Last Week on Channel 9: May 11th - May 17th, 2015

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Most everyone is back and now starting to get into the swing for the coming wave of releases. I would expect to see a great deal about this wave in the coming months...

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Microsoft Hyperlapse Unleashed

Last year you might have seen the Hyperlapse video that came from Johannes Kopf and team in Microsoft Research. This week it was released as a set of new products that will let you create your own stabilized timelapse videos.

You can download it now from the Microsoft Hyperlapse site. I've been using it this week trying different videos. Last night I tried an orbit of Apollo 11 and a camera from a Space Shuttle Booster. There are so many applications I want to try from lengthy drone or sports footage to putting a GoPro on my dog. ...

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(Part 1) Fireside Chat with Shahed Chowdhuri - Scale Out apps with Apache Cassandra and Microsoft Azure

Shahed Chowdhuri hosts a fireside chat event, focusing on how to scale out applications which are built on relational databases using Apache Cassandra and Microsoft Azure’s flexible, open-source friendly cloud platform. 

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(Part 1) Scale Your Apps for the Big Time

Led by Tim Benroeck, we see a presentation of Azure and it's applications for businesses, including its advantages for start-ups. He leads into a discussion with Greg Doerr, CTO of ClearContract discussing how Cassandra helped to grow his business and meet many of the needs he had as he expanded and adapted.

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Azure Table Storage 101 with Jai Haridas

Scott talks to Jai Haridas about Azure Table Storage. This incredibly fast no-sql store is perfect for large scale Key/Value lookups. We'll create a sample application and explore the underlying HTTP REST calls to the backend Azure Storage API.

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Getting started with Windows 10 development

Want to get started with Windows 10 development?  This video guides you through installing Visual Studio and the Windows 10 SDK so that you can start creating your own Universal Windows Platform apps.

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View of DevOps Inside Microsoft

In Edge Show 145 on Ch9 Live at Ignite 2015 we get a practical view of DevOps people, process, and products from real world experiences inside of Microsoft with Brian Harry, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Developer Division and Donovan Brown, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.  More specifically we cover: ...

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Code Analyzers: Using Roslyn to Analyze Your Code

Jerry Nixon welcomes Srivatsn Narayanan and Anthony Green to the show as they discuss how you can use Roslyn to to analyze and troubleshoot errors in your APIs. ... 

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Time-Travel Debugging for JavaScript/HTML Applications

Have you ever set a breakpoint a few statements too late, or accidentally stepped over the function call that you wanted to step into, and wished that you could just reverse-execute the program in the debugger? This video from Microsoft Research describes an experimental time-traveling debugger inside the next-generation Microsoft Edge web browser. The system allows a developer to move the execution state of a debugged web page backwards and forwards in time. With fine-grained knowledge of how a page's state evolves, developers can dramatically reduce the effort needed to find and diagnose bugs.

Mark Marron and James Mickens introduce a new technique called interrogative virtualization that efficiently captures high-level application semantics,...

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Episode 175: Cloud Services in the Azure preview portal

In this episode Nick Harris, Marck Robinson and Julio Casal Terreros take you for a lap around functionality that was recently released within the Azure preview portal to Create, Manage and Monitor your Cloud Services.  During the demo you will learn how to:

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Tuesdays With Corey: Top Six Azure sessions from Microsoft Ignite

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Azure Compute team takes us through his top 6 Azure sessions from Microsoft Ignite.

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Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices - May 2015 Community Call

Lync recording of the Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices May 2015 community call kept on 12th of May 2015. Thanks everyone who participated and let's continue discussion in PnP Yammer group.

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Countdown to Ignite: The One About the Secret Blooper Reel

During the filming of various episodes of "Countdown to Microsoft Ignite", your hosts (Rick and Joey) never knew when the cameras were rolling. Now that the event is over, we thought you'd enjoy seeing a short clip on some of the funnier out-takes. ...

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SQL Server 2016 Row Level Security

In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott Welcomes not one, but TWO individuals to the show. Today, both Tommy Mullaney and Raul Garcia, Program Managers on the SQL Server SQL Security team, visit the show to talk about a new security feature in SQL Server 2016 called Row Level Security (RLS). ...

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BREAKPOINT: Know Your App Inside and Out with Application Insights

Have you ever been on a software project where the requirements that were published did not quite meet the needs of the end users? Admit it - you probably have. And if you have, did you not find out about this problem until a few releases in? Probably true as well; it's a common problem! That's where the Visual Studio Online service called Application Insights comes in. Application Insights is an analytics platform that allows you to not only monitor ...

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Microsoft + Open Source: Embracing new collaboration opportunities

Jessica DeVita welcomes Jose Parrella to the show as they discuss Microsoft’s commitment to Open Source standards and  interoperability. Tune in for this great discussion on how Microsoft is becoming more open in the way that works with and collaborates with others in the industry.  Learn more @ ..

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(Part 1) An Introduction to Azure Machine Learning and Azure ML Studio

Sam Stokes kicks off a new multi-part series today on Azure Machine Learning. Tune in for part 1 as he covers Azure Machine Learning basics from why its important to how it can be used for your purposes as well as introduces you to the AzureML Studio so that you utilize it in your applications.  ...

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The Future of the Prism Library

In this episode, Robert is joined by Brian Lagunas and Brian Noyes to talk about the future of Prism. The Prism Library was created by Microsoft in 2008 and has grown into a mature set of guidance showing developers how to use proven patterns and development practices to create XAML based applications. Recently, Microsoft gave full control of the Prism Library to a new community team, headed by the two Brians (along with Ariel Ben Horesh). They met up with Robert at Build to discuss their plans. ...



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