Last Week on Channel 9: November 6th - November 12th, 2017

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While everyone is focused on next week's Connect(); event, our hosts continued to provide great content, posts, shows and episodes. Here's just a select 16 of them...

TWC9: Connect(); Next Week, Picking the Right Azure VM, Star Wars Video Cards, Life After…

This week on Channel 9, Christina and guest host Shayne Boyer discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Java in Azure Functions

Xiaokai He joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how easy it is for you to use Java to create an Azure Function, and then test & debug it locally before pushing it to the cloud. You can also use VS Code to implement lightweight Java applications such as Azure Functions....      

Office 365 Update: November 2017

Welcome of the Office 365 update for November of 2017. This video covers topics including the Ignite conference, intelligent communications announcements, updates, LinkedIn integration, and more. Be sure to check out the companion blog at for the transcript, which includes links to more information on each topic.      

Security expert roundtable: advanced threat protection at Microsoft (October 2017)

Security experts from Microsoft discuss phishing, malware protection, threat intelligence, and more. They share candid insights and best practices about using Advanced Threat Protection in Azure, Windows 10, and Office 365 to combat sophisticated cyberattacks from advanced adversaries and to protect company data.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [01:30] What are the different Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) products that Microsoft offers?
  • [06:10] With regards to phishing threats, what did the Security Operations Center (SOC) use prior to Office 365 ATP and what are the benefits from this?...      
Asynchronous Reactive Models – Event-based Analysis of Networks of Actor

Rebeca is designed for modeling and formal verification of asynchronous and reactive systems in 2001, and is supported by a model-checking tool, Afra. Followed by that, an actor-based family of languages are introduced to enable model driven development and provide a faithful and usable model for building distributed, asynchronous, and event-based systems. In Timed Rebeca, network and computational delays, periodic events, and required deadlines can be expressed in the model. Model checking and simulation tools are built based on the formal semantics of the language and its extensions....      

Hacking The Runway: Exploring Fashion Technology & Haute Tech Couture

The world of fashion is rapidly adopting technology on runways around the world, bringing a spotlight to innovative new designs and experiments, also known as Haute Tech Couture. However, designers and their teams face a growing number of challenges, from technical (e.g. battery placement) to social (team dynamics between designers and engineers). In this talk, I describe 2.5 years of my journey and research that delves into the dynamics of building fashion technology pieces, as well as ...      

Social Order in the Age of Big Data: Exploring the Knowledge Problem and the Freedom

This talk will explore how to use social theory to understand problems of social order and its relationship to an era of Big Data. I take as a starting-point of the talk the neglected late work of theorist Norbert Elias and the concept of figurations, which I draw upon in my recent book (The Mediated Construction of Reality, with Andrew Hepp, Polity 2016), as a way of thinking better about the social world's real complexity. I will sketch the historical background that shapes what we know about the role of communications in the growth of industrial capitalism in the 19th century to argue that we are in a parallel phase of major transformation today. This raises two problems on which the talk will reflect:...      

Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge and Signatures from Symmetric-Key

We propose a new class of post-quantum digital signature schemes that: (a) derive their security entirely from the security of symmetric-key primitives, believed to be quantum-secure, and (b) have extremely small keypairs, and, (c) are highly parametrizable. In our signature constructions, the public key is an image y=f(x) of a one-way function f and secret key x. A signature is a non-interactive zero-knowledge proof of x, that incorporates a message to be signed. For this proof, we leverage recent progress of Giacomelli et al. (USENIX'16) in constructing an efficient sigma protocol for statements over general circuits. We improve this sigma protocol to reduce proof sizes by a factor of two, at no additional computational cost. While this is of independent interest as it yields more compact proofs for any circuit, it also decreases our signature sizes. We consider two possibilities for ...      

Project Catapult Academic Tutorial: OpenCL

We will be presenting a series of online tutorial sessions to introduce and provide examples of the work that is possible in the Catapult Academic environment.       

Dependency Injection

In this episode, Robert is joined by Miguel Castro, who explains dependency injection, which makes it easy to resolve classes at any level in any size object hierarchy, all the while making your application much easier to test. Miguel demystifies this important technique and explains why and how you should use it in every project.       

Snack Pack 23: Adding AI with Cognitive Services - Emotion API

Welcome to The Xamarin Show Snack Pack Edition. A Snack Pack is bite sized episode that is focused on a specific topic and covered in just a few minutes. Today, we take a look at the new integrated Microsoft Cognitive Services into a Xamarin application to add Emotion detection of faces with the cross-platform SDK.      

Balancing security in the midst of a digital transformation

In the Securing our enterprise series, Arsenault will share a very curious but practical analogy on how he and his team are balancing information protection, device health, identity management, and data telemetry with risk management during these exciting times.

This six-part series will deep dive into every aspect of enterprise security here at Microsoft and begins with how Arsenault and his team keep both customer and Microsoft data protected. "We can't always control where the data goes," pointed out Arsenault, "so protection must travel with the data."...      

Episode 172: Technically Wrong with Sara Wachter-Boettcher

We talk with Sara Wachter-Boettcher, author of Technically Wrong, about real examples of software mistakes that are biased and alienate users. 15 underutilized features of .NET. And Google is shipping the new pixel phone without Android.      

Interview with Sumit Chauhan, Corporate Vice President, Office Organization

Sumit heads up the engineering for Microsoft's flagship Office products: Word and PowerPoint across all platforms. She is also responsible for new and upcoming investments in the authoring and storytelling space with Sway as well as reimaging the authoring experience in Word and PowerPoint powered by Intelligent services and investments in Inking and 3D. Prior to this, Sumit lead the Office Engineering team.  Her multi-disciplinary team was responsible for driving radical...      

Video Understanding: From Tags to Language

The increasing ubiquity of devices capable of capturing videos has led to an explosion in the amount of recorded video content. Instead of "eyeballing" the videos for potentially useful information, it has therefore been a pressing need to develop automatic video analysis and understanding algorithms for various applications. However, understanding videos on a large scale remains challenging: large variations and complexities, time-consuming annotations, and a wide range of involved video concepts. In light of these challenges, my research towards video understanding...      

Azure Batch Rendering Service

Dave Fellows joins Donovan Brown to chat about a new service called Azure Batch Rendering, which is built on the Azure Batch service to provide capabilities for rendering 3D graphics for film and other visual media projects. The service provides pay-per-use licensing of the commercial applications commonly used in this field. ...      



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