Last Week on Channel 9: October 26rd - November 1st, 2015


29 select videos, posts and shows from last week. Next week will be interesting with the Microsoft MVP invading the Redmond campus for MVP Global Summit...

One of the highlights of last week was the DEVintersection 2015 event of which you can watch a number of sessions and keynotes on-demand right now...

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Microsoft Partner Apps: October 2015 Roundup

Want to see what partners of the Microsoft Go-To-Market Services team did in October 2015? Here's a comprehensive look:


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GoingNative 43: Talks and Tips from the Experts at CppCon 2015!

Ever wish there were a way to condense the entire CppCon 2015 into less than an hour? Well, realistically speaking, there may not be a way to really do that, but we hope this month's episode comes close! CppCon 2015 was packed to the brim with all sorts of great content, great people, and great conversations! ...

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Episode 191: Virtual Machine Scale Sets with Guy Bowerman

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Guy Bowerman, Program Manager on the Azure Compute Engineering team focusing on Linux and Scale.  He joins us to talk about Virtual Machine Scale Sets.  Scale Sets are a way to deploy and manage a set of identical VMs.  Scale Sets handles scaling up and down of your VMs in an intelligent manner so the correct VM is always spun down.  Scale Sets also integrate with Azure Autoscale and Azure Load Balancer.  Scale Sets are currently in private preview but will very soon be in public preview.


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2015-10-29 Michael on the Go: SharePoint Online Governance On The Go

During a recent client meeting in Richmond VA Michael Gannotti, Philadelphia MTC Solutions Architect, discussed Governance around SharePoint online. During the discussion many things we discussed/addressed but at a base level the client, like many others, was simply looking for direction in approaches to governance around their top level sites/portals vs their collaborative areas.

In this edition of Michael on the Go, Michael discusses some basic approaches as food for thought around Roles, Portals and Hubs, and more. ...

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Azure API Apps 102 - Adding Authentication

Guang Yang continues to educate Scott on Azure API Apps. In this episode, we add authentication and an understanding of identity to an Azure API App.

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Riding the Modern Web: 5 things to consider as a web developer

Every day millions of users are commuting on the electronic highway. For you as a web developer you want to ensure that your website is adapted to the needs of the modern user and that you're not putting up road blocks, forcing users to take side roads. ...

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2015-10-28 Michael on the Go: Resources To Get On Office Pro Plus Current Branch

Recently Philadelphia MTC Architects Todd Furst and Michael Gannotti met with IT folks from a client that was not convinced about why they should look to move to a Click to Run model of Office Pro Plus deployment and management. Instead they were committed to use of the MSI install and traditional management. After much discussion as well as demonstration they decided that not only did they want to move to a Click to Run model but additionally asked for the tools and instructions needed to move test users to Current Branch. This has been a repeated scenario seen recently. ...

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Deep Dive into OneNote APIs

Get the latest on scenarios available when using the OneNote service.

For more information check out .

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Automate everywhere with the new Azure Automation in OMS – with special guest Jeffrey Snover

Azure Automation has provided a highly available, reliable, and scalable process execution engine for orchestrating error-prone and complex IT management tasks around Azure resources for a long time. But recently, Azure Automation has become a whole lot more. Join Rick, Joe Levy, and (surprise guest) Jeffrey Snover as we explore new features of Azure Automation, as part of the Microsoft Operations Management Suite, that have turned Azure Automation into a powerful, reliable solution for automation of IT management tasks on-premises or in any cloud, for Windows and Linux -- using the tools you’re already familiar with. ...

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B-roll: Microsoft on Fifth Ave. and 53rd St. in New York City

Intended for broadcast journalists, this broadcast quality footage showcases the Microsoft Store opening at Fifth Ave. and 53rd St. in New York City.

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Episode #001 - Jeffrey on Windows Server 2016

In this episode, with the help of Lindsay Berg, Jeffrey Snover talks about what's coming in Windows Server 2016. Technology today is moving faster than ever. New cloud options, improved features, and innovation across infrastructure and applications can create challenges for IT. Hear what the goals were for this version of Windows Server and how those goals translate into new capabilities. From software-defined datacenter approaches to building the right foundation for modern applications, Snover will tell you about IT, giving his perspective on where the industry is going. ...

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OneDrive for Business: Demo of IT control updates

In this 3-minute demo, Jeremy Mazner from the OneDrive engineering team highlights new IT controls using PowerShell to manage which domains are permitted or blocked for sharing, user permissions for external sharing and auditing sharing invitations.

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Office Dev Show - Episode 17 - Grace Hopper Celebration

In this episode, Yina Arenas covers the Grace Hopper conference for Women in Technology, and her experience there. Yina also participated in a panel on professional development.

Happy Coding!

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PowerShell 5 - Beginner's Note From Ed

Ed Wilson discusses why to learn PowerShell 5.

