Last Week on Channel 9: December 8th - 14th, 2014


Another week, another new show! Woot!

This past week we introduced a new monthly, Internet of Things Show. We also had our second episode of the new Level-Up show as well! Finally Gov and Larry got out an episode of The Defrag Show.

With all the Show news, here's a quick peek at last week's shows...

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IoTShow: Kick-Off and Steve Teixeira Interview

Welcome to the very first episode of the IoT Show! On this new Channel 9 show, Gavin Gear and Larry Larsen will talk about news in IoT, interview IoT influencers, highlight IoT projects, and more. If you have ideas for the show, please leave a comment, we'd love to hear what you all would like to see! In the second part of this video, Gavin Gear interviews Steve Teixeira, the Director of Program Management in the Windows IoT team. If you want to know more about what the Windows team is working on related to IoT, you'll want to catch this interview!

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Episode 2: Habitat’s Charles Cox, Founder of 4gency

Level Up is a show devoted to game development. Each show will recap current news and events in gaming, deep dive with a game industry insider, and cover tips for programming or finding resources to help you with game construction. We would love to hear from you with feedback or suggestions for what you would like to see on the show, or just tell us about the projects you are working on.

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Defrag: What's your oldest, still in active use, computer'ish device at home?

Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

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Ping 230: Angry Birds, Satya's Favorite App, NORAD, Forcefields and Pulse

Rick managed to figure out a more reliable recording method, namely using the CH9 studios - so Mark and Rick are back - covering the news items MSFTies are Ping'in each other about. We cover your comments from last time, have a funny story about our last remote shoot, and talk about these stories:

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Querying in DocumentDB

This week on Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Aravind Ramachandran, Senior PM on the Azure DocumentDB team. In this episode, Aravind gives us the lowdown on the DocumentDB querying capabilities in an easy to understand approach. After providing a quick introduction into DocumentDB, Aravind dives right in to the great query capabilities by showing us how it is to use a familiar SQL-like grammar over hierarchial JSON documents. Aravind also spends a few minutes discussing SQL query grammar differences and then shows us an awesome website ( available to everyone in which you can try out the SQL query syntax. Awesome video!

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Bing Developer Assistant Update

Bing Developer Assistant for Visual Studio combines the functionality of two popular Visual Studio extensions into one: Sample Browser and Bing Code Search. In this episode, Robert is joined by Scott Ge and Pravin Indurkar to explore what is new in the Bing Developer Assistant since the last time it was featured on the show. Scott and Pravin show the new Visual Studio IntelliSense experience, the ability to find both code snippets and code samples, and offline search.

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Building Apps for Office with AngularJS

Join your guide Cory Fowler as he talks to the product teams in Redmond as well as the web community.

This week Cory is joined by James Farhat to talk about building Apps for Office using HTML5 and AngularJS.

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Defrag Tools #118 - PerfView Part 6

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Vance Morrison joins Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder to discuss his performance analysis tool, PerfView. In part 6 of this series, we show how easy it is to add ETW events to your applications, and how these events can be seen in PerfView.