Last Week on Channel 9: February 16th - February 22nd, 2015

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It was hard narrowing down the list of stuff to highlight this week. Lots and lots of exciting Azure news, plus a full schedule of our regular shows...

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TWC9: Azure Machine Learning, Net#, Orleans, Windows 10 + asm.js, JavaScript Wins, OneNote Free and more...

This week on Channel 9, Nisha and guest host Mat Velloso discuss the week's top developer news, including; ...

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Episode 168: The Power BI Developer Experience with Josh Caplan

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Josh Caplan, a Program Manager on the Power BI team.  Josh walks us through the redesigned Power BI service and dashboard system.  He starts by demonstrating how easy it is to pull data into Power BI by demonstrating a GitHub repository and the dashboard metrics you're able to see for commits, pull requests, merges, and much more.  Josh primarily focuses on the new APIs for sending data in real time to. ...

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Edge Show 137: Azure Premium Storage and Planned Service Updates

In Edge Show episode 137, Rick has brought back Drew McDaniel and Kenaz Kwa to talk about Premium Storage and Planned Maintenance Updates.  If you are curious as to the details about planned maintenance and how it may have affected your machines - Kenaz gives you all the details.  If Performance, disk IOps and supped up virtual machines are more your style - Drew has you covered on that side of the coin. ...

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RangersTalk - Q&A with Jeff Beehler & Sam Guckenheimer

Take a look at what two pivotal icons, Jeff Beehler and Sam Guckenheimer, are currently thinking about the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. This was a live Lync meeting with the Visual Studio ALM Rangers on the call. Leave your questions and comments below, and we will pass these on...

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Building Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin Forms

Robert welcomes James Montemagno, a developer evangelist at Xamarin, back on the show for another series on building cross-platform apps with Xamarin and C#. In this episode, part one of four, we take a look at Xamarin.Forms, a cross-platform UI toolkit that sits on top of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Windows Phone. We will see how to share not only the business logic of an application, but also how to build a fully native cross-platform UI completely in XAML, including features such as data binding, styles, and triggers....

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HDInsight on Linux

Back for more discussion on HDInisght, Scott welcomes Matt Winkler back to the show. Matt, a Program Manager on the HDInsight team is here today to make a special announcement; the ability to deploy HDInsight clusters on Ubuntu Linux. While you still have the ability to deploy to Windows, you now have the ability to deploy your HDInsight cluster to Linux as well as Windows. In this video, Matt walks us through the simplicity of creating a HDInsight cluster on Linux, then shows us how easy it is to manage, maintain, and monitor these clusters through the use of Ambari, an Apache project aimed at making Hadoop cluster management simple for developers.

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Dynamic Data Masking in Azure SQL Database

This week's episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes Ron Matchoro, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft on the SQL Server team. Today, Ron introduces us to a new feature just released to Azure SQL Database called Dynamic Data Masking. Dynamic Data Masking is policy-based security feature that provides the ability to limit the exposure of data in Azure SQL Database by returning masked data to unprivileged users who run queries over designated database fields (for example, credit card numbers or social security numbers). No slides today, just awesome demos...

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Mark Russinovich - Strategic Architect Forum 2015 - Building Applications for Azure - Lessons from Scale

As architects, you're thinking of ways to build "cloud-scale" into your applications. Mark will share insights gained on the high-scale battlefield from Microsoft Azure and large Azure customers that can help you create more manageable, highly available, and scalable applications. Using real-world cases studies of customer applications that ran into scalability or performance problems, he explains how Azure's architecture influences optimal application architectures and shows how leveraging that information made these applications successful. Whether you're creating and managing small or large cloud applications, you'll better understand how to get the most out of the cloud and Azure.

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Sam Guckenheimer - Strategic Architect Forum 2015 - DevOps: The Second Decade of Agile

Agile businesses are embracing the practices of DevOps. They use multidisciplinary teams, in which development and operations collaborate, with agile schedules and a common product backlog. They manage technical debt intentionally, focus on the flow of customer value, think of hypotheses rather than "requirements", rely on data and evidence to support and improve those hypotheses, experiment continuously, operate a live site culture, and manage infrastructure elastically. They measure remediation in minutes and improvements in days. This talk will cover best practices from the industry and Microsoft teams in the transformation to DevOps.

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Scott Guthrie - Strategic Architect Forum 2015 - Delivering Enterprise Innovation with Cloud Architecture

Modern business demands innovative approaches that help companies optimize for a world where solutions can be created anywhere and used everywhere. This session will explore how Microsoft's Cloud strategy and platform enables businesses to move faster and do more using both IaaS and PaaS capabilities together, and using the best of Windows ecosystem and the best of Linux ecosystem together, to deliver exceptional productivity and enable you to create apps and solutions for all devices.

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IoTShow: IoT Accelerators and Microsoft Ventures

Every good idea needs backing and resources to be transformed from a "napkin sketch" to a shipping product. In this video Gavin Gear talks with Mukund Mohan about Microsoft Ventures, and interviews several of the IoT startups that are a part of Microsoft Venture's IoT Accelerator program. ...

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Countdown to Ignite: The One About Getting Certified and Not-To-Miss Places in Chicago

Joey and Rick discuss Microsoft Certification—and how you can get certified at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago. In Episode 3 of the Countdown Show, they explain the basics of taking certification exams at Ignite, and the special discounted price (see below) exclusively for attendees. Then, they take us on a tour of some of Chicago's biggest attractions...

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CodeChat 023 - Jason Short and Command Monkey

This week on CodeChat, a quick chat with a returning guest - Jason Short. Jason works at Microsoft on exciting and often enormous projects on Azure. In this somewhat unique episode of CodeChat, however, I'm going to do most of the talking and it's about a project I recently created called Command Monkey!

Command Monkey - which you can find at -...

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Channel 9 Implements The Azure Machine Learning Recommendations API

You may have noticed a link to that appears next to any recommended entries or sessions:

This is because we have implemented the Azure Machine Learning Recommendations API. Now, whenever you see recommended videos to watch (which appears at the end of each video as well as in a sidebar on each video's page) the recommendations are coming from a model built by this service, based on Channel 9 usage data back dated to July of 2014. This service worked out perfect for us and is an improvement over our old recommendations algorithm. You can learn more about the Azure Machine Learning Marketplace video on Channel 9....

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Overview of Azure Machine Learning

This provides an overview of the Azure Machine Learning Service. A browser based workbench for the data science workflow, which includes authoring, evaluating and publishing predictive models.

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Ping 236: Preview of Windows 10 for phones, Skype 5.2 for Android, and Bing predicts...the future.

Hey everybody! Welcome back to episode Ping, this is episode 236.  We have some more news about Windows 10, updates to file sharing on Skype for Android, what Bing is predicting now and an easy way to nab 100GB of cloud storage! ...

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