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Get Ready for CORE i9 - Intel Reveals 18 Core Processor on X-SERIES Platform

Watch this video to learn about Intel's latest processors including their new CORE i9 18 core processor. We will give you the details on their full line up as well as pricing and recommended usage scenarios.

[00:50] - Intel Introduces X-Series CPUs...      

TWC9: XAML Standard Demystified, Eye Tracking, Project Snowflake, Yugioh in RL AR and…

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including;

One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - Why are some Keyboard Shortcuts specific to the US…

The 'One Dev Question with Raymond Chen' video series is part of the One Dev Minute channel.  In this series, longtime Microsoft developer and semi-official Windows historian Raymond Chen covers a series of questions about Microsoft Windows development, team culture, and/or history.  If you have additional questions for Raymond, please add your questions in the comments section below.  You can also find out more development details about Windows and its history on Raymond's blog.      

Surface Hub Design and Development Overview

Want to building large shared screen experience for your app? Come to join us with the Design, Develop and Deploy large screen interactive experiences overview! In this session, you will learn what the Surface Hub is about and is not about from design and development point of view, as well as a high-level summary of the things you need to think about before you start your development. We also covered how to submit your app to the Windows Store, how the IT deploy the app to their enterprise environment....      

Function Junction Ep6: Schedule Triggers

In this episode, Eric takes us through how to set up a schedule triggered function. We talk Slack integration and VSTS integration. Integrate all the things with Functions!      

Using Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances

Brendan Burns joins Donovan Brown to discuss the use of Kubernetes with Azure Container Instances. The Azure Container Instances Connector for Kubernetes allows Kubernetes clusters to deploy Azure Container Instances, which enables on-demand and nearly instantaneous container compute, orchestrated by Kubernetes, without having VM infrastructure to manage and while still leveraging the portable Kubernetes API....      

Azure Container Instances

Sean McKenna joins Donovan Brown to talk about the newest service in Azure, Azure Container Instances. Azure Container Instances makes it possible to run Linux and Windows containers directly on Azure infrastructure, without setting up and managing VMs and without adopting a higher-level service. See how easy it is to create and manage containers with the Azure CLI and the Azure portal, and learn how Azure Container Instances relates to container orchestrators, such as Kubernetes....      

Aqua Security – Full Lifecycle Security for Containers in Microsoft Environments

In this interview with Aqua Security co-founders Dror Davidoff and Amir Jerbi, we discuss the challenges and best practices of securing the development and deployment of containers. We include a short demo of how Aqua integrates into Microsoft VSTS to provide developers with built-in security check for container image builds, and how this policy can be extended to prevent unapproved images from running in your environment.      

XabluCross for MvvmCross: Introducing the Visual Studio Extension

Learn more about XabluCross for MvvmCross from the lead developer of the extension, Martijn van Dijk, Xamarin and Microsoft MVP. XabluCross helps speed up the initial setup of Xamarin-based mobile projects in Microsoft Visual Studio, saving you time and ensuring that you have a solid framework for your app. Discover how to easily create apps with a native UI for multiple OS, all from the same platform.      

Produce Better Code with Automated Open Source Vulnerability & License Management

Black Duck Hub extensions for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server helps development teams find and fix open source security, license compliance and code quality risks as a part of their continuous integration and development processes. Black Duck offers tremendous benefits to DevOps and agile application development by providing powerful code scanning and integrations with a variety of tools within the application development lifecycle.      

Girls Make Games Xbox Summer Camp 2017
Go behind the scenes of the Girl's Make Games summer camp program hosted at Xbox in July 2017.
To find out more about Girl's Make Games please visit their website at:
You can also find more information about Xbox and Gaming For Everyone at      
Algorithms for Intelligent Devices

Our objective is to develop a library of efficient machine learning algorithms that can run on severely resource-constrained edge and endpoint IoT devices ranging from the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi.The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to revolutionize our world. Billions of microcontrollers and sensors have already been deployed for predictive maintenance, connected cars, precision agriculture, personalized fitness and wearables, smart housing, smart cities, smart healthcare, etc. The dominant paradigm in these applications is that the IoT device is dumb – it just senses its environment and transmits the sensor readings to the cloud where all the intelligence resides and the decision making happens....      

Remix3D, stellar video games, and more!

This Week on Windows: we're coming to you from the home of Remix3D to give you a first-hand look at the newest technology to hit a PC near you – plus we'll tell you how to check out some stellar video games before they hit store shelves. Specific topics covered in this episode include:...      

DEVintersection Countdown Show on the Artificial Intelligence for Business with Paul Stubbs

Paul Stubbs and Richard Campbell discuss Microsoft’s new focus on Artificial Intelligence and how it can have a powerful impact on business. The AI team at Microsoft has brought together all of the best minds around machine learning and predictive analytics so that you can start looking at your organization’s data in entirely new ways. Whether you’re trying to identify gaps in your product line or get a deeper understanding of your customer, the AI tools are there to help. ...      

