Last Week on Channel 9: November 13th - November 17th, 2017


What happened last week on Channel 9? Not much... only one of our biggest events of the year, Connect(); 2017! 147 Speakers, tons and tons of sessions. All free and all available now...

With that, our Channel 9 hosts continued to deliver shows, posts and episodes!

Azure CDN: Dynamic Site Acceleration

Richard Li joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) optimization for Azure CDN, and how it can be used in combination with standard CDN caching features to measurably improve the performance of web pages with dynamic content.

Azure Service Bus in the Enterprise with Clemens Vasters

Clemens Vasters ( takes over Azure in the Enterprise to talk tips and updates on Azure Service Bus, including:

  • The updated .NET Standard client leveraging AMQP
  • Premium and Standard tiers
  • Common messaging patterns and pitfalls...
Wave 2 - Migrating Incentives to Partner Center

This video demonstrates how an eligible partner enrolled in Partner Incentive Experience, when invited – can set up their incentive account in Partner center and migrate their existing enrollment to Partner Center.

Foundations of Data Science - Lecture 1

Modern data often consists of feature vectors with a large number of features. High-dimensional geometry and Linear Algebra (Singular Value Decomposition) are two of the crucial areas which form the mathematical foundations of Data Science. This mini-course covers these areas, providing intuition and rigorous proofs. Connections between Geometry and Probability will be brought out. Text Book: Foundations of Data Science.

Cognitive Services Episode 9 - Build the ultimate chatbot with Custom Speech

For this episode, I have created another chatbot that is aimed at helping factory workers to intervene on machines whenever they encounter operating problems. This factory comes with a specific jargon and workers are surrounded by permanent noise which can obfuscate worker statements when they give vocal orders. We'll tackle these constraints by leveraging the Custom Speech service with the bot framework. We'll also see how Custom Speech differs from Speech Priming that I talked about in episode 8.  ...

Creating the ‘intelligent edge’ with Azure IoT Edge

Chipalo and Olivier discuss Azure IoT Edge, a new service that allows you to deploy cloud intelligence such as machine learning or AI to run on local IoT devices. Go to the IoT Edge product page to learn more and get started.

Episode 173: Machine Learning & Lie Detection with Jennifer Marsman

We talk with Jennifer Marsman about using machine learning to build a lie detector and other cool ML projects. LinkedIn helps you write your resume. And a free chaos engineering book.

What's New in TFS 2018

In this episode, Robert is joined by Alex Nichols, who reviews many of the new features in Team Foundation Server 2018, the next major version of Microsoft's on-prems DevOps suite, including:

  • Filtering on backlogs, Kanban boards, sprints, and queries [02:00]
  • Inline add on Delivery Plans [02:30]
  • File minimap, bracket matching, wordwrap and toggle white space added to web code editing [02:58]
  • Filter tree view in Code [04:08]...
Interview With Kris Nova, Cloud Developer Advocate in Linux and Containers

In this episode of GALs, Golnaz sits down with Kris Nova to learn more about the girl behind the code.

Kris Nova has been involved with free and open source software since hacking her parents computer as a child. She spends a lot of time contributing in the Go, Kubernetes, and Container open source spaces, and has a deep passion for building communities.

She recently joined Microsoft as a Cloud Developer Advocate focusing on Linux and Containers. Watch the video to learn more about her journey to Microsoft....

Real World Solutions on Azure Government with Machine Learning

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti sits down to talk with Vishwas Lele (CTO of Applied Information Sciences) about building real world solutions on Azure Government with Machine Learning. Vishwas describes a solution built for a classified customer in which machine learning is used to provide recommendations on relevant news articles for analysts. The machine learning functionality of the solution was provided by Microsoft Machine Learning Server (formerly known as Microsoft R Server) which is directly callable from C# code! In addition to the machine learning aspects, the solution leverages several PaaS (Platform as a Service) services on Azure Government including API Management, Cosmos DB, Azure Web Apps, and Azure Storage. If you're interested in running Machine Learning workloads on Azure Government, this short video is a must watch!

Azure Analysis Services Visual Model Editor

Azure Analysis Services makes it easier to build semantic models with the introduction of its new web modeling experience. In this episode, Josh Caplan will show you just how easy it is to use this experience to create a rich semantic model on top of data stored in Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Learn how to empower your business users to build their own reports with data at cloud scale.

Interview with Ashley McNamara, Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft

In this episode of GALs, Golnaz chats with Ashley McNamara, a Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft. Ashley has been in the tech industry for almost 20 years. But not in the traditional sense. She spent a lot of her time teaching photoshop workshops, doing business mentoring and building websites. But in 2011, she decided to go all in with front-end development. She found herself working with OpenStack, learning Python, joining Rackspace, then becoming a huge contributor in the Linux and Go communities. She finally landed at Microsoft, weird right? Watch this video to learn more about how this Open Source Gopher joined one of the biggest enterprise companies in the world!



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