Last Week on Channel 9: November 3rd - 9th, 2014

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Today we're kicking off a new regular posting where we'll highlight a few of videos released last week on Channel 9 (I know, funny that given the post title). These will be from both those highlighted during the week on the homepage and those that were not.

In short, we hope this will be another tool to help you discover some of the great free content available for you here on Channel 9!

Please let us know what you think.

Dude, Where's My File?

By default, the file path for Visual Studio projects is very long. When you want to access a subfolder or file in your project from Windows Explorer or reference the file path in your code, you can find yourself navigating up and down folders trying to find the file locations.

ITC Podcast: The Securest of Containers

In this episode, we look at a topic that has, in the past, been pretty tough for IT and ISV's to solve:  Securing corporate data throughout the workflow process.

The solution is a secure container, but how to build one, how it should be used, and how to even define it has always been debated.

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#GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: MonoGame for the XNA Developer [S01E01]

When XNA was put into "stasis", a huge hole was created in the game development tool space. In this episode, ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) rants about his beloved XNA and introduces us to MonoGame, the open source implementation of XNA. PLUS: Special guest Bryan Griffiths shares great insights and offers advice from his years of experience in "AAA" and Indie game development.

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Defrag Tools #113 - PerfView Part 1

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Vance Morrison joins Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder to discuss his performance analysis tool, PerfView. In part 1 of this series, we demonstrate downloading and installing the tool, and collecting traces

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Xbox SmartGlass sample

With Xbox One SmartGlass, you can use devices such as tablets and smartphones to control and interact with an Xbox One console.

To create SmartGlass experiences for Xbox One titles, you can become an independent developer for Xbox One. Then, you can visit GDN to download the SmartGlass Hosted Companion SDK with the Snake Battle Arena sample and view the SmartGlass Developer Documentation (for game developers or app developers).

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Assembling Azure, Office 365, and Web Services into a real app

Mat Velloso explains how to create applications and services in Azure that an authenticate again Azure AD. How do you access data "on behalf of" a user in a secure way. Let's make apps that access a users' calendar or mailbox in the cloud! We'll do it for real, using C# and Visual Studio, but talking JSON and REST over HTTPS.

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B-roll: Microsoft brings Office to everyone, everywhere

Intended for broadcast journalists, this broadcast-quality footage highlights the new Office apps for the iPhone, iPad and a preview of Office for Android tablets. Customers can create and edit Office content without a subscription. The b-roll also shows Office "touch-optimized" apps for Windows 10.

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Inside Windows Platform | Inside the Windows Ad Mediator Service and Control - Maximize your Ad Revenue

Bernardo Zamora joined us to announce the immediate availability of the new Microsoft Windows Ad Mediator Service and Control, an awesome new service designed to help you massively improve your advertising revenue globally.

This is a new service & control from Microsoft that will enable you to add advertising from a variety of different ad networks to your Windows (Phone only right now) application; you can then specify how often each specific network is used by updating your mediation configuration for the application in the Dev Center. This configuration can in turn be optimized by market, so that you are using the most effective ad networks in the appropriate regions. Changes can be made on the fly without republishing your app.


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