Last Week on Channel 9: May 2nd - May 8th, 2016

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Here are just 34 videos, shows, episodes and posts from last week, here on Channel 9...

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Understanding Parse on Azure

Parse is an incredible backend for mobile applications, but unfortunately, it was recently announced that Parse will be retired in January of 2017. This left many developers and startups in an interesting situation where they were forced to come up with an alternative plan for their backend workloads. Thankfully, the Parse Server was open sources allowing developers to host their own Parse Server on any cloud provider or server allowing them to maintain their already developed workloads. ...

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TWC9: SharePoint Framework, 3D Printed Nine Guy, Smart Tattoos and more... 

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week's top developer news, including; ...

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SNR - Episode 6 - Destroy your Competition with Efficiency

Welcome!  This episode is a little bit outside the normal realm, however it is important to understand how to support your business efficiently and use data to deliver value.  In this episode we review a case study with Adnan Cartwright, Owner of Integrity Solutions who help transform a small business in South Florida into the largest supplier of minority products in Florida through IT efficiency and intelligence.  We will showcase Azure Operations Manager, showcase shutting down a malicious attacker and discuss the implications Office 365 can have in your business and not only discuss how these optimizations transformed a business, but actually show it.

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Tidbits 01: Files and Folders 

In this first episode, I'll mention how Code handles files and folders and how it doesn't care so much about explicit project files.

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73 - Auger Flames Revolution 

It's time for another LiveStream Episode of the Patch and Switch show!!! Two IT guys (Patch and Switch) who are talking about whatever comes up. Can you say Tangent! Ultimately it's the Chat Room where everyone hangs out and contributes to the show, so make sure to load it up during the LiveStream!  ...

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Thursdays with Corey - the new ALIAS feature of AzureCLI 

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute talks about the latest release (version 10.0) of the AzureCLI tool. ...

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The other type of console gaming with Andy De George 
Of course you can build console games with .NET, but that's not what we're talking about today. We're talking about gaming in text with Andy De George, the author of SadConsole. ...
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Digital Spring Cleaning: Friendly Reminders on How to Protect and Mitigate your Environment from Malware 

The sun is out (hopefully where you are!) which means it must be time for some spring cleaning (unless you live in the southern hemisphere where’s its actually fall…but I’m sure you get where I’m going here) and there’s no better way for us techies is to do some spring cleaning than digital spring cleaning!

Join Lex Thomas...

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Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016: Nano Server 

This is the tenth and final video in the "Ten Reasons you'll love Windows Server 2016" series exploring Nano Server and recapping the series.

Today, Matt talks to Technical Fellow Jeffrey Snover. Windows Server 2016 brings about the newest and fourth era of Windows Server - the Cloud Era. The future is in the Cloud and in order to support this we smallest possible operating system where you can selectively bring on additional components as needed. Nano Servers, at approximately 440 MB, provide customers a faster and more secure infrastructure, application and easier remote management experience....

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Open Translators to Things (OpenT2T) 

Jean Paoli and Taqi Jaffri chat about the Internet of Things and the new open source Open Translators to Things project (alpha version). Check out the code on GitHub, read the blog and participate!

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The Maker Show: Mini - Windows IoT Core and Azure Machine Learning Demo @ First Robotics 2016  

In this Maker Mini, @pjdecarlo walks through an elaborate demonstration of Windows IoT Core and Azure Machine Learning that was recently unveiled at the Microsoft exhibition booth at First Robotics 2016 in St. Louis, MO. ...

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Office Dev Show - Episode 28 - Microsoft Graph and Excel APIs

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard diZerega discusses the new Excel APIs in the Microsoft Graph. With these new APIs, developers can remotely perform many of the same capabilities that office.js enables in an Excel add-in. The Excel APIs in the Microsoft Graph enable incredible new scenarios...imagine updating a worksheet, table, or chart without even opening the file. ...

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Episode 425: J Tower on Extreme Remote Working 

In 2014, J Tower bought an RV, rented out his home in Grand Rapids, MI, and traveled to each of the lower 48 states. His wife took a leave of absence from her job to home school their 2 children, but J kept working while traveling. He recounts his adventures, his preparation, and the challenges in this interview. ...

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Episode 424: Lance Larsen on Microsoft Hololens 

Lance Larsen describes the new Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality device and how to start building applications for it.

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Open and Connected Platform: The SharePoint Framework 

Whether you are a 1st or 3rd party SharePoint developer, the new SharePoint Framework offers a modern new client side approach that allows you to extend and customize SharePoint with high-trust code in ways that were previously unavailable in the Cloud. Watch, as program manager Daniel Kogan, provides an overview and demonstrates how the SharePoint Framework helps you to create beautiful, responsive solutions that you can customize to your own needs. Stay to the end to see how you can build...

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Foundation for the Future: SharePoint Server 2016 

SharePoint Server 2016 represents a new generation of SharePoint, that brings our experience running SharePoint at scale in Office 365 to your datacenter. This allows us to bring innovation to you at a more rapid pace and on your terms; improve performance, reliability and scale, and provide a foundation for future innovation. Watch as SharePoint veteran, Bill Baer provides an overview of the key elements that make this possible including the new feature pack model; converged code base; the standard min-role ...

