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Cognitive Services Episode 7 – Leveraging custom image classifiers for Enterprise use with…

So far in this course, we mostly focused on NLP related APIs! It's now time to see how to use the power of Vision-related services.  We'll start with a glance of vision-related services but the meat of this episode is to leverage the Custom Vision Service in our day-to-day business. Remember, in the previous episodes, we built a chatbot that deals with IT tickets within the enterprise. We saw how to train LUIS to understand incident-related phrase patterns & incident numbers. Let's now see how we can automatically detect a target IT system out of snapshots captured by end users when reporting incidents.        

Ethnography for Artificial Intelligence

An introduction to ethnography for Artificial Intelligence as well as conversational analysis and its relevance to AI.      

Episode 169: SAP MailWave Azure Architecture with Dominik Tornow

We talk to Dominik Tornow about how SAP used Azure for an internal application built on top of an event driven architecture using Service Bus, Azure Functions, Stream Analytics, and much more.      

Experimental cmdlets in Azure PowerShell

Aaron Roney joins Scott Hanselman to check out the new Experimental cmdlets in Azure PowerShell. This new functionality comes directly from user feedback, which the Azure PowerShell team uses to provide improved functionality. Check out the new cmdlets shown here and try them yourself!      

Azure and The Turing Institute Partner to Use Online Data to Better Understand Human…

Merve Alanyali and Suzy Moat of The Alan Turing Institute explain how they use Azure to analyze and use online data to understand human behavior. Azure helped them analyze over 25 million images in a week that would have previously taken 10 months without Azure's cloud computing power.      

VSTS Work Item Rules

In this episode, Donovan is joined by Charles Taylor, to show the Visual Studio Team Services Work Item Rules. Using these rules, you can customize the behavior of your work items in VSTS.      

The Threat of Ransomware: How to Protect Your System from Ransomware and other Malicious…

Ransomware is a type of malware that holds computers or files for ransom by encrypting files or locking the desktop or browser on systems that are infected with it, then demanding a ransom in order to regain access.

The rise of ransomware and its media presence in recent months has highlighted, perhaps now more than ever, the importance of robust security systems to detect and respond to devious and evolving threats.

Join Lex Thomas as he welcomes back Paul Bergson to the show as they discuss some common ransomware tactics and how you can successfully defend your systems and data....      

Episode 30: Xamarin University Training with Adrian Stevens

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Adrian Stevens, Xamarin University Author and Curriculum Lead, who introduces us to Xamarin University's world class mobile training and certification. Adrian walks us through what Xamarin University is, how to get started, and how to take advantage of the absolutely FREE self-guided training and certification program. Then he shows off the live and interactive classes that Xamarin University has to offer and how it all works....      

Testing and deploying Java in Azure Functions

In this video, Xiaokai shows us how to run a Java function locally using the Azure Functions runtime and the Maven plugin for Azure Functions      

New Alienware 51 and Dell Inspiron Gaming systems

See the latest Alienware 51 with AMD Threadripper (up to 16 cores) and Intel Series 9 options (up to 18 cores), and support for dual graphics cards. Featuring a triad chassis and liquid cooling. Also, see the latest Dell Gaming offerings offering great performance and pricing options.      

IT Showcase at Microsoft Ignite: The best way to predict the future is to create IT

Microsoft Ignite attendees each received a t-shirt with the words, "The best way to predict the future is to create IT." Clever play on words aside, what exactly does that mean? The IT Showcase team wrapped the week at Ignite by wandering the expo floor to discuss this phrase with IT pros and leaders....      

Microsoft Outlines Mixed Reality Vision and Unveils Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset

This broadcast quality footage shows people experiencing Windows Mixed Reality and beauty shots of the Windows Mixed Reality family of devices.      

TWC9: Live'ish Magic from Ignite!

This week on Channel 9, Christina and Bryan discuss the week's top developer news, including;

IT Unplugged: Digital Transformation

Access additional technical content, discover new and exciting career opportunities in IT, and much more:...      

Tech Showcase: Mobile Directions Robot

This demo shows our work on a mobile robot that gives directions to visitors. Currently, this robot is navigating Microsoft Building 99, leading people, escorting and interacting with visitors and generally providing a social presence in the building. This robot uses Microsoft's Platform for Situated Intelligence and Windows components for human interaction, as well as a robot operating system running under Linux for robot control, localization and navigation.      

Tech Showcase: Microsoft Translator Live

Microsoft Translator live enables users to hold translated conversations across two or more languages, with up to 100 participants participating at the same time using PowerPoint, iOS, Android, Windows and web endpoints. Businesses, retail stores, and organizations around the world need to interact with customers who don't speak the same language as the service providers, and Microsoft Translator live is an answer to all these needs.      

Tech Showcase: Bing Visual Search

Visual search, AKA search by image, is a new way of searching for information using an image or part of an image as the query. Similar to text search, which connects keyword queries to knowledge on the web, the ultimate goal of visual search is to connect camera captured data or images to web knowledge. Bing has been continuously improving its visual search feature, which is now available on Bing desktop, mobile, and apps, as well as Edge browser. It can be used not only for searching for similar images but also for task completion, such as looking for similar products while shopping. Bing image search now also features image annotation and object detection, to further improve the user experience. This demo will show these techniques and the scenarios for which the techniques were developed.      

Tech Showcase: Microsoft Pix

Microsoft Pix helps every photographer take better pictures. Because it incorporates AI behind the lens, it can tweak settings, select the best shots, and enhance them on the fly. It's designed to help take the guesswork out of getting great photos, so amateur photographers enjoy the moment, instead of struggling to capture it!      

Tech Showcase: Machine Teaching Using the Platform for Interactive Concept Learning (PICL)

Building machine learning (ML) models is an involved process requiring ML experts, engineers, and labelers. The demand of models for common-sense tasks far exceeds the available "teachers" that can build them. We approach this problem by allowing domain experts to apply what we call Machine Teaching (MT) principles. These include mining domain knowledge, concept decomposition, ideation, debugging, and semantic data exploration. PICL is a toolkit that originated from the MT vision. It enables teachers with no ML expertise to build classifiers and extractors. The underlying SDK enables system designers and engineers to build customized experiences for their problem domain. In PICL, teachers can bring their own dataset, search or sample items to label using active learning strategies, label these items, create or edit features, monitor model performance, and review and debug errors, all in one place.      

Tech Showcase: Cortana, Your Personal Assistant

From ferry schedules to dinner reservations, Cortana is the digital assistant designed to help people get things done. Cortana will eventually be everywhere people need assistance—on the phone, PC, Xbox One, and other places like the home and car. Cortana is part of the Microsoft portfolio of intelligent products and services, and current research is designed to take it beyond voice search to create an assistant that is truly intelligent.      

Episode 168: SQL Server 2017 with Jes Borland

We talk with Jes Borland about SQL Server 2017. We talk about the iPhone x-pensive. And stop listening to this episode, and listen to this episode about recursion....      

Dependency Injection & IoC containers for Xamarin Forms

In this video we'll learn how we can apply dependency injection and inversion of control in Xamarin Forms applications this will enable us to have an application that is easy to maintain, easy to write unit tests and also easy to extend. we'll use unity application block as an IOC container in order to register and resolve all our dependencies. Using dependency injection have an advantage of being able to access the platform specific
implementation for each platform.      



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