Last Week on Channel 9: June 27th - July 3rd, 2016


In the run-up to the US July 4th Holiday, our content authors where hard at work, churning out show after show... Here are a select few, 36 episodes, shows, videos and posts

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Episode 112: Bot Framework with Dan Driscoll

We talk with Dan Driscoll about the Microsoft Bot Framework. We put the "L" in SOLID. And I'm sorry, please ask me questions like "who is today's guest?" ...

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What is .NET Core

This video explain what is .NET Core and also helps you learn why .NET Core, it's vision and future path.

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Security - Protect your business against modern threats

Over the last few years, we've seen an increase in security attacks that exploited vulnerabilities in our modern workplace.

From creating a document and sharing it across the organization to managing customer relationships online, it is imperative that we, as business leaders, provide the best protection and defense for our users, wherever they are and whichever device they use. ...

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DevTeach Montreal 2016 - VSTS Devops - Ep 05 Technical Debt Management

Pre-session for the DevTeach Montréal 2016. We're going to talk dev ops during this serie and how you can implement this with Azure and Visual Studio Team Services. ...

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Episode 209: Azure SQL Data Warehouse with Matt Usher

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Matt Usher, Sr. Program Manager working on Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  Matt starts by talking through what SQL Data Warehouse is and how it differs from a SQL Database.  He then goes into some of the analytics and intelligence you can use with a Data Warehouse.  Matt demonstrates how to create a new Azure SQL Data Warehouse, connect to it, and then how to insert data, query against it, and change data routing and partitioning.  He also walks through connecting a SQL Data Warehouse to Power BI.  Finally, Matt reviews a few different security options you have when you using Azure SQL Data Warehouse ...

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Creating Unit Tests for Xamarin Forms Apps

This video will walk you through creating Unit Tests for Xamarin Forms apps. To make it easy to unit test the app, this demo uses MVVM design pattern to ensure separation of logic code from UI code. ...

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Creating UI Tests for Xamarin Forms

This videos will walk you through creating UI Tests for Xamarin Forms apps (Android and iOS). It shows the following concepts to be considered: ...

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Scott Hunter - .NET Core shipped!

This week, Scott Hunter joins Bertrand to talk about the history of .NET Core, and about its future...

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The Maker Show: Episode 20 - IoT in Extreme and Off-Grid Scenarios

In this episode of the Maker Show, Frank La Vigne (@tableteer) walks through design considerations when taking your IoT projects into extreme places.  Learn how to put together a solar power generator to power your off-grid IoT projects.

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Part 6 - Write Fast JavaScript

How to write good and fast JavaScript? In this episode, we will show you how to initialize JavaScript on demand and how to work efficiently with JSON, .innerHTML,, numbers, arrays, and DOM objects.

Creating high performance sites and apps is crucial for every developer. In this series, we will explore the best practices, strategies, and performance tips and tricks, for writing fast JavaScript, measuring performance, improving responsiveness, optimizing media usage, and managing memory efficiency to make your apps running faster and fluid. Come learn the tips, tricks, and tools for maximizing the performance of your modern websites and apps with JavaScript and HTML5. ...

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Episode 439: Adam Granicz on WebSharper

Adam Granicz discusses WebSharper - a tool that allows you to write F# code to create web applications - generating both client-side and server-side code. ...

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Episode 438: Angela Dugan on Project Retrospectives

Angela Dugan discusses the role of a Project Retrospective and how it can improve the quality of your software. ...

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Quick Hardware Review: The Module Controlling Your NodeBot Motors

In this video, Gabrielle will discuss and review her biggest challenge when building an motor controlled NodeBot! Here is a quick 5 minute video on some tips and inner workings of the L9110 Module. ...

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Video Spotlight - Sage X3 App on Windows 10 for SMBs

Interested in seeing how Microsoft technologies such as Windows 10, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 are transforming commercial industry solutions in Retail, Hospitality, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Sector and more?  Check out the LaunchPad Series on Channel 9 where you will find creative and powerful line of business (LOB) apps built by Microsoft's ISV partners from around the world.

