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Watch one seller’s take on transforming sales at Microsoft with Dynamics 365

Mark Schaefer, director of technical sales in the Microsoft Pacific Northwest Region, talks about how his team has experienced digital transformation—how an integrated toolset built on Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud Services replaced multiple tools, complex processes, and time-consuming administration. This new set of tools ...

Imagine Cup 15th Anniversary

Imagine Cup is all about innovation, transformation and what comes next. Through Imagine Cup, Microsoft provides student developers with the opportunity to mold the world of tomorrow in their eyes by combining their ideas with the power of technology. The next big thing could come from you. Facebook and Twitter started as student projects. Your ideas could be next. The Imagine Cup is here to help you take the first steps. It's a global contest for the most original student applications, games, and solutions and the winning team will take home $100,000 (US). ...

Scott Guthrie Azure Red Shirt Dublin - Databases

Hear from Scott Guthrie at the Azure Red Shirt Dublin event in Dublin which took place on 26th of May 2017. If you are a company building software, connect with local Microsoft Ireland team at... 

Scott Guthrie Azure Red Shirt Dublin - Azure App Services

Hear from Scott Guthrie at the Azure Red Shirt Dublin event in Dublin which took place on 26th of May 2017. If you are a company building software, connect with local Microsoft Ireland team at ...

Why are you not more successful

Full of career advice that you can use starting today. Learn about getting good and getting noticed from someone who has walked the walk and succeeded in startups, academe and top tech companies.

A look at the future with James Whittaker

I've had the opportunity to talk to many people at Microsoft who grab your attention. James Whittaker is a little different, he will wrestle you for your attention and take it with him on the way out. I joined James in his favorite local pub to talk about technology, the singularity, augmenting humans with machines, and the challenges of a limitless future.

Getting Started with Duality – Part 2

Fedja Adam, the creator of Duality, continues to walk us through basic principles of the engine. This episode will mainly focus on working with prefabs and walk through some more scripting principles. From the game logic side, we'll add code so that the camera will follow the player ship while it moves and add the ability to shoot lasers.  Duality is an open-source modular 2D game engine that provides its own visual editor. Its plugin based and written entirely in C#, making it highly extensible....

Episode 230: Azure Batch and Low Priority VMs

In this episode Thiago Almeida is joined by Mark Scurrell, Principal Program Manager in the Azure Compute group focusing on large scale compute workloads. We cover an update on Azure Batch and it's new Low-Priority VMs feature, including demos and customer scenarios...

Scott Guthrie Red Shirt Azure Dublin Intro

Hear from Scott Guthrie at the Azure Red Shirt Dublin event in Dublin which took place on 26th of May 2017. If you are a company building software, connect with local Microsoft Ireland team at

Introducing Azure Cosmos DB

Kirill Gavrylyuk stops by Azure Friday to talk Cosmos DB with Scott Hanselman. Watch quick overview of the industry's first globally distributed multi-model database service followed by a demo of moving an existing MongoDB app to Cosmos DB with a single config change....

Database Dev Ops: Microsoft and Redgate Show you How!

Redgate Data Tools lets users extend DevOps practices to SQL databases in Visual Studio. In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • About the challenges and benefits of database DevOps
  • How to use Redgate Data Tools and Visual Studio Team Services together
  • How to make it easy to deploy database changes and remove blockers
Applying data science and machine learning to enhance the user experience

At Microsoft IT, providing great user experiences for employees is more than just product improvement—it's about enhancing end-to-end experiences that span products and services. Anisha Gautam, Senior Program Manager in Microsoft IT, discusses broad experiences like finding, meeting, collaborating, supporting, and communicating. She talks about how we're applying data science—using machine learning and algorithms—to analyze user feedback and data from products and services....

Setting up and Getting Started with Power BI Embedded

Today's Data Exposed show welcomes Ran Breuer and Arina Hantsis to the studio. Both Ran and Arina are Software Engineers on the Power BI team, and have flown in from Israel to talk about how to get started with Power BI Embedded.

In this 22 minute video, it's all demo as Arina and Ran provide an overview of Power BI Embedded, and discuss how they have exposed a set of REST APIs on the Power BI service platform to work with data to incorporate analytical capabilities easily and enrich your application for a seamless experience. Almost like magic....

Windows at E3, Surface Laptop, Surface Pro, and more!

This Week on Windows: we've got big news for the fans of Surface, 360 degree videos and King Kong! Specific topics covered in this week's episodes include:

  • Spotify launching...
Show Bar Graphs in Access Query using Unicode characters

Add bar graphs to Access queries using a simple formula to show Unicode block characters.