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Build A Unity Game Part 1 

In this episode, Robert is joined by Stacey Haffner, co-owner/dev of What Up Games, who will show us how to build a Unity game that includes simple mechanics such as audio, animations, AI and UI. The game is Super Space Shooter and it involves shooting enemy spaceships. In part 1 of this 3 part series, Stacey introduces us to the Unity environment, shows us how to create the game's background and the player's ship and gets us familiar with writing scripts in Visual Studio. ...

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Tag Helpers in ASP.Net Core 

This week Martin and Martin look into Tag Helpers a new feature in Razor views inside of Core. They build a basic tag helper and consume it from within an ASP.Net Core project.

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Using Azure CDN features in the Azure Portal 

Scott talks to Injy Zarif about how you can manage the Azure CDN from inside the new Azure Portal. There's a surprisingly large number of features and configuration options that you can now manage from the portal to make sure your CDN works the way you want!

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What We Talk About When We Talk About Testing by Noel Rappin 

"Red. Green. Refactor" is a great slogan for Test-Driven Development. It's less great as a guide to actual TDD practice. The slogan provides no guidance for two very important questions in a TDD process: "What do I test next?" and "How do I break my problem into testable pieces". ...

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Geekfest Lightning Talks! 2015-04-07 

A set of lightning talks on various topics of interest to technologists.

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Audible Algorithms by Aaron Zimmerman 

What makes music, music? Composers have always sought new musical forms to give structure to their ideas but been limited by the feeble computing power of the human brain. What new musical structures and organizations might be possible with modern computing? In this presentation, Aaron Zimmerman, Senior Engineer at Sprout Social, will demonstrate a few such explorations using the Overtone toolkit. ...

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From Developer to Manager: Finding Your Path by Chris Powers 

We have all read blog articles from developers-turned-managers-turned-developers again decrying the shift while warning others not to "sell out" and stop writing code. The transition from software engineer to engineering manager is difficult, confusing, and disorienting, and it's no wonder -- this isn't a promotion, it's a career change! ...

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Improvements to Debugging Exceptions in Visual Studio “15” 

In this video, we take a look at two new improvements coming in Visual Studio "15" for debugging exceptions in your code. First we see the new Exception Helper that shows you a compact, non-modal view of exception information, including instant access to the inner exception. Then we add conditions to exceptions, so that the debugger will only break when exceptions are thrown in modules you care about. ...

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Episode 16: GDC 2016 - King's Quest 

Join us as we chat with Matt Korba from The Odd Gentleman to discuss the new King's Quest game which is fantastic! In King's Quest, King's Graham recounts his greatest adventures to his curious granddaughter Gwendolyn. The game has five chapters, and each one focuses on a special time in Graham's life. The player's decisions color shared stories and help weave how the legend of King Graham will be remembered.  ...

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2016-05-02 Mid-Day Café: Knowledge Management with Office 365 

In this episode of Mid-Day Café host Michael Gannotti  introduces the software and services provided by Office 365 that can facilitate knowledge management capture and re-use from tribal informal conversations to structured knowledge capture and access. Included within this presentation is coverage of asynchronous knowledge capture and dissemination, synchronous knowledge dissemination and capture. Finally, viewers will also learn about extensions to training and also how to secure knowledge for anytime, anywhere, and device access. ...

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The Reactor Weekly - Justin Johnson of Keen.IO + Gabby & Peter  

This week we sit down with Justin Johnson of to discuss developer evangelism, strategy, and paternity leave. And Gabby and Peter gives us the rundown of the events coming up at the Reactor. ...

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Developer Tools for the Azure CDN 

Scott sits down with Kevin Zhang from the Azure CDN team to talk about how developers can get granular control over the Azure CDN with their SDK and developer tools.

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Endpoint Zone Overtime: Controlling the Uncontrolable review 

In this special episode Brad talks through what he explained in the Controlling the uncontrollable series.

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Clearing Phishes  

After last week's video on phishing response metrics, a question came in. How does IT respond and clean up phishing emails?

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The Maker Show: Mini - Prelude to the Tessel 2 

This Maker Show Mini is going to introduce you extremely briefly to a new device on the market called the Tessel 2.

Later, on The Maker Show, we're going to have a full, in-depth episode on this device, but this is just to let you know it's there, let you know why it's cool, and perhaps remind you to order one so you have it in your hands when the full-length episode lands....

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The Ops Team #019 - "Studio Upgrade" 

The Ops Team is a weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, the TriCaster (think fancy video recording equipment) has been stolen/borrowed by the Channel 9 team and has travelled to DevDays LATAM 2016, and as a result, David and Matt decide to record this episode of the Ops Team from a 'real datacenter'...In the news, Matt brings people up to speed with a new free IT Pro subscription to enhance learning, along with announcing the general availability of the Azure Container Service. David spreads...

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Game Dev Show Mini at PAX East - Sometimes Always Monsters 

I caught up with Justin Amirkhani, one of the developers behind Sometimes Always Monsters, a sequel to 2014's Always Sometimes Monsters. We discuss RPG Maker, advice for indies who want to showcase at PAX, and experiences as a game developer. ...

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Web.Dev 8: Browser Detection and User Agent Sniffing 

How to build web sites that work well across various browsers versions and devices is always challenging for web developers. In this episode, we will examine if you should still use browser detection and user agents, the traditional way to do browser interoperability detection. What's an user agent sniffing? Examples will be used to illustrate why browser detection and user agent approach won't resolve the interoperability issues.  With a couple of simple changes to your sites....



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