Last Week on Channel 9: October 16th - October 22nd, 2017


Last week the big event was the kicking off of the Red Shirt Tour, with the first event in New York, Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour NYC 2017.

Here are a select 14 shows, posts and videos from here on Channel 9.

TWC9: New Windows 10, New Surface Book, New Visual Studio, New Web Documentation and…

This week on Channel 9, Christina and guest host Jason Young discuss the week's top developer news, including;

Azure API Management: New Admin UI and Mocks

Anton Babadjanov joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the new redesigned administrative UI for API Management. Also, see how it enables a design-first approach with the ability to produce simulated (mocked) API responses....      

Bjarne Stroustrup Interview at cppcon 2017

We are back with footage from cppcon 2017, which occurred in Bellevue, Washington! In this special GoingNative episode, our host Steve Carroll chats with Gabriel Dos Reis and Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, about his keynote this year on the topic of education...      

Entity Framework Power Tools

In this episode, Robert is joined by Erik Ejlskov Jensen, the author of several Visual Studio Extensions for working with databases. Here, Erik shows the Entity Framework 6 Power Tools (including viewing entity data models and generating views) and the EF Core Power Tools (including reverse engineering and viewing a database schema as a DGML graph).       

Episode 31: Android App Signing & Packaging

Welcome to The Xamarin Show. Today, we take a look at how to sign and package an Android application inside of Visual Studio using the archive manager. Additionally, James walks through the important steps of creating, using, and storing the Android keystore....      

Resilience and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems: Self-Driving Cars and Smart Devices

The future will be defined by autonomous computer systems that are tightly integrated with the environment, also known as Cyber-Physical systems (CPS). Resilience and security become extremely important in these systems, as a single error or security attack can have catastrophic consequences. In this talk, I will consider the resilience and security challenges of CPS, and how to protect them at low costs. I will give examples of two recent projects from my group, one on improving the resilience of Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerators deployed in self-driving cars, and the other on deploying host-based intrusion detection systems on smart embedded devices such as smart meters and smart medical devices. Finally, I will discuss some of our ongoing work in this area, and the challenges and opportunities. This is joint work with my students and industry collaborators.       

Hybrid Storage with Azure File Sync

Klaas Langhout joins Scott Hanselman to show Azure File Sync for centralizing file services into Azure, which reduces the cost and complexity of managing islands of data while preserving existing app compatibility and performance. In addition, it provides multi-site access to the same data, tiering of less frequently used data off-premise, and integrated backup and rapid restoration. ...      

Cloud security with Rob Polly

In planning to move the company's operations to the cloud, Microsoft quickly realized security in a virtual environment is significantly different than in an on-premise datacenter. In this episode, Microsoft cloud security expert Rob Polly outlines the challenges Microsoft faced during the transition, and how the company addressed additional concerns related to privacy and geopolitical and data sovereignty. He also explains how security must evolve as applications and services migrate to cloud computing solutions such as Microsoft Azure, and shares Dev Ops best practices Microsoft has adopted for cloud security....      

Project Catapult Academic Tutorial

We will be presenting a series of online tutorial sessions to introduce and provide examples of the work that is possible in the Catapult Academic environment.       

Introducing the new Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS 17.3

This week's episode of Data Exposed welcomes Alan Yu to the show! Alan Yu is a PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on SQL Tools, and today he is in the studio to talk about the latest SQL Server Management Studio 17.3 update.

Alan starts off by highlighting two new features in the latest release: Import Flat File Wizard and XEvent Profiler. Import Flat File Wizard is a new tool that helps streamline the import experience for a user who wants to import .csv or .txt files without specialized domain knowledge. The XEvent profiler is a live viewer window of extended events that can be quickly launched. For the purpose of this demo, Alan chose to focus on showcasing the Import Flat File Wizard....      

ASP.NET Monsters #108: Using the LIKE operator in Entity Framework Core 2.0

Entity Framework Core 2 was released recently. In today's episode we explore a new feature that allows us to specify the SQL Server LIKE operator when querying for entities.      

Microsoft announces new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and Windows Mixed Reality Headset,…

This footage, intended for broadcast journalists, includes footage of 3D in Office, Mixed Reality Viewer, Photos App, PC Gaming, Eye Control, plus the new Windows Mixed Reality Headsets and Surface Book 2. The footage includes both beauty shots and lifestyle footage of the technology being used.      

Rebuilding for the cloud with Robert Venable

Principal IT Architect Robert Venable and his team oversee MS Sales, the beating heart of financial tracking and billing at Microsoft. When the app was built 20 years ago, Microsoft released new versions of software for purchase only every few years. Now, Microsoft releases products faster, and handles billions of microtransactions from selling software as a service (SaaS)—billing pennies here and there for a Skype call, a few minutes of Microsoft Azure server time, or an Xbox avatar's new shoes. Robert and his team realized the outdated app faced imminent collapse and got to work imagining the new, scalable, cloud-based solution....      

Function Junction Ep14: Gathering Stats with Application Insights

In this video, we'll take a look at how to integrate AppInsights with Azure Functions to gather information about how functions are running.       



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