Last Week on Channel 9: August 28th - September 3rd, 2017


Here are a select 26 videos, shows and posts from last week, here on Channel 9...

Episode 503: Robert Martin on Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programming
Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin describes reading a textbook about functional programming 9 years ago and the impact it had on the way he writes code today.      
ASP.NET Monsters #105: SQL Injection attacks in Entity Framework Core 2.0

Entity Framework Core 2 was released recently. In today's episode we explore a new feature which automatically paramaterizes SQL Queries when the FromSql method is used with an interpolated string. Monster Dave shows us exactly why parametrized queries are so important when querying using raw sql.      

TWC9: Mixed Reality, .NET IL Linker, New WinDbg, Where the Surface Comes to Life and…

This week on Channel 9, Christina and Bryan discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Episode 234: Cosmos DB with Kirill Gavrylyuk - Last Episode!

In this episode Chris Risner and Thiago Almeida are joined by Kirill Gavrylyuk, a Principal Engineer working on Cosmos DB. Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model data service, and Kirill takes us through the key new concepts of the service and a very interesting demo. We also have a note at the end, as this is our last Cloud Cover show episode....      

Behind the Scenes: How ABUS connects its security devices to the Azure cloud

ABUS delivers approximately 50,000 IP-enabled security cameras per year and a few thousand IP-enabled alert systems. These devices are not natively cloud enabled because they require direct Internet connections done with port forwarding in the customer’s network firewall, which implies possible security issues. ABUS recently teamed up with Microsoft to create a cloud-based management and control solution that provides a central secure gateway for all IP-enabled devices in a customer’s network.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes the team that developed the IoT solution that helps ABUS to securely connect their security devices to the Azure cloud in Germany and to envision a new generation of ABUS connected

Insane Gaming Mods, Systems and VR Devices Tour at MSI Show Booth

We take some time to play games at the MSI booth in Taipei and show what kind of fun that can be had when visiting them at a tradeshow or gaming event. Then we will check out a number of their new systems coming to market. ...      

Your Private Network in the cloud: (Part 2) How to Set up and Use an Azure Virtual Network

The Azure Virtual Network service enables you to securely connect Azure resources to each other with virtual networks (VNets). A VNet is a representation of your own network in the cloud and you can also connect VNets to your on-premises network.

Join Lex Thomas and Ryan Berry for this all demo session as they walk us through the steps in setting up a VNet in Azure, how to initiate a network trace as well as manage multiple VMs within Azure....

Episode 29: Simple iOS Provisioning with fastlane

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Oleg Demchenko, Developer at Microsoft on Visual Studio for Mac, who introduces us to the brand new simplified workflow for iOS device provisioning with fastlane. If you have ever tried to deploy an app to your iOS device you know the complicated steps, and if you haven't Oleg walks us through the old way of doing it and how the new fastlane integration gets rid of all of your frustration. ...

Back To School, New Devices, and more!

This Week On Windows we've got new devices from IFA Berlin, sales in the Windows Store, and we're helping you manage your notifications to better organize your digital life. Specific topics covered in this week's episode include: ...

Twitter Sentiment Analysis using the Cortana Intelligence Gallery

After publishing the recent video blog on Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Streaming Analytics and Event hubs and received an email asking if there was a way to quickly deploy a Twitter sentiment solution that could be shown to customers.

The answer is that we have a solution that can be deployed via the Cortana Intelligence. The Cortana Intelligence Gallery enables our growing community of developers and data scientists to share their analytics solutions. It contains a wide range of solutions and experiments that you can use to learn the various solution that can be deployed using technologies within Cortana Intelligence....

App Service on Linux

Apurva Joshi (AJ) joins Scott Hanselman to talk about App Service providing built-in image support to ASP.NET Core, Node.js, PHP, and Ruby on Linux, as well as by enabling web developers to bring their own Docker-formatted container images, which in turn supports languages like Java, Python, Go, and more. ...

Software Design Anti-Patterns - Episode 065

For the full, detailed show notes:

We've discussed design patterns too much. Now it's time for some discussion about anti-patterns as Joe has dark visions about robots, Allen has to take sensitivity training, and Michael picks Arial....

