Last Week on Channel 9: September 25th - October 1st, 2017


The big news of the week was Ignite 2017, where you can catch many of the sessions on demand here, yet still our Channel 9 hosts were hard at it, recording and sharing outstanding content! Here's a select 17 shows, posts, episodes and videos from last week, here on Channel 9.

Tech Showcase: Project Malmo – Experimentation Platform for the Next Generation of AI…

Project Malmo is an open source AI experimentation platform that supports fundamental AI research. With the platform, Microsoft provides an experimentation environment in which promising approaches can be systematically and easily compared, and that fosters collaboration between researchers. Project Malmo is built on top of Minecraft, which is particularly appealing due to its design; open-ended, collaborative, and creative. Project Malmo particularly focuses on Collaborative AI – developing AI agents that can learn to collaborate with other agents, including humans, to help them achieve their goals. To foster research in this area, Microsoft recently ran the Malmo Collaborative AI Challenge, in which more than 80 teams of students worldwide, competed to develop new algorithms that facilitate collaboration. This demo demonstrates the results of the collaborative AI challenge task and shows selected agents and how new tasks and agents can be easily implemented.

Foundations for Natural Proofs and Quantifier Instantiation

The logics required to support program verification go much beyond the class of decidable logics available today, and beyond the quantifier-free logics supported by SMT solvers today. In particular, when dealing with unbounded structures such as arrays or dynamically manipulated heaps, the current support for automated reasoning falls short of what we desire. The typical ways of dealing with such logics have been through heuristics, and in particular quantifier instantiation heuristics to deal with quantified logics and the so-called natural proof heuristics that employ recursion-unfolding tactics to deal with recursively defined datatypes. We give foundational results that explain the efficacy of heuristics used for dealing with quantified formulas and recursive definitions. We develop a framework for first order logic (FOL) over an uninterpreted combination of background theories. Our central technical result is that systematic term instantiation is *complete* for a fragment of FOL that we call safe. Coupled with the fact that unfolding ...

Join us for the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour

Join us for the Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour

Now that Ignite is over, we can all roll up our sleeves and start using all the new services and features in Azure.

The Azure Red Shirt Dev Tour is for developers who want to see detailed advice and instructions for building solutions in the cloud. The sessions will give you information about the latest Azure services, including VM scale sets, managed disks, hybrid cloud, Azure Stack, enterprise mobility & security, Xamarin/mobile development, SQL, AI, machine learning, and much more....

PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

Hemant Mahawar joins Scott Hanselman to demo the PowerShell experience in Azure Cloud Shell, a browser-based shell experience hosted in the cloud. Now you have the flexibility of choosing the shell experience that best suits the way you work. Azure drive (Azure:) enables you to discover and navigate all Azure resources like file system navigation and provides contextual capabilities such as resource-group scoping for Azure PowerShell cmdlets and a context-sensitive command list....

ASUS Gaming Laptop with High-End Features and Affordable Price

We talk with ASUS's product team about how they are bringing high-end features, normally reserved for their higher priced laptops, to a well-balanced and affordable gaming laptop.

IT Showcase at Microsoft Ignite: What has robots, Batman, and everyone else so excited?

The IT Showcase team wanders the expo floor at Microsoft Ignite to figure out why, exactly, there's so much excitement in the air. It's electric and ... [spoiler alert]... it's cats. No, seriously. And, of course, much, much more....

IT Showcase at Microsoft Ignite: A sampler pack of tech super powers

Watch as IT pros and leaders reveal their super powers, one by one, on the bustling expo floor at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando...

Episode 31: Exploring Jobs In Game Development

Ever wonder what it takes to make a video game? Video games can be made by several hundred people or a single person in a garage and there is a wide variety of skills and talents that come into play.  Dive into this talk with Katie Stone Perez to find out a bit more about different types of jobs in Video Game Development and how to get started.

At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential. And helping students engage with technology and explore career opportunities in Technology are paramount to delivering against that goal. If you or someone you know is a student and is interested in learning more about our education and engagement programs please visit the following resources:...

Angular and .NET Core

In this episode, Robert is joined by Ed Charbeneau for a discussion on using Angular with ASP.NET Core. Ed shows how to create an Angular app using the new ASP.NET Core project templates [01:45], how to create an Angular app with a Web API backend [20:45] and how to use Angular to build a native iOS and Android app [27:10]. ...

GoingNative 61: Enforcing the C++ Core Guidelines with Visual Studio 2017

We are back with GoingNative #61, where Steve Carroll talks to Kyle Reed about C++ Core Check rule sets you can enable in Visual Studio to improve the quality of your code. These rules are based on the C++ Core Guidelines introduced several years ago. ...

Securing the enterprise—safeguarding our customers and our data

Access additional technical content, discover new and exciting career opportunities in IT, and much more:...

In ‘Hit Refresh,’ Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tells the inside story of the company’s…

This video contains b-roll footage related to Satya Nadella's book 'Hit Refresh,' including speeches spanning his career at Microsoft and footage from a recent trip to the school he attended in India.

iBuypower Snowblind turns your case into a display

Join us as we interview iBuypower about their latest product lineup including the Snowblind display case.

Defrag Tools #185 - Time Travel Debugging - Introduction

In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by James Pinkerton and Ivette Carreras to introduce a new feature of WinDbg Preview: Time Travel Debugging (TTD).

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WinDbg Preview (download from Microsoft Store) ...

Interview with Beth Pan Software Engineer on the MVA Team

Beth Pan is a Software Engineer and Content Producer for Microsoft Learning. She was a software engineer at Nationwide Insurance before her life at Microsoft started and graduated from Ohio State University. Learn more about her humble beginnings growing up in rural China and moving to America to follow her dreams of working in tech in the west coast.

Counting every person on Earth to eradicate poverty and empower women

The number one United Nations Sustainable Development Goal is to eliminate poverty, leaving nobody behind. Researchers in the United Kingdom are harnessing the large-scale data-processing power of Microsoft Azure to map the location of every person on Earth to provide the accurate population statistics needed to achieve this international humanitarian goal.

The WorldPop research team at the University of Southampton, U.K., provides critical data for tracking the UN Sustainable Development Goals by counting every person on Earth, where they are and who they are. The team does this using novel data science techniques and cloud computing to combine large datasets drawn from census, surveys, satellite, GIS and other sources to provide governments and NGOs with extremely detailed spatial and temporal mappings—some with resolutions down to 100 meters square. "The datasets can be so large and complex that it's impractical or impossible to build them on a single workstation," says Andy Tatem, a professor of geography and environment at the University of Southampton and the director of the WorldPop initiative. "But now our researchers are able to cut them down to size with the compute clusters and parallel computing that Microsoft Azure provides."...

Serverless Apps with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

Kirill Gavrylyuk shows Scott Hanselman an easy way to build planet-scale serverless apps in minutes using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. Customers expect apps to offer event-driven, near real-time experiences. Now you can subscribe to changes in Azure Cosmos DB collections and trigger logic in real time while being globally-distributed, and without deploying or managing any servers....



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