Last Week on Channel 9: July 11th - July 17th, 2016

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The Channel 9 Studios are still moving into their new building, still unpacking and setting up the studios, yet our intrepid show authors and host found ways to keep the news and videos rolling! Here are 28 shows, posts, episodes and videos from last week...

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TWC9: Windows 10 Anniversary, LattePanda, HoloHacks, Apollo 11 guidance computer code and more

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Nikola discuss the week's top developer news, including;

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GoingNative 51: Updates with the Visual C++ Linux Extension

Today's episode covers our Visual Studio C++ for Linux Development extension! If you're building applications for Linux and want to keep your familiar Visual Studio environment, you can now do so a lot more easily. Featured in this episode are Marc Goodner (Senior Program Manager) and Ion Todirel (Senior Software Engineer), who have been working on this extension. ...

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Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft reacts to Federal Appeals Court Ruling in Email Privacy Case

Broadcast quality video intended for journalists. This video contains soundbites from Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft, reacting to the Federal Appeals Court Ruling in favor of Microsoft in its challenge of a US search warrant seeking a customer's email content located in Ireland.

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Reaction to Federal Appeals Court Ruling in favor of Microsoft in Email Privacy Case

This video, intended for broadcast journalists, includes broadcast quality soundbites of outside experts responding to a Federal Appeals Court Ruling in an Email Privacy Case. Microsoft challenged a US search warrant for a customer's email content located in Ireland. A Federal Appeals Court ruled in favor of Microsoft. The government is expected to appeal.

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78 - Alligator Buffering Dryheat

It's time for another LiveStream Episode of the Patch and Switch show!!! Two IT guys (Patch and Switch) who are talking about whatever comes up. Can you say Tangent! Ultimately it's the Chat Room where everyone hangs out and contributes to the show, so make sure to load it up during the LiveStream!   ...

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ASUS Builds the Ultimate Workstation?

ASUS recently announced the X99-Deluxe II motherboard for the latest Intel Broadwell-E processors. Learn about the board and a prosumer build they created with it using a new 10-core Intel processor and super-high-end components. Content creators and power users will be blown away by the performance gains possible. ...

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The Ops Team #25 - "Longest URL...IN THE WORLD"

The Ops Team is a (sometimes) weekly show where (occasionally) 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, David's back, joining Matt and Oguz in the 'studio'. ...

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Jonathan Nelson CEO of Hackers and Founders

In this video we have the opportunity to talk to Jonathan from Hackers and founders about his story creating a global community of 200k+ hackers/founders! Ever wondered how being an ER nurse could prepare you to take care of startups? What about how to help the SEC tackle tough topics like immigration? Listen as Jonathan shares all that plus more!

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Episode 440: Bridget Kromhout on CloudFoundry

Bridget Kromhout describes CloudFoundry - an open source project that assists companies managing DevOps by abstracting away the cloud provider or host on which applications are deployed.

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RAP: The Legend of Rusty Crank Continues...

This post is just for fun and developer nostalgia. This is a video I did few years back when Heading up Developer Evangelism at ComponentOne/GrapeCity. We did a happy birthday video for INETA. Had fun making up the lyrics with the team and filming this at Ft Lauderdale beach and ITPalooza. It is one of the heavier downloaded videos on the C1 site, so I though it would be nice to share with the Niners! Let me know how you like it! This was part of my RussCamTV Video Series. ...

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Episode 113: NuGet with Harikrishna Menon & Yishai Galatzer

We talk with Harikrishna Menon and Yishai Galatzer about NuGet. .NET Core is finally here. TypeScript 2.0 announced. And how someone cracked a keylogger and ended up in someone's mailbox. ...

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Office Dev Show - Episode 37 - Building Webhooks with the Microsoft Graph

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard explores how to build webhooks against the Microsoft Graph. Webhooks are a powerful way to get notified on chances in the services behind the Microsoft Graph. ...

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Access Web Apps - Reporting Using Power BI

Part 2 of a 4-part Access series.  Power BI is a powerful business tool to visually drill down into your data in many ways.  This session is an introduction on how to connect Power BI to data in your Access Web App (SQL Azure back end) and what features are available within Power BI.  Presented by Andy Tabisz, Microsoft MVP and owner of WorkSmart Database Masters and Juan Soto, Microsoft MVP and owner of IT Impact.

