensors which can track 25 data points on the human body - 30 times a second. This allows NeuroGate to analyze gait in ways the human eye cannot. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, NeuroGate compares each patient's data with thousands of disease specific patterns, discovering hidden symptoms in seconds. As the fourth place winners, each NeuroGate team member will receive a touchscreen laptop equipped with Windows 10.      

2017 Third Place: Nash – Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nash created Rescue, software that enables a network of autonomous IoT drones designed to shorten response times to natural disasters. Each drone is paired with Raspberry Pi and a JavaScript app that uploads images from disaster areas to Azure in real-time. Cognitive Services and Machine Learning are used for image recognition and processing. As the third place winner, Nash will receive $15,000 USD & $25,000 USD in Azure credits.      

2017 Second Place - Second Place: Oculogx – Georgia Tech, United States

Oculogx developed PickAR, a mixed reality application designed for the HoloLens for large warehouses. Order-picking data is sent to the HoloLens from Azure in real-time to increase efficiency for warehouse workers. The team developed their solution with Visual Studio, Unity 3D, and the Universal Web Platform application in C#. As the second place winner, Oculogx will receive $25,000 USD & $25,000 USD in Azure credits.      

2017 World Champion: X.GLU – Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

X.Glu invented a patented, cloud-connected glucose meter designed for children with diabetes. The team used Visual Studio, Xamarin, C# and Machine Learning to develop a smartphone application that uses gamification to make blood glucose testing fun for children and easy to monitor for parents and doctors alike. For winning first place, X.GLU will receive $100,000 USD, $125,000 USD in Azure credits, a mentoring session with Satya Nadella, and a trip to the 2018 Microsoft Build conference.      

Road to Microsoft Ignite 2017 - Release the bags!

Patch and Switch are on the Road to Microsoft Ignite!  We don't know how we managed this - but we've gotten a set of the top secret Microsoft Ignite bags for a reveal / review.  Channel 9 won't mind if we borrow their studio for a bit to record this - will they?        

The Road to #MSIgnite with @jeffteper: Future of SharePoint, OneDrive & Office

Hey, y'all! How are you doing? Hope you're having a fantastic summer! While I certainly enjoyed the R&R in the last month, I am excited and looking forward to Microsoft Ignite in a few weeks! Make sure you tune in as we have so much goodness lined up for Microsoft Ignite.

In preparation for Microsoft Ignite, I'd like to present the latest Dux Quax interview series "The Road to #MSIgnite"...      

Cloud Foundry on Azure

Sean McKenna drops by Azure Friday to discuss and demo Cloud Foundry, an open-source cloud application platform following the recent announcement that Microsoft has joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is available in the Azure Marketplace for ease of deployment on Azure.      

TWC9: Mad about Mads and C# 8.0, HoloLens Wins Award, 3D Printed Warthog and more...

This week on Channel 9, Christina and Bryan discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Yogi's Intern Story: Part 1

In the first part of Yogi's Intern story, we meet Yogi and learn about what brought her to Microsoft as a high school intern. We learn what project she's going to work on, and how she got interested in tech.

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In this episode, Donovan is joined by Sandeep Chadda, to show  the Visual Studio Team Service Wiki support to help your team members collaborate.      

Story Baker On Device Demo

This demonstration shows a child selecting a sentence within an existing story on the device. The selected sentence is "One day, a rocket flew over a boy in the backyard." The sentence starts acting out as soon as it is selected. The child taps on the word "rocket" within the sentence with the stylus to modify it. The alphabet appears and the child traces the letter "h". All the words starting with "h" appear and the child selects "house". The new sentence "One day, a house flew over a boy in the backyard" automatically starts playing. ...      

Snack Pack 19: Serverless Compute in 5 Minutes

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Donna Malayeri, Program Manager at Microsoft in Azure Functions, who In this snack pack I challenge to create and publish an Azure function in under 5 minutes.

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Learn how to use DevChat for Office 365 and Azure. It's Microsoft's extended hours chat line staffed by experienced support engineers who know how to code. They can help you deploy your apps on Azure, link them on Office 365 and keep them working.      

OEM TV Reaches Almost 15 Million - Thank You To Our Fans and Partners!

FY17 was a huge year for OEM TV with more than 90 episodes published reaching nearly 15 million people on social media and on Microsoft Channel 9. Here are a few of our favorite highlights - please enjoy!

A huge thank you to our viewers, fans and partners who have helped make OEM TV possible.

We look forward reaching even more people with timely and detailed videos on new device innovations coming to market with Windows.       

Tuesdays with Corey - Azure Event Grid

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Dan Rosanova, Principal PM responsible for the newly launched Azure Event Grid service that launched 8/16/2017. 

Check out:

From Visual Sensing to Visual Intelligence

Computer vision is arguably one of the most challenging subfields of AI. To better address the key challenges, the vision research community has long been branched off from the general AI community and focused on its core problems. In recent years, we have witnessed tremendous progress in visual sensing due to big data and more powerful learning machines. However, we still lack a holistic view of how visual sensing relates to more general intelligence. This session will bring researchers together to discuss research trends in computer vision, the role of visual sensing in more integrated general intelligence systems, and how visual sensing systems will interact with other sensing modalities from a computational sense.      

A Preview of C# 8 with Mads Torgersen

I had the privilege of dropping in Mads Torgensen's office to get a sneak peek of what might be coming to C# 8. It did not disappoint! Here are some of the things he covered:

  • [05:37] - Nullable reference types
  • [16:30] - Async Streams...      
Dream.Build.Play August Update

Andrew Parsons joins the show to share the latest updates on the Dream.Build.Play game developer competition. Dream.Build.Play is a game developer competition that is open to all developers, working solo or in teams of up to seven. Create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) game for one of the categories by December 31, 2017 and you'll get the chance to win cash prizes and show off your game to the world....      

Interview with Maira Wenzel, Senior Content Developer on the .NET Team

Maira Wenzel is a senior content developer on the .NET team. She is the content lead for .NET Core and .NET Framework documentation and she runs one of Microsoft's open source projects at Learn how she joined Microsoft and how she kept things interesting by trying new career paths. ...