In this episode, Baldwin Ng, WW Windows Apps Lead from Microsoft was joined by Laura Fraser (Vice President of Strategic Alliances) and Zach Bellhy (Solution Engineer), where they shared how the Sage X3 app on Windows 10 is transforming how Small and Midsize Businesses (SMB's) conduct their daily businesses -....

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Behind the design: Surface Pen and screen interaction

A look at the physics behind the Surface pen and display interaction. From pressure sensitivity to parallax and latency.

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Introducing Microsoft Planner - a new way to organize work

Today, we take a deeper look at Microsoft Planner—a new experience in Office 365 to organize work, manage and assign tasks and collaborate within your teams. We go hands-on and show you how to use Planner—including integrated experiences across Office 365. This show demonstrates how to get started with creating plans, assigning tasks and the things you can do while working through a plan. We walk through the integrated experiences with Office 365 Groups, board and chart views to visualize tasks and monitor progress—and finally what the team is building in the coming months. ...

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Save the Date! Imagine Cup Championship Live Stream July 29th, 2016 9AM PST

A new Imagine Cup Champion will be crowned!

It all comes down to this. Thirty-five Imagine Cup teams. Three will compete live on stage for a 1:1 mentoring session with Satya Nadella. Only one can emerge victorious. Watch the Imagine Cup Championship Livestream at 9 a.m. PT, July 29 and see the drama unfold! Microsoft Student Developer Technical Evangelist Gavin Gear has all the details in the video above – Watch it now!

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Getting Started with Xamarin

In this episode, Robert welcomes James Montemagno back to the show to talk about how you can get started developing with Xamarin. James shows exactly what you need to get started building mobile apps with Xamarin including the hardware required and software you need to install. He then shows how to leverage your existing .NET and C# skills to create iOS, Android and Windows mobile apps in Visual Studio with Xamarin. He also shows how to reuse existing .NET libraries and share business logic across apps. ...

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Office Dev Show - Episode 35 - Getting Started with Angular 2 and the Microsoft Graph

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard diZerega explores how to connect to the Microsoft Graph from an Angular 2 and TypeScript project. In the show, Richard starts with the Angular 2 quickstart template and gets it connecting to the the Microsoft Graph in just a few minutes using an open-source KurveJS library to handle authentication and MS Graph calls. ...

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Microsoft announces Windows 10 anniversary update availability

Intended for broadcast journalists, this b-roll contains footage of the new innovations available to Windows 10 Customers on August 2 including Windows Ink, improvements to Cortana, new Windows Hello biometric sign-in across apps and Microsoft Edge, and new gaming experiences.

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Developing for the Microsoft Band with Charles Stacy Harris III

Jennifer Marsman speaks with Charles Stacy Harris III about developing for the Microsoft Band.  They discuss the capabilities of the Band: the sensors it contains, tiles, notifications, Bluetooth, haptics, and the Microsoft Health app for management.  Learn how to get started with the Microsoft Band and several compelling use cases for making it shine.

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Setting up SteamVR in Unity for the HTC Vive

In today's episode of Just A/VR Show, I cover a few of the basics for adding SteamVR support for the HTC Vive to a Unity project. You'll learn about getting the SteamVR plugin, using the basic camera for the Vive, see how controllers are handled, and add in a few behaviors for our hand controllers, too! ...

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Data science for beginners: Predict an answer with a simple model

Learn how to create a simple model to predict the price of a diamond in Data Science for Beginners video 4. We'll draw a regression model with target data.

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MCEC Tour and Keynotes

On June 17, 2016, Microsoft announced the grand opening of the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre (MCEC) – a new, first-rate facility in the heart of downtown Vancouver that will house up to 750 developers and significantly expand Microsoft's development presence in Vancouver and Canada. Vancouver is a vibrant innovation hub with an established tech ecosystem and strong universities that support the company's development operations. ...

