Last Week on Channel 9: February 1st - February 7th, 2016

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Here are a select 41 episodes, posts and shows (yeah 41, and that's just a selection) released last week...

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TWC9: VSCode Insiders, Igniting Ignite, Future Edge, NFL Hololens and more...

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Shen discuss the week's top developer news, including;

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The Skype Show: Episode 2 – Certificates, Attendant Pro & Mobile App 

In Episode 2 we discuss Skype for Business certificates, their importance and considerations around authentication.  Matthew Landis (Office Server and Services MVP) talks about Attendant Pro and his upcoming community release of SefaUtil Server.  We also discuss deploying the Skype for Business mobile application including deployment considerations, dependent services, and authentication.

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Mistakes that kill startups 

In this presentation i covered the following:
1) Startup Structure: How to have the right number of founders, Allocation time and resources, hiring. ...

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Bits and Bytes: Getting Started with TypeScript 

You might be wondering what is TypeScript. Is it yet another programming language I need to learn? Another set of API’s and documents to read through? Yes and no. It is a superset of the programming language JavaScript. What does that mean? Well, as a “superset” it means everything that you love (or hate) about JavaScript is still there but now you have the ability to create classes, modules and interfaces to help build your large scale applications and components. ...

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Episode 198: Azure Container Service with Ross Gardler

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Ross Gardler, Senior Program Manager on the Azure Linux Compute team.  Ross joins us to talk about the Azure Service Container.  Ross starts by talking about what Docker is by demonstrating running the Hello World container and then moves on to running 20 web servers in containers in a matter of seconds.  He then goes on to explain Docker Swarm and Apache Mesos and how they work with the new Azure Container Service. ...

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Interview with David Tesar 

In this interview, Senior DevOps Program Manager Donovan Brown interviews Senior Technical Evangelist David Tesar about Infrastructure as Code and Configuration as Code.  ...

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PowerApps 103 - Creating apps from existing data 

Karthik Bharathy joins Scott on Azure Friday to teach him about Power Apps! You'll see how quickly you can create an app and connect it to the cloud using PowerApps. This is PowerApps 103, where Karthik creates an app from an existing data source.

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Scott Hunter 

This week, we're speaking with Scott Hunter about .NET, ASP.NET, shipping Core, and more...

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@MSFTReactor Weekly - Guest: Jennelle Crothers - February 3rd 2016  

Welcome to Reactor Weekly, a series where we see what's happening this week at 680 Folsom. ...

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The Maker Show: Episode 1 - Intro to Electronics 

In this episode of the maker show, David Crook will do an introduction into electronics and how they work.  This episode focuses on many of the fundamentals of the very thing that drives most of our projects, electricity.  How to generate more power, how to ensure you don't blow your circuits, why electricity flows where it does.  And of course introducing a good philosophy of when life gives you lemons, to make electricity. ...

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#GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: Game Development Competitions 

Dare to compete? This episode, Mickey MacDonalad (@ScruffyFurn) rants about community involvement, new year resolutions and game development competitions. He is also joined by the winners of the Codename Goa game development competition, Jef and Keith. Lets see what they have to say about igniting the competitive strike (a) ...

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Office Dev Show - Episode 22 - Add-ins on Word for Mac 

In this episode, Sudheer Maremanda shows off the new add-ins capabilities in Word for Mac. This is now available in preview, and developers can test their existing add-ins on their MacOSX devices by side-loading the add-in. Sudheer walks through how to complete the side-loading process and how to test. ...

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The Ops Team #012 - "Plate Face" 

The Ops Team is a weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps. ...

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Continuous Deployment and Release Management 

This session discusses the benefits and demonstrates Continuous Deployment and Release Management. Continuous Deployment usually comes after Continuous Integration (CI), and it's the ability to use the output from CI and deploy this new known good build to an environment automatically. We also cover Release Management, which is the way to mature Continuous Deployment from just one environment to the rest of the environments in your pipeline.  ...

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CodeChat 054 - The Cloud Behind Your IoT Project 

Sam George (@samjgeorge) and team are responsible for the IoT offerings in Azure - a collection of services that will get your IoT solution connected to the cloud in a hurry. Join me for this episode of CodeChat as Sam and I talk all about these offerings. ...

