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Joseph Sirosh presents the How Old Robot at the BUILD 2015 conference

Joseph Sirosh, Corporate VP at Microsoft, talks about how big data can transform your business, whether you manage a dairy farm or perform a DNA scan to understand your health risks. Don't miss the demo of (#HowOldRobot), which went viral right after the BUILD 2015 conference. Using Microsoft's Face API, the site allows users to upload an image and receive a response with a number indicating the age and gender of the person in the image (demo starts at 09:45). To build your own experiment, visit A guest account option allows you to try things out for free.

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Top 5 things to avoid when rolling out Business Intelligence in your company

Tommy Patterson welcomes Sr. Program Manager Jeff Jones from Microsoft IT to the show as they discuss the most important things to avoid when rolling out business intelligence (BI) solutions in your company.

  • [1:47] Does BI start from the top and then trickle down in an organization  ...
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50 - BeerIT from Chicago

And Now - Live from the Lowes hotel in downtown Chicago - it's a special edition of Patch and Switch: #BeerIT with special guest host MaryJo Foley!

This episode was recorded in front of a live studio audience in the hotel lobby of the Loews hotel in downtown Chicago.  The concept was brewed up when MaryJo was in Redmond and met Patch and Switch over beer at a local brewery. 30 lucky randomly selected participants were able to join us as we hosted Revolution Brewery, Lagunitas Brewery and Loews resident executive chef and cicerone to chat about beer, IT and brewhouse tales.


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Azure Websites/WebApps SSL: step-by-step, click-by-click instructions.

This has come up a lot recently and I've wanted to send people to one place so they can get everything they need from one place if they want to set up SSL on an Azure website. Almost all the demos use a self-signed cert which is OK to demo the principles but not a very realistic scenario. Hopefully this set of instructions works for you.

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Visual Studio Time Savers: Display Code in Power Point

If you ever have to display code in a Power Point presentation, this time saver is for you! At the Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals, I met a team of students who built an add-in for office to better display code in Power Point presentations. The app is called Code Presenter Pro and it's available for free, now, in the Office Apps store. You can learn more at and watch this short video to get a quick demonstration.

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Azure PowerShell 101 - Managing Virtual Machines with Guang Yang

Scott continues his PowerShell series with Guang Yang. In this episode we learn how to create and manage Azure Virtual Machines entirely from the command line!

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Build 2015: SQL Data Warehouse

Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a fully managed relational data warehouse-as-a-service.

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How to use HttpClient to post Json data to WebService in universal Windows apps

It's easy to post JavaScript Object Notation or JSON data to a web service in WinJS realm. But sometimes you may need to do this using the HttpClient class in the .NET applications. This video shows you how to achieve this in universal Windows apps.

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Getting started with Windows 10 development

Want to get started with Windows 10 development?  This video guides you through installing Visual Studio and the Windows 10 SDK so that you can start creating your own Universal Windows Platform apps.

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Build Keynote Partner Video

Partners talk about their experiences working with Microsoft - as well as what is important to their business and how Microsoft technologies enable developers.

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Visual Studio Debugging Tips and Tricks

In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Hall, who shares a number of tips and tricks for using the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio. Some of the things Andrew shows are new in Visual Studio 2015, but many have been in the product for several versions. You are sure to find at least a few things here that will improve your debugging skills.

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Tuesdays With Corey: More Depth on Azure Resource Manager Templates

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Windows Azure IaaS team takes us through WHAT Azure Resource Manager template are and why you should care about them. This goes much more in depth than the last ARM discussion / hackathon creating templates. ...

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Ping 243: Time flies with Hyperlapse, Xbox features, Randall Munroe explains complicated things

Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

[00:46] Build and Ignite On Demand
[01:53] Last show...