Microsoft Access is great for viewing and manipulating information in databases. Did you realize you can also show bar graphs in an Access query? ... using text in a simple query ?!? Here's how ...

Behind the Scenes: How Zion China uses IoT and Machine Learning to evolve its Intelligent…

Zion China Technology Co. Ltd. is a mobile Internet healthcare company based in Beijing that focuses on improving the health and well-being of its customers through innovative technology. It builds products that can improve the quality of life for patients with chronic diseases by helping them better manage their illnesses on a daily basis....

Video Abstract: Private AI

As the volume of data goes up, the quality of machine learning models, predictions, and services will improve. Once models are trained, predictive cloud services can be built on them, but users who want to take advantage of the services have serious privacy concerns about exposing consumer and enterprise data—such as private health or financial data—with machine learning services running in the cloud....

(Part 2) Hybrid Cloud for Medium Sized Businesses

In this second video in a three part series on Hybrid Cloud, we will explore the value and efficiencies of hybrid cloud vs. fully on premise or fully cloud based scenarios. You will learn how to free up capacity in your datacenter for high demand and high critical workloads, build out state of the art low cost test environments, deploy apps to multi site locations easier and improve overall security through a balanced hybrid cloud approach....

SQL Server Database Unit Testing in your DevOps pipeline

In this episode Dmitry is joined by Eric Kang, Program Manager for SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) who is back on the show to talk about Unit Testing for database projects and how it integrates with the DevOps pipeline.

Specifically, Eric will jump into how the open source test framework Slacker works with SSDT, SQL Server 2016 (or SQL Database on Azure) and Visual Studio 2017 to enable database unit testing. ...

Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium - Suzanne Little

Watch this interview with Suzanne Little (Head Researcher in Insight Centre, DCU) to learn about the work DCU did with Microsoft and Intel on the Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium project in Dublin Ireland. ...

Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium Tomás Meehan

Watch this interview with Tomás Meehan (CIO of GAA) to learn about the work Microsoft did with DCU and Intel on the Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium project in Dublin Ireland. ...

Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework & Cognitive Services

In this module, we will start from the zero point by understanding what the bot is and we will get started with Microsoft Bot Framework (Bot Builder, Bot Connector and Developer Portal) and Azure Cognitive Services (LUIS API).

Closer Look on Bot Builder SDK for .NET

In this module, we will have a closer look on the Bot Builder SDK for .NET by walking through Activities, Dialogs, FormFlow and State Data Management.

Azure for Startups: Solutions for rapid growth

In less than four minutes, Sr. Technical Evangelist Ori Zohar provides a primer on how startups can take advantage of Azure to quickly go from MVP to scale growth.

TWC9: Build Tour Warsaw, Xbox at E3, .NET Fringe Conference, 5 Awesome #MSBuild Stories…

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and [Host 2] discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Introduction to Tag Helper Components with Jass Bagga

Jass Bagga gives as quick introduction to Tag Helper Components.

Joins us as Jass shows us how to modify the HeadTagHelper and the BodyTagHelper in ASP.NET Core MVC 2.0.

Getting Beyond Lift and Shift on Azure Gov - Part 2

Management wants you to move to the cloud. But if you simply lift-and-shift, you are missing out on tremendous opportunities to increase scalability and optimize resources, while also decreasing time and costs. In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti and Zach Kramer talk about...

Making Bots knowledgeable with RainBird integration

By coupling RainBird knowledge maps with the Bot Framework, access to 'human experts' can be easily scaled.

RainBird is a knowledge engine that captures tacit knowledge (human expertise) and provides a natural language dialogue based interrogation to determine a conclusion based on the knowledge map rules. ...

Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: A look into what's driving the future of technology with…

Lex Thomas welcomes back Microsoft Services CTO Norm Judah to the show for their annual discussion around the Future of Technology. Tune in as they check in to see where they stand on last year’s predictions as well as review some of the major trends and challenges that will shape what new innovative tech is coming our way....

CodeChat 067 - The Latest, Greatest Features of C# 7.0

Mark Michaelis - Microsoft RD from Spokane - is back on the show to talk about the latest version of C#.

C# version 7.0 is totally a thing and with it come a number of cool features like tuples and deconstruction. According to Mark, none of the enhancements are earth shattering or code breaking, but they will eventually change the way you author your project....

Defrag Tools #180 - Active Memory Dump

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Graham McIntyre joins Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder to talk about the new Active Memory Dump type. This new kernel dump size replaces the Complete Memory Dump type, and although much smaller, is equally as useful.



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