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Data science for beginners: Ask a question you can answer with data

Learn how to formulate a data science question in Data Science for Beginners video 3. This video includes a comparison of questions for classification and regression algorithms.

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Tuesdays with Corey: A chat with Erica Brescia - COO of Bitnami

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sits down to chat with Bitnami Chief Operating Officer Erica Brescia. They talk about how Azure has partnered with Bitnami to support hundreds of images migrated from VMDepot over to Azure Marketplace AND how Bitnami is eliminating the complexity of configuring your own software stack by providing updated / ready made images for anyone to use in the cloud.  ...

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Host modern meetings with Skype for Business

The world is now a giant network and traditional hierarchies are a thing of the past. 

Today's workforce expects to connect, meet, and create with others around the world, fast, seamlessly, securely, and on-demand. The modern meeting in the digital age is defined by how effectively meetings meet the needs of attendees: intelligent meeting prep, seamless meeting execution, and productive meeting outcomes. Join us to experience modern meetings enabled by the digital revolution.    ...

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Business Glossary in Azure Data Catalog
This week's episode of Data Exposed welcomes Sandhya Vankamamidi, a Senior Program Manager in the Cortana Intelligence and IML group. Today Sandhya follows up on the Azure Data Catalog Data Discovery video with Matthew Roche earlier this month to talk about Business Glossary in Azure Data Catalog. ...
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ASP.NET Monsters Episode 44: Developing with .NET Core on Ubuntu Desktop

.NET Core 1.0 is officially released and Monster Dave decides to take Linux for a spin. Join us for a tour of developing with .NET Core on Ubuntu Linux. Watch Dave show off his rusty Linux skills and see how he manages to solve a problem by debugging his test app with Visual Studio Code.

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Interview with Aaron Bjork

In this interview, Senior DevOps Program Manager Donovan Brown interviews Group Program Manager Aaron Bjork about Agile Planning and Feature Flags. ...

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Social Engineering with HTML Apps

The new version of the Social Engineering Toolkit (SET) can deliver malicious payloads with the Windows HTML Application (HTA) files. Let's talk defense.

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Microsoft Edge Experiment: Battery Life

What happens when three identical devices run on different browsers? The Microsoft Edge team wanted to find out. This experiment showed that battery life on a PC running Microsoft Edge lasts 70% longer than Chrome, 43% longer than Firefox Firefox, and 17% longer than Opera (with Battery Saver enabled).

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Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre Grand Opening Sizzle Reel

Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre (MCEC) opened earlier this year, but the official grand opening took place on June 17, 2016. With over 200+ attendees, the event was a success.

Check out this short summary of the event with these cool inventions brought to life by MCEC's talented Garage Interns. The tour showcased VanGo, the Seeing AI, and HoloLens to name a few. ...

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Pen and Ink

They said it couldn't be done ;) but we're back with another episode of 'Context' where this time we're looking at digital ink and digitised pens.

Inking has long been a focus of Microsoft and the modern platform built around DirectInk and the InkCanvas control provides a great experience for the user while being the most performant, most capable inking platform we've built and yet it also has a low barrier to entry for the developer. ...

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Deep-dive into building Office 365 Connectors

Office 365 Connectors are a powerful way to send useful 3rd party information and content into Office 365 where users can have conversations, collaborate and take action on the information. This video provides a deep-dive into what Office 365 Connectors are, how to build them, and some advanced development scenarios. You can find more information on Office 365 Connectors at or in the following aggregated repository on GitHub: ...

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Episode 61: Oulu Trip Report with Herb Sutter

Episode 61 of CppCast is live! In this episode Rob and Jason are joined by Herb Sutter, chair of the ISO C++ standards committee to discuss the latest progress on C++ 17 made at the Oulu ISO Standards meeting. ...



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