Last Week on Channel 9: March 21st - March 27th, 2016


While you wait for the Build avalanche, here are 25 Shows, Episodes and Posts to watch...

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Facebook at Work and Azure Active Directory

Facebook at Work is integrated with Azure Active Directory to provide single sign-on and provisioning to organizations using this application.

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Rise of the 2-in-1 PCs

Watch Marlowe Dayley and Kevin Remde from Microsoft discuss trends in 2-in-1 and convertible PCs. Also see the latest designs first hand as they review new-to-market designs.

  • [1:40] Anyone who is old enough to have used a computer for any length of time knows that PCs and the various devices we choose to do our "computing" on have changed drastically over the years.. And we have more ...
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Azure Security Center Overview

With Azure Security Center, you get a central view of the security state of all of your Azure resources. At a glance, verify that the appropriate security controls are in place and configured correctly. Scott talks to Sara Fender who explains it all!

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NASA Space Apps Challenge 2016 Teaser

The setting is planet Earth (Pasadena, CA, to be exact.) Microsoft Sr. Technical Evangelist, Bret Stateham, thinks he's simply presenting technical resources for this year's NASA Space Apps Challenge. Little does Bret know, that his resources will be put to the test when he's interrupted by an emergency mayday call. Meanwhile on Mars, a biologist finds himself stranded after his crew launched off the planet to escape disaster. The plot thickens when...

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Web Application Security

Whether you're building your own web apps or using a commercial product, you should always be aware of potential security vulnerabilities that can bring down your website or put your users and data at risk. Join Shahed Chowdhuri (Sr. Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft) to learn about vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting, and what you can do about them.

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Why Slack?

Shahed Chowdhuri (Sr. Technical Evangelist @ Microsoft) talks to Sidney Andrews (MCT, Azure consultant) about why Slack may be the right tool for you.

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PhoneGap project by Feres Hentati

Feres Hentati who is a MSP from Tunisia is presenting to you this tutorial that includes:

-Creating a PhoneGap project ...

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#ImagineThis: Episode #005 - Get Ready for the US Imagine Cup Finals!

The  US Imagine Cup Finals are almost upon us and your #ImagineThis hosts, Kat Harris and Gavin Bauman are ready to roll!  Get prepped for the big event and learn how you can watch it live and online Thursday, March 31st. ...

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Visual Studio Tools for Unity

In this episode, Robert is joined by JB Evain, who gives us a walkthrough of how you can write and debug your C# based Unity game scripts using Visual Studio. With the Visual Studio Tools for Unity, you get full IntelliSense and the ability to implement MonoBehaviours. You can take advantage of the full Visual Studio debugging environment. And you can also use the Unity Project Explorer to navigate and create your Unity scripts, without having to bounce back and forth between Visual Studio and the Unity IDE.

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Game Dev Show 06 - Fast 2D and 3D Facial Animation

In this episode of the Game Dev Show, Adam Tuliper (Microsoft) and James Martin (MobaCap & Reallusion Trainer) talk about the indie budget tools CrazyTalk 8 and iClone to create 2D and 3D facial animations. Adam becomes the test subject and James takes liberties with Adam's funny and 'zombified' 3D model. ...

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JavaScript Promises and Async

Martin and Martin look at promises in JavaScript a succinct way of dealing with Asynchronous code. They also peek into the future of JavaScript demoing new Async/Await syntax for JavaScript.

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Advanced ASP.NET Core Authorization with Barry Dorrans

In this video, I had the chance to have a look at some more advanced implementations ASP.NET Core's new policy authorization model with Microsoft's crack security analyst Barry Dorrans (emphasis crack). I learned how to configure ASP.NET Core in more realistic scenarios to authorize access to web applications using code instead of just the presence of a role. We configured a web application to properly grant access to alcohol sales dependent on the country and their minimum age laws. I also...

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TWC9: SQL on Linux, Microsoft Joins Eclipse Foundation, UWP Porting Guides for Android/iOS, Dogs and Cats living together and more...

This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Robert Green and Scott Klein discuss the week's (cough... month's) top developer news, including; ...