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Startup Stories: An Interview with Will Mallouk, CEO of Pixel Squad

David Giard welcomes Will Mallouk, CEO of Pixel Squad to the show as they discuss how his company got started in the gaming industry. Tune in as he describes for us their move away from AWS to Azure as well as what hurdles they had to overcome as an indie game shop on their quest to launch their first game – Crime Coast. ...

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Tidbits of Code and Node 04 - Introduction to Version 0.9 Updates

In this little episode of the Tidbits of Code and Node mini-series, I'll show you what's new in the latest (as of this writing anyway) update to Visual Studio Code. One of my favorite features is the consistent installation folder. Until this update, Visual Studio Code was installed into a new versioned folder breaking any links you had to the previous. Now it's just perfect.

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Nerding out with Surface Book

In this week's show, we nerd-out on the features of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 that are amazing for IT Pros and Developers. Wonder what makes the Surface Book the ultimate laptop, then take a look at look at this episode. It's things like NVMe SSDs, connected by PCIe rather than SATA. It's things like a UEFI built from the ground up for management. It's things like Windows 10 and Windows Hello combining to make your PC smile at you. It's things like dGPU cranking on your graphics. It's a pen that feels like a pen. It's a keyboard that feels ... perfect. ..

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MSDN Flash October 2015: Let's Dev This, Developer Movement, VS Online for Mac, On A cloud + more

Hello and welcome to editorial #1 of the first MSDN video eNewsletter! We are extremely excited to share all the latest developer news and events with you, so let's not waste more time and get down to business/coding! ..

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Tuesdays with Corey: The International version - Corey in China

Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team has snuck off to visit Shanghai and Beijing to talk with customers and partners working with Azure.  He didn't take Rick on the road, but manages to find a camera guy to fill in. ..

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The Ops Team #002 - "Rick's finger"

The Ops Team is a new weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, episode 2, Matt brings you up to speed with the latest infrastructure courses on the Microsoft Virtual Academy, along with insight into some of the innovation happening in the software-defined storage space. Rick gives his perspective of recent announcements on the collapse of the US-EU Safe Harbor along with dropping a big plug for a new and upcoming show, Microsoft Mechanics. Simon gives us the latest info on Azure Active Directory Domain Services, and last, but no means least, David showcases a new engineering story all around DevOps, along with info on the DevOps Enterprise Summit. ...

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CodeChat 045 - Microsoft's MVP Program

At Microsoft, MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional.

The MVP program is our attempt to recognize the incredible efforts of so many developers that use Microsoft tools and platforms and communicate well with others on why and how to do the same.

Those of us in developer evangelism could not be more thankful for our MVPs. They are tireless advocates and excellent teammates....

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2015-10-26 Mid-Day Cafe: Windows 10 - Why Deploy and How To Deploy?

Windows 10 is taking off like a rocket and organizations find themselves asking the how and why around Enterprise deployment. In this edition of Mid-Day Café MTC Architects Michael Gannotti and Todd First take a look at the what, why, and how of Windows 10 Deployment. ...

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Project: Shots, Shots, Shots

You know that drinking game where you take a shot every time someone says or does something? Well, these fine developers created an automated drinking game to do the heavy pouring for you! Ingenious! :D ...

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Attach a monitor to your laptop

This simply shows how to connect a monitor to your laptop using the VGA port.

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Episode 07: Interview with Women at Microsoft during the #GHC15 Microsoft party

While in the Grace Hopper Conference, Microsoft attendees had a big party at the Houston Aquarium. Soumow took the opportunity to have this fun conversation with some Microsoft ladies  ...

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2015-10-23 This Month In Azure: Azure Backup

When deploying test/dev, QA, and even production instances of virtual machines in the cloud one of the areas that is often overlooked are backups. In this edition of This Month in Azure host's Michael Gannotti and Todd Furst take a look, and demonstrate, how you can quickly set up backups for your Azure VM's. The demonstration directly maps to the actual, real world, procedure they also highlight where they used Azure backup for the Worldwide MTC Studios website (a SiteCore CMS website running on Azure that was setup by Microsoft Partner Perficient). ...

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Episode 02: Interview with Annabelle Backman, Senior Software Engineer at Amazon at #GHC15

While in the Grace Hopper Conference, Soumow interviews Annabelle, Senior Software Engineer at Amazon. ...

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PnP Web Cast - Introduction to Office 365 PnP PowerShell

In this PnP Web Cast we concentrated on PnP PowerShell CmdLets which will let you to manage Office 365 SharePoint sites or on-premises SharePoint remotely. PnP PowerShell can help you to create automated scripts for example to provision site collections with specific customizations or to manage any assets in the SharePoint sites remotely. PnP PowerShell CmdLets are using PnP Core Component in their implementation. ...

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B:roll - Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Hit Store Shelves Today

Intended for broadcast journalists, this broadcast quality footage showcases the Microsoft Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 on sale at the Microsoft store in Bellevue, WA. The video includes beauty and lifestyle shots of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 and soundbites from the Windows 10 devices unveiling on 10/6.

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