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Dev Talk with Richard Campbell 

First stop of the #LetsDevThis Tour, Vancouver! In this series, our dev geek Jonathan Rozenblit is jumping into exciting discussions with The Experts. Our dev talk continues with the co-host of .NET Rocks! - Richard Campbell. ...

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Ask The Experts: Mark Schramm 

First stop of the #LetsDevThis Tour, Vancouver! In this series, our dev geek Jonathan Rozenblit is jumping into exciting discussions with The Experts. This time, we have Mark and JR hacking the concept of learning and skill development. ...

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Ask The Experts: Jan Hannemann 

First stop of the #LetsDevThis Tour, Vancouver! In this series, our dev geek Jonathan Rozenblit is jumping into exciting discussions with The Experts. This time, we've got Jan Hannemann, a User Group Lead discussing the benefits of building a developer community and sharing your knowledge/skills with other devs....

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Introduction to Microsoft R Open 

Microsoft R Open (MRO), formerly known as Revolution R Open (RRO), is the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft. It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science.  Like R, Microsoft R Open is open source and free to download, use, and share. In today’s episode join Sam Stakes as he walks us through how to get started using MRO. ...

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An early look at Azure Stack and what it means for IT, with Jeffrey Snover 

Azure Stack gives you Microsoft Azure Services to run your datacenter just like a service provider. On this episode of Microsoft Mechanics, Jeffrey Snover takes an IT Pro perspective to show you how you can leverage the operational and resource management model of Azure for your datacenter on premises. Also, you'll see how this hybrid approach gives you the flexibility to deploy apps and resources where and when you need them.

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Join our Upcoming Live Webinar! SME roundtable on Skype for Business at Microsoft

IT subject matter experts (SMEs) from our Skype for Business at Microsoft IT Showcase course will answer your questions about how Microsoft IT implements, monitors, maintains, and supports Skype for Business at Microsoft.  Get candid answers from our experts as they share insights and Skype for Business best practices developed by Microsoft.

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Join TechRewards in the 2016 Know it. Prove it. campaign

To learn more about TechRewards, watch out introductory video here and learn about the associated challenge here.

Megan and Jill from TechRewards discuss the new KiPi campaign launched by MVA. ...

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Introducing Microsoft Azure Stack 

Join Mark Russinovich, Azure CTO, and Jeffrey Snover, Enterprise Cloud Technical Fellow, to learn how Azure Stack will help you drive app innovation by delivering the power of Azure in your datacenter. Learn more about Azure Stack

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We've got something exciting to share... 

Hi there and welcome to a special video series. This is the first in the series where we want to share with you a little secret!

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Let's Talk VR - Meet 

Welcome to the first-ever episode of "Let's Talk VR", where I talk to the VR developers working on next-generation experiences in the virtual reality industry!

In this episode of Just A/VR Show, I sit down with, a team enabling the exploration of real-world spaces using some incredibly cool virtual reality photogrammetry! Daniel, Dominic, and David talk about how they got involved with VR and share their experiences, thoughts, and advice for those interested in getting started in immersive tech. ...

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Office Add-ins 

Martin and Martin take a look at how to use your web skills to build office Add-ins

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Tuesdays with Corey: Special Guest Jeffrey Snover talks about Azure Stack 

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team has an extended chat with Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover.  What do they talk about?  Azure Stack of course! ...

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Registration is open for Microsoft Ignite! 

It's time— Register now for Microsoft Ignite and mark your calendar for September 26–30. Be there when top industry leaders talk about what's next, get direct access to the people who built the products you use every day, and surround yourself with smart people talking tech....

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Advanced development features in Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition 

Parallels Desktop for Mac (link to is a hypervisor-based virtualization solution that makes it easy to run any number of operating systems inside separate windows on your Mac desktop. For developers, this means you can simultaneously run Mac development tools like Xcode and Windows development tools like Visual Studio. You can easily copy content by dragging and dropping from one OS to another without rebooting, and even run only a specific app without viewing the entire desktop of your virtualized OS. You can step through your code in different environments without risk of losing work if a crash happens in a specific test environment. ...

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Continuous Integration 

This session covers Continuous Integration, demonstrates and discusses the benefits of merging all working copies of developers' code with a shared mainline, producing a new build upon code check-in.

