Last Week on Channel 9: July 4th - July 10th, 2016


With the short week last week in the US, and a move of the Channel 9 Studios to a new building, our content authors were still hard at it. Here are 21 select videos, shows, episodes and posts from last week...

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DockerCon 16: The Container Landscape with Docker COO, Scott Johnston

DockerCon is the community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed apps built with containers. The two-and-a-half-day conference provides talks by practitioners, hands-on labs, an expo of Docker ecosystem innovators and great opportunities to share experiences with peers.

In this interview, Matt McSpirit, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, caught up with Scott Johnston, COO at Docker Inc to discuss the container landscape, the impact of Docker and the explosive growth of containers within IT. Scott also introduces us to some of the key announcements made at DockerCon 16. ...

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The New Era of Extreme Gaming with ASUS

With the new Intel Broadwell-E processors packing up to 10 cores, extreme gaming has just stepped up to a whole new level. ASUS has you covered with their new Strix X99 Gaming motherboard. Watch this video to find out how the board takes performance and personalization to new heights, and to see how it all comes together in a custom build. ...

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2016-07-07 | Demystifying the Cloud: How Your Business Can Benefit from the Cloud

In a digital economy, we shift to empowering employees and customers to innovate while embracing new business models and approaches. The new world requires reevaluation of how you improve productivity, move faster, do more with your infrastructure, and do it all securely. ...

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Countdown to Imagine Cup 2016 with special guest Judge John Boyega

Three student teams remain; one will take home the Imagine Cup. See who is named Imagine Cup World Champion on July 29. Adding another level of excitement to the event, we will have a very special guest on stage to help choose the next Imagine Cup Champion -  from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, lead actor John Boyega. ...

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ASP.NET Monsters Episode 47: Julie Lerman and the State of EF Core

Are you getting ready to start exploring ASP.NET Core? Have you considered which ORM you're going to work with? In this episode the Monsters kidnap are joined by special guest Julie Lerman to talk about EF Core, the next version of Entity Framework. ...

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Introduction to Microsoft R Server Session 1 : Overview

In this four-part series, Matt Parker will introduce you to the fundamentals of Microsoft R Server, a big-data extension to the open-source statistical programming language R. In this session, Matt discusses how MRS enables R to process huge data sets by moving data from memory to disk and enabling parallel processing for statistical and machine learning algorithms.

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Manifoldjs Bring Your Own Platform

See what's in the latest release and try out the tool yourself: ...

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The Ops Team #024 - "DockerLove"

The Ops Team is a (sometimes) weekly show where (occasionally) 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, it's just Matt and Oguz in the 'studio', with David MIA. No camera issues again this week...

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Stolen Phone, Broken Crypto . J Wolfgang Goerlich J Wolfgang Goerlich

Tennessee says we no longer get a pass on stolen encrypted devices. And Android phones with Qualcomm ARM processors have a new attack vector for stealing encryption keys and brute forcing de-encryption. Meanwhile, I'm stuck in an airport. All that and more, in today's video.

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2. Publish Your Web App and Database to Microsoft Azure - Part 1

In this video we show you how create your Web App and MySQL database through Azure. We also provide a brief overview on the structure of our recipes database. ...

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The Skype Show Episode 7 – Enterprise Voice Part 2, Call Quality Methodology and More

In Episode 6 we began to talk about Enterprise Voice beginning with Dial Plans, Normalization rules and routing logic. In this episode we are talking about voice policies, PSTN usages and Voice routes. We are joined by special guest Ståle Hansen who is an Office Servers and Services MVP and talks us through the concepts of the Call Quality Methodology (CQM). Anthony Caragol who is also an Office Servers and Services MVP discusses considerations for proper Enhanced 911 deployment. ...

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Office Dev Show - Episode 36 - Microsoft Graph with Ionic 2 and Angular 2

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard diZerega explores how to build a Cordova mobile application using Ionic 2, Angular 2, and TypeScript. This provides a great platform for multi-platform mobile development. ...

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What's New in Xamarin.Forms

In this episode, Robert is joined by James Montemagno, who shows us what is new in the latest version of Xamarin.Forms, which enables you to build a native UI for three platforms with one shared C# codebase. Simply put, if you know C# then you already know how to build iOS, Android, and Windows apps. Xamarin.Forms is already packed with tons of awesome and recently had a major overhaul with Xamarin.Forms 2.0, but the fun didn't stop there as there have been amazing new features introduced. James gives a full break down of all the spectacular features that have been recently released and a peek into the future of Xamarin.Forms. ...

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Docker For Windows

Getting started with Docker containers has never been easier with Docker for Windows. In this video we discuss the Docker for Windows Beta and demo how to get started with it.

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Microsoft IT moves a critical database environment to Azure

Olav Opedal and Dong Yang discuss how Microsoft IT moved one of its most critical database environments to the cloud and describe the benefits the team experienced after migration. As a database administrator, Yang describes why moving to the cloud gave him more control over the entire database and reduced overhead, allowing him to focus on data modeling and architecture design. ...

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Brad Smith: Supporting the American Bar Association’s Pledge for Change

Brad Smith: Supporting the American Bar Association's Pledge for Change.

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Tuesdays with Corey: Azure Functions demo

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team takes a break over the US holiday weekend to do a quick demo of Azure Functions - an event based programming model.   ...

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National Maker Faire

The National Maker Faire took place in Washington, DC June 18-19, 2016 to celebrate a . And Frank's World TV was there.

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Developer Support Series: TFS 2015 new features part 1
With each release of Visual Studio and TFS, new features and enhancements are added to provide a valuable set of tools for Continuous Delivery. With version 2015, we give you an overview of the improvements to these tools (IDE, debugger, new code quality tools, unit testing, etc.). We cover some of the key improvements to TFS & Visual Studio Online to support development and Test teams. There are few rather good changes in the license model, agile planning, lot of nice development features, the build and release system is completely new and is accessible from TFS web access, a wiki included as part of the Team Project. ...
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Leveraging in-flight Projects

98 tasks for security on the wall. 98 security tasks. Instead of taking one down and passing it around, how about finding a better way? Say, by bundling it with active and planned projects?

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Defrag Tools #164 - Sysinternals for Nano Server - Mark Russinovich

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Mark Russinovich and Andrew Mason (Program Manager for Nano Server) join Andrew Richards to discuss the release of the Sysinternals tools for Windows Server - Nano Server.

Over 40 of the Sysinternals tools have been updated to support the headless execution on Nano Server via a remote shell (e.g. PowerShell, PsExec, SSH). You can download the full set by clicking on the Sysinternals Nano Server Suite on the Sysinternals suite page, and ...