Low-Priority Virtual Machines in Azure Batch

Mark Scurrell joins Scott Hanselman to talk about low-priority virtual machines (VMs) from Azure Batch, which you can use to reduce the cost of Batch workloads. Low-priority VMs make new types of Batch workloads possible by providing a large amount of compute power that is also economical, taking advantage of surplus capacity in Azure when it's available. When you specify low-priority VMs in your pools, Azure Batch can automatically use this surplus when available....

Get the Low Down - MSI Titan and VR One Reviewed

Join us as we meet with MSI product development team to find out all the secret goodness built into their Titan and VR One gaming rigs.

[00:50] - MSI GT83VR Titan SLI ...

Sayed Hashimi on Open Source .NET Core Project Templates

Sayed I. Hashimi overviews the new templating system for .NET Core 2.0.

For more info, see this video which explains how to create templates for Visual Studio 2017 and dotnet new.

New Command Line features in Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update

Craig Loewen shows demos of the improved Color scheme, improved Narrator support, and using multiple Linux Distros on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Introducing Razor Pages

Earlier this year I was told about a cool new feature in ASP.NET called Razor Pages. Ryan Nowak was kind enough to come down to our studios to share what the feature is and how it is used. Would love your feedback!

101 - Hijack Like Brydge

It's time for another LiveStream Episode of the Patch and Switch show!!! Two IT guys (Patch and Switch) who are talking about whatever comes up. Can you say Tangent! Ultimately it's the Chat Room where everyone hangs out and contributes to the show, so make sure to load it up during the LiveStream!  ...

Robot Acting Sentences Demo

This demonstration shows an iRobot Create with a UMPC (a small Tablet PC with resistive digitizer) on it. The UMPC communicates with the robot via serial port. The UMPC is used to enter the story and also to show the head/arm/shoulder of the Coolbot actor while playing back a story. The example shown is: "One day Coolbot was at home", then "Coolbot was very happy and started dancing", followed by "Suddenly he tripped and feel down", and finally, "Finally, he stood up and started spinning." ...

Story Baker Playset on Pixel Sense Demo

This demonstration shows a robotics playset with two robots and toy trees on a PixelSense table which displays the grass on a park with a lake. The user's cards have a word on one side and a tag on the other. The story playback is "One day, Roby and Robo were in a park.", "Roby kicked a ball.", "The ball bounced between trees and arrived at the front of Robo.", "Robo kicked the ball back.", "The ball ended up on the lake.", "A big shark upset kicked the ball very strongly toward Robo and made him fall down.", ...

Azure Site Recovery

Kelly Anderson joins Scott Hanselman to show how Azure Site Recovery can help save the day to keep your applications available in the event of a disaster.

Interview with Irina Frumkin, Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft

Irina has been with Microsoft for over 14 years working on a wide gamut of products including MSN Mobile, Photography, Social experiences, Xbox Live services, Bing and Windows. Irina has developed large scale Social Gaming services platform based on Azure, authored an application model for distributed systems, implemented a large scale real-time monitoring and diagnostic solution for Xbox Live Services and lead a team in Bing to develop a large scale rich data visualization and exploration platform for optimize Ads business, shuffling terabytes of data. Irina is currently...

.NET Standard Deep Dive

Join Immo Landwerth and Rich Lander on a deep dive into .NET Standard.

Here is what's covered:

* [1m] Why do we need .NET Standard? ...

TDE with Bring Your Own Key Support in Azure SQL DB and DW

This week's episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes Rebecca Zhang to the show. Rebecca is a PM on the SQL Server team and is in the studio today to discuss encryption at rest with key hierarchy in Azure SQL DB and DW.

Topics in today's video:

[00:30]: Overview of encrypting data at rest with TDE...

Defrag Tools #183 - WinDbg Preview Part 2

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Nickolay Ratchev and Tim Misiak to show off some features of WinDbg Preview, a new version of the WinDbg tool....



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