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Advancements in Data Technology
In this episode, Robert is joined by Scott Klein, host of the Data Exposed and SQL Unplugged shows, for a whirlwind tour of some of the advancements in data technology that have appeared recently. They review data technologies and services covering both on-premises and the cloud. ...
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The Shard Utility

Using shard to detect shared passwords, and how it might be used in an employee security awareness program. More here: 

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Broll: Microsoft WPC Day 2

Scott Guthrie, Julia White, Yusuf Mehdi and partners talk about technology innovations and new opportunities for partners.

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Inside the Data Science Virtual Machine

Join us in this webinar, to learn more about the Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) offering from Microsoft. DSVM is a custom Azure Virtual Machine image that is published on the Azure marketplace and available on both Windows and Linux.

It contains several popular data science and development tools both from Microsoft and from the open source community all pre-installed and pre-configured and ready to use. ...

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Bing Predicts for Enterprise

 Bing Predicts is a predictive analytics solution that uses comprehensive search, web and social data to make intelligent predictions.  We leverage Microsoft's unique, proprietary data sources and the most cutting edge Machine Learning models to transcend the ways businesses can market to their customers, manage their inventory or staffing, and predict business outcomes. ...

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Building A Scalable Data Science Platform with R and Hadoop

 Hadoop is famously scalable. Cloud Computing is famously scalable. R – the thriving and extensible open source Data Science software – not so much. But what if we seamlessly combined Hadoop, Cloud Computing, and R to create a scalable Data Science platform? Imagine exploring, transforming, modeling, and scoring data at any scale from the comfort of your favorite R environment. Now, imagine calling a simple R function to operationalize your predictive model as a scalable, cloud-based Web Service. Learn how to leverage the magic of Hadoop on-premises or in the cloud to run your R code, thousands of open source R extension packages, and distributed implementations of the most popular machine learning algorithms at scale.

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ASP.NET Monsters Episode 48: Configuring Entity Framework

The patterns used for configuring Entity Framework Core are a little different when compared to previous versions of EF. In today's episode, Dave takes us through the OptionsBuilder pattern and a couple different methods of wiring it up to your DbContext classes. ...

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Tuesdays with Corey: RedHat announcements and WPC

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team walks us through some of the highlights from Day TWO of the World Partner Conference Keynotes (Azure Section announcements) as well as recent events during the RedHat conference....

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse General Availability Announcement with Rohan Kumar

In this special episode of SQL Unplugged we welcome Rohan Kumar to make the exciting announcement of the general availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse! In this exciting and fun 15 minute video, Rohan provides a quick overview of Azure SQL Warehouse, then Rohan and Scott discuss the exciting things that make Azure SQL Data Warehouse unique, including seamless integration with Polybase, Azure Machine Learning, and other services! ...

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Video: Diagnosing Memory Usage and Leaks

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Sylvain Goyette discuss how to diagnose issues related to memory usage, using tools available in the Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). ...

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CodeChat 063 - Eric Ang from Dolby

I recorded a lot of CodeChat episodes from Build 2016, and this is the last. This means the last time you have to look at the same screaming plaid shirt.

This is a fun one though, because this time I (and my shirt) are talking to Jason Fox of Microsoft and Eric Ang of Dolby about what Dolby is doing for developers - primarily around their Dolby Digital Plus platform for amazing audio. Did you know it already works in the Edge browser? If you're running Edge, check out the Feisty Galaxies demo at to see what I'm talking about. ...

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Broll: Microsoft WPC Day 1

Satya Nadella and partners talk about business opportunities ahead.

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Supermicro Creating Application Optimized Servers

Learn how Supermicro is upping the server game by building application optimized servers at incredible pricing values for customers. Find out about the latest trends in SSD storage, Supermicro’s huge JBOD server and more. ...

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A quick demo of Azure Service Fabric with ASP.NET Core

In this episode we take a quick look at Azure Service Fabric, a new platform for building micro-services on Azure and also see how one could use ASP.NET Core 1.0 to easily create micro-services for this powerful platform.

The demo consists of a simple back-end API serving up a color in HEX format as string as well as a small AngularJs app that showcases a collection of blocks, each polling the back-end API for a color and then assigning it accordingly as it's background. The initial state of each block is blue, but when the service gets changed to deliver green instead, the front-end will gracefully migrate over to the new color. ...

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Rockin with Russ on Xamarin Forms and App Studio

Join MVP Russ Fustino in this hot off the metal session as he shares insights into the trials, tribulations and joy of building the Endorsed Jethro Tull App. Share the excitement as Russ "tells all" about creating his Jethro Tull app. The app is now published for Android and iOS, Windows Store and Windows Phone. How did he do it? Is Xamarin Forms the real deal? Topics covered include:  ...



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