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Code Across: Healthcare Hacking

Code for San Francisco is a local chapter of the Code for America Brigade, an international network of people committed to using their voices and hands, in collaboration with local governments, to make their cities better. We call ourselves technologists, planners, designers, doers, thinkers, and activists. Each week, we actively work together to improve the City and County of San Francisco, often using technology to support our efforts. By connecting people, organizations, resources, tools, and networks to build for San Francisco, we will all thrive

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Connect The Tech Ep.1

In Episode 1, Gabrielle will introduce you to Brandon Washington, an Aerospace Engineering Student from Purdue who has little to no experience with programming. In this episode, Brandon will explain his field and technical expertise and then take a peak into Gabrielle's world and what she does in her job as a Technical Evangelist. Gabrielle will be guiding Brandon through a Single Servo with an Arduino using Johnny Five tutorial! Will he fall in love with programming? Will he feel like he learned something valuable? You are going to have to watch to find out!

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Web.Dev 2: Getting Started with Angular 2.0

Angular 2.0 is pretty great. It's the latest iteration of the very popular Angular.js client-side web framework. It's different from Angular 1.x. Actually, it's very different!

In this episode of Web.Dev, we're going to walk through the 5 Minute Quickstart you can find at, and at every step I'll explain a bit about what's going on so you understand. It's all about understanding.

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2016-03-21 Mid-Day Cafe: Ramp Up Your Data With SQL Server 2016!

SQL Server 2016 is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft's data platform history with real-time operational analytics, rich visualizations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technology, and new hybrid cloud scenarios.

On this episode of Mid-Day Café host Michael Gannotti is joined by special guest Microsoft Senior Solutions Architect William Emmert for a drill down on SQL 2016. William covers the additional features and innovations then dives down in to several demonstrations of SQL 2016.v...

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Nick Craver on StackOverflow performance

This week our guest is Nick Craver, to talk about StackOverflow performance. ...

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Automate your Hybrid OpsDev!

Working in IT means having little free time (what's a 9-5?). So when you finally find time to figure out how to migrate that last legacy server off rickety, 20-year-old hardware, the last thing you want is to suffer through another 45-minute sales pitch. ("Download your very own Cloud today!") And that's perfect, because we don't do those. What we do is help with that legacy server problem, as well as many of the other challenges you face....

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Datacenter on Premise

We know and you know: Working in IT often means little time for much else. You like to keep up with the latest releases, technology trends, and evolving threats, but with work piling up, this can be difficult. Even worse, when you can make time to find out what's new in IT, you often have to waste it sifting through a sea of unreliable information and a bunch of "Cloud training 101!!!" videos that are really just sales pitches. ...

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Welcome to The Ops Team

Living the IT life is hard.

On any given day, even before getting out of bed, you've probably already prevented a technology crisis or two. By the time you make it to work, you find your previously clean queue now full with nine escalations from the overnight crew that should have been resolved on the first call. And before you can even get to begin doing other people's jobs, one of the tier 1 staff comes running up to your desk screaming "THE WEBSITE IS DOWN!" As it turns out, the website is fine...for the third time this month your VP simply forgot that the little switch labeled "Wi-Fi" on the side of their laptop works best in the "On" position....

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Introducing Continuum Features and Developer Support

Laura Montgomery and Paul DeCarlo introduce Continuum Features and showcase how developers can take advantage of Continuum in their Universal Windows Platform Applications.  We discuss what Continuum is, differences in the store demonstration versus the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview, and developing a game using Unity 3D which runs across Desktop, Mobile, and Continuum!

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Periscope series: talking about Java

Sara talks to Brian Benz and Martin Sawicki who both work on all things Java on Azure at Microsoft

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The Ops Team #015 - "Whistling Nerf Bullets"

This week on The Ops Team, Matt is back and normal service is resumed! At least from an editing perspective! In his first week back, Matt takes on double responsibilities covering on and off-premises technologies, ranging from SQL Server, StorSimple and Azure Site Recovery through to a skinny Azure Stack! Oguz shares the love for Linux with details of SQL Server on Linux support, along with an Open Networking initiative, and Simon wraps up the show with some cool new security features of Azure AD. ...

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Native Mobile Apps with React Native by Matt LaForest

For years libraries have been trying to provide you ways to use your existing web application code in a Mobile app. These hybrid apps always felt clunky, sluggish, and like they really didn't belong within their host ecosystem.

React Native provides a way to develop real native applications, and gives you a mechanism to leverage you existing web application code in a meaningful way. See how it will allow you do speed your development cycle, reduce the amount of disparate code you have to develop, and delight your users.



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