Introduction to .NET Docker Images with Kendra Havens

Kendra Havens gives us an inside look at the  .NET  Docker images. To get started on .NET on Docker check out the following links      

UI Controls for the Universal Windows Platform: Building Windows 10 apps using an Adaptive…

Telerik UI for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) by Progress is a suite of 20+ UI controls for developers building UWP applications. It includes a wide range of controls for various application scenarios, including data management, scheduling, layout, editing, navigation, data/geo visualization, and interactivity.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes John Bristow and Sam Basu from Progress as they discuss how these controls allow developers to build highly-performant applications for all Windows 10 devices — desktop, tablets and phones, as well as for IoT, Xbox and VR devices....

From Expert Service to Free Training Programs and Events...Find out what's next at the…

From helping you learn how to get the most out of your software to fine tuning your PC so it runs at peak productivity, the Microsoft Store offers its customers an array of free programs and events for everyone.

Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes Oscar Lara to the show as they discuss how businesses, educators, students, and everyone else in between can benefit from a trip to your local Microsoft Store....

Episode 27: Azure Active Directory Authentication with Vittorio Bertocci

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Vittorio Bertocci, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft in Identity, who introduces us to Azure Active Directory and the Microsoft Authentication Library for simple authentication for mobile applications. We also discuss security, oAuth, and cross-platform identity with MSAL and AAD.


  • [02:45] Understanding Azure Active Directory & MSAL...
Microsoft Mechanics: Build apps faster with Azure Serverless

In this Microsoft Mechanics episode, Matt McSpirit and Jeff Hollan discuss how you can use Azure serverless offerings to build and deploy elastic-scale, cost-efficient apps using Azure Functions and Logic Apps. You'll see how adopting a serverless compute approach removes the need to worry about hardware resources and the operational complexity of running applications.

Coffee in the Cloud: Build a Powerhouse Solution with PowerApps and Office 365 with Audrie…

Many of us have to create content for our jobs.  Check out this cool tool built by Audrie Gordon, Sr. PM in PowerApps team that uses PowerApps and SharePoint with a little PowerBI thrown in for bling that would help anyone manage content creation.  This solution can be applied in many scenarios and works on browsers and mobile devices as well.  Best yet, its simple to do in an afternoon and can be integrated with Microsoft Teams. ...

Tuesdays with Corey - Azure Container Instances

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Sean McKenna, Principal PM responsible for the newly launched Azure Container Instances.

Check out:

Welcome to the Azure for Node.js Developer Center

Welcome to the Azure for Node.js Developer Center.  Listen to John Papa, Simona Cotin, and Burke Holland give you a quick description of what resources are available and visit the Azure for Node.js developer center for more!

Git Fundamentals

Git is a free, open source distributed version control system. It has become wildly popular as a way to not only manage source code, but also as a way of sharing code with others. In this episode, Robert demonstrates the basics of using Git. In the first 20 minutes, you will get familiar with repos, committing changes, branching, merging and pull requests. Then you will see how to work with Git in Visual Studio [21:15] and how you can store your code in both GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services [52:00]. ...

Connecting On-premises Hadoop to Azure Data Lake Store

This week's Data Exposed show welcomes Cathy Palmer into the Channel 9 studio to show how to connect an on-premises Hadoop cluster to Azure Data Lake Store in 3 easy steps!

[01:38] - Azure Data Lake Store at a Glance...

Welcome to the Azure for .NET Developer Center

Welcome to the Azure for .NET Developer Center.  Listen to Jeremy Likness and Scott Cate give you a quick description of what resources are available and visit the Azure for .NET developer center for more!

ASP.NET Monsters #102: Structured Logging with Application Insights

In this episode, we'll explore how to hook up Application Insights to your ASP.NET Core application using the really excellent Serilog.

Serilog - structured logging for .NET...

Episode 163: Security with Troy Hunt

We talk with Troy Hunt about how terrible your security is. Confusing images for self-driving cars. And is MS Paint being killed off? No....

Creating Your First Xamarin.Forms App

In this very first episode of Gur.Codes(); I will show you how to create your first Xamarin.Forms app in Visual Studio for Mac. Please be kind, it is my first recording ever, it has some rough edges, I know, but please let me know what you think!...

Design Expo 2017: MIT, Cambridge

Each year, Microsoft Research sponsors a semester-long class at leading design schools. Students are asked to form interdisciplinary teams of two to four students to design a user experience prototype that solves a real-world problem. From these groups, a representative team from each school presents their work at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Washington USA.

Design Expo began as a partnership between Microsoft and Apple to integrate technology into the curriculum of design schools worldwide. The goal is to build long term relationship with the design schools and build community across schools....

Codechat 071 - Fusion 360 Tip: Designing on a Face

Fusion 360 by Autodesk is my application of choice for making things - real things - plastic and metal and wood things. I've often found myself wanting to select a face in my design and do some fancy 2D graphics on that face, but the sketch environment in Fusion 360 is pretty basic.

I finally figured out a good workflow for exporting a face from my 3D design, drawing in 2D on a replica of that face in my vector editor of choice, and then easily bringing my new drawing back in to Fusion 350... perhaps to initiate an extrusion....



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