Last Week on Channel 9: November 17th - December 3rd, 2017


Our hosts and authors are back from the holiday and sharing some great content! Here's a select 19 videos, episodes and shows from last week, here on Channel 9.

Durable Functions in Azure Functions

Chris Gillum joins Scott Hanselman to discuss a new extension of Azure Functions known as Durable Functions. Durable Functions is a programming model for authoring stateful, reliable, and serverless function orchestrations using C# and async/await....

TWC9: Connect(); On-Demand, Dev’s Guide to Azure, Future Workspace, Furby Hacking and…

This week on Channel 9, Christina and guest host Damian Brady discuss the week's top developer news, including;

#ifdef PROMO

Introducing a brand new Windows dev show. Subscribe to get notified when the first episode is released on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017.

ASP.NET Monsters # 113: Authorize Resource Tag Helper

ASP.NET Core has a powerful mechanism for implementing resource-based authorization using the IAuthorizationService and resource-based AuthorizationHandlers. In this week's video, Monster Dave builds a tag helper that makes it simple to use resource-based authorization to Razor views without writing any C# code in the view.

How to help your subscribers get the most out of their Azure benefits and why this is…

Are your developers interested in learning more about an Azure service or capability? Subscribers may have access to up to 150 dollars in Azure credits. The credits allow your developers to have access to a personal sandbox, helping them to ramp up their cloud skills and adopt new services. Encourage your subscribers to activate their Azure credit within their Visual Studio Subscription. There are additional features that they can take advantage of when they are getting started....

Remote Desktop in Project "Honolulu"

This quick video demonstrate Remote Desktop in Project "Honolulu", a new feature available in the update for build 1711. Download Project "Honolulu" today at

PowerShell in Project "Honolulu"

This quick video demonstrate PowerShell in Project "Honolulu", a new feature available in the update for build 1711. Download Project "Honolulu" today at

Azure App Services (ILB ASE)

Learn how you can use Azure App Service Environment to provide a fully isolated and dedicated environment for securely running App Service apps at high scale.

Azure Free Account

Amber Bhargava joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new Azure free account. The new Azure free account provides Azure customers US $200 credit for first 30 days to experiment with a combination of services. Now it also includes 12-months of popular free services and 25+ always free services to learn and explore Azure further....

CosmosDB: Serverless NoSQL for the .NET Developer

In this episode, Dmitry is joined by Jeremy Likness, who shows us CosmosDB. This is the Azure database-as-a-service that features geo-replication, user configurable consistency levels, and supports a variety of interfaces from the classic DocumentDB to MongoDB and more.

Jeremy demonstrates how to set up a CosmosDB account, load data, and stand up an application with web API interfaces and a single page application front end to quickly access data leveraging C# and LINQ. He then shows how simple it was to write data using an Azure Function, then mine the data using Power BI. See how CosmosDB truly provides the "easy-button" for database-as-as-service for .NET developers!...

Modernizing .NET Apps with Docker, for IT Pros. Part 5.

The final video in the series showing you how production Docker deployments look in Azure.

I take the same application I've used in the whole series and deploy it to a highly-available cluster of VMs running Docker. I use Docker Enterprise Edition with a template from Azure Marketplace, which deploys a cluster using VM Scale Sets for the manager and worker nodes.

I demonstrate the secure software supply chain in Docker, using Docker Trusted Registry to store and sign my application images, and Universal Control Plane to deploy and manage my application....

Microsoft Redmond campus modernization project

Building a modern campus b-roll.

Interview with Rachel Nabors, Author and Program Manager at Microsoft

Soumow sits with Rachel Nabors, Program Manager at Microsoft.

Rachel Nabors ( began telling stories online as a teenager with her award-winning web comics ( Her love of web technologies transformed into a career in front end development, where she has worked with Mozilla, the W3C, and Microsoft to build the web forward. She recently launched a book on the science of using animation in web and app design Animation at Work: (

Microsoft OneDrive for Business: Basics and beyond

Move to the cloud with OneDrive for Business! We show you how to get started with OneDrive for Business, including how to store, share, and access documents securely. A cloud-based document library, OneDrive for Business integrates with Office so you can organize all your work in one place. Learn how to sync your devices to your library and access your documents from anywhere, on any device....

Sorting through the noise to protect the enterprise

As the digital transformation continues to accelerate business practices, complex and unstructured data sets are inundating enterprises on a day-to-day basis. In episode four of this six-part series, Bret Arsenault shares how he and his team leverage the data noise using logging and telemetry to get a clear view of what's happening in the enterprise environment and create actionable intelligence for protection....

Pacific Northwest Probability Seminar: An Analysis of Spatial Mixing

In joint work with Soumik Pal, we study natural mixing processes where cards (or dominoes or mahjong tiles) are 'smushed' around on a table with two hands. How long should mixing continue. If things are not well mixed, what patterns remain? We study this in practice (!): experiments indicate that about 30 seconds of smushing suffice to mix 52 cards. We also study it in theory introducing a variety of models which permit analysis. Part of the analysis passes to a reflecting, jump- diffusion limit and uses this and a novel 'shadow coupling' to give reasonably precise bounds on the mixing time.

Azure Government Technical Community

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Gerardo Saca of the Azure Government Engineering team about the Azure Government technical community. Are you a developer or IT Pro that considers yourself a part of the Azure Government technical community? If not, why not? Steve and Saca talk about numerous ways you can get involved in the Azure Government community. Where can you go to get your questions answered about what services are available in Azure Government and what is coming up? What if you have a technical question you want to ask, or you want to get further technical training? How is the Azure Government Engineering team making it easier for developers and IT pros, and how can you give direct feedback to the team? All of these questions and more are answered by Saca and Steve in this short video – tune in and become part of the Azure Government technical community!

Git at Enterprise Scale: (Part 1) An Introduction to GVFS and Why You Should Use It

Git struggles to handle enterprise-scale repositories. Operations like cloning will slow to a crawl when you have millions of files in a repository, and even something as simple as getting your repository status will leave you waiting. The Git Virtual File System (GVFS) is an open source system that enables Git to operate at enterprise-scale. It makes using and managing massive Git repositories possible.

Join Jerry Nixon as he welcomes Saeed Noursalehi and Christian Allred to the show as they give us an in-depth overview of GVFS and why developers should use it.

  • [04:13] Generally speaking, how is migration going into the cloud with VSTS vs. on premise with TFS?
  • [06:53] Can you describe for our listeners how Microsoft internally uses Git?
  • [08:42] What was Microsoft's experience like when using Git?...
Defrag Tools #188 - Cyber Monday - What tech to buy?

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Andrew Richards talk about what tech you could buy on Cyber Monday.

We talk about USB Sticks, USB Cables, MicroSD Readers, International Power Adapters, Charging Stations, UPS Backup, Network Testers, Memory Sticks, Disk Drives, Drive adapters, Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, ... and many more things....



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