[02:24] Introduction to Continuous Integration ...

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Building custom Office 365 apps to manage Lotus F1 Team race crew logistics.  

During race season, roughly 100 crew members support Lotus F1 Team on site around the world. On today's show, we learn from Mark Everest how Lotus F1 Team leveraged Office 365 APIs and extensibility to update their legacy travel application - complete with calendar and directory services integration. The team built new underpinnings with a flexible data model, a web front end for logistics planning and user management, a mobile app that worked across platforms and an Outlook Add-in to integrate race events directly into users' calendars. Learn how Visual Studio, Apache Cordova and integrated Office 365 APIs were used in the project, and get a glimpse of how the team uses the apps to manage their itineraries. ...

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Interview with Abel Wang and Steven St. Jean 

In this interview, Senior DevOps Program Manager Donovan Brown interviews Senior ALM Consultant Steven St. Jean and Senior Technical Solutions Professional Abel Wang about source control structure and DevOps. ...

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Let's dev this. | Web Tour 

Build a better, faster, and more modern web with ASP.NET 5, Angular, Visual Studio 2015, and Microsoft Azure

When it comes to building fast, efficient, responsive websites, the bar just keeps getting higher. Today's business opportunities demand exceptional online experiences – and we want to help you meet that demand by enabling you to build on your existing skills. ...

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Endpoint Zone Episode 12: Market update, Windows 10, MAM without device enrollment 

In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson you'll learn about Microsoft's financial results and how they impact the EMM market (hint: you need a good long term partner). Brad and Simon then talk about new technology introduced in the latest Configuration Manager preview, improvements for Windows 10 with MDM like MSI distribution, pass the hash style attacks and how Intune lets you configure Microsoft Passport for Work to overcome them, Mobile Device Management without enrollment from the Admin's viewpoint and much more! ...

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An Introduction to DocFX 

About a month or so ago I realized that creating great API documentation was difficult. I decided to #lazyweb the problem directly to twitter. As it turns out there was already an awesome solution in the works called DocFX that was in use at the main .NET Core site! I immediately jumped on it to try to learn more: it is fantastic. I reached out to Peter to see if he would spend some time discussing (the now open source) project and he was gracious enough to oblige. Would love your thoughts! ...

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Global Game Jam 2016 New York Impression

Microsoft teamed up with Playcrafting to host a Global Game Jam in NYC from January 29th-31st! Over 300 people attended and jammed throughout the weekend.  ...

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MVA Monthly: February 2016

The Know it. Prove it.” MVA challenge has officially launched today and Jerry Nixon, Matt Calder and Christopher arrison are here to kick off the month long festivities. Get started here developers and put your knowledge and skills o the test! ...

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Confessions of a Game Developer - NYC Global Game Jam

Microsoft teamed up with Playcrafting to host a Global Game Jam in NYC from January 29th-31st! Over 300 people attended and jammed throughout the weekend.

CONFFESSIONS OF A GAME DEV - We left a camera in a room for a confession style room - where game developers could share their frustrations, successes and even bad dance moves. This is what happens when you leave a camera with no one to supervise.... ...

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Guest Post: Viewing Metrics in Azure with Datadog 

How you go about capturing and monitoring Azure metrics depends on your use case and the scale of your infrastructure. The two easiest ways to access metrics from Azure VMs are by using the Azure web portal or by using a monitoring service such as Datadog that integrates directly with Azure to gather metrics from your VMs. The Azure Portal provides VM metrics at one-minute intervals; Datadog collects those metrics and also pulls in additional system and application metrics at higher resolution.

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Microsoft’s Project Natick, the first underwater datacenter

Intended for broadcast journalists this footage shows the creation of the datacenter from the initial lab phases in Redmond, Washington to deployment off the Pacific Coast.

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Defrag Tools #152 - Media eXperience Analyzer part 4: Video Glitch Analysis

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Jorge Novillo continue a series on Media eXperience Analyzer (MXA). We examine a video glitch scenario, and show how to use MXA to determine what caused the problem.

Media eXperience Analyzer (formerly WindowsXRay) is a tool used to visualize ETW traces, with a particular emphasis on media scenarios such as audio/video capture and playback. ...



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