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Just 26 of the new episodes, posts and videos from last week....

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TWC9: Surface Enterprise, Office on iPad Pro, VP9 on Edge and more...

This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Guest host Larry Lieberman discuss the week's top developer news, including;

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The Power of Cross Platform Development with Universal Apps and Xamarin

James Montemagno is the Developer Evangelist at Xamarin and a passionate believer in the importance of cross-platform development for individual developers and for enterprises. In this video, Montemagno talks about why C# is his favorite programming language and how it empowers developers and enterprises to scale across platforms and devices.

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All About Open Source

Cloud, Server, Tools is a radio show by 4 guys who build and evangelize Microsoft products. Join Scott Klein and his co-hosts Scott Hunter, Corey Sanders, and Brady Gaster as they talk about awesome Microsoft technology. This is a show by developers, for developers and your source for relevant news across Microsoft's products and services including Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Azure. Chat with us live, ask us questions, and listen to the guys who build awesome Microsoft products! ..

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Building the Viral Site "Twins or Not" with Mat Velloso

After the team's success of, Mat Velloso decided to create just to see how easy it would be! In this episode he shares the code with Scott, and with you on GitHub! You'll see how you can call APIs like the Face API and many others in the Azure Marketplace. We'll also see how the site scales and how easy it was to add analytics as well.

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Episode 20 - MVPDays Countdown Show 5

In this Episode Cristal and I recorded this live from San Francisco, CA.   We produce it using our Nokia Lumia 630 XL and it actually turned out great.   We have some big logistical announcements for the upcoming MVPDays Community Roadshow 2015 in Western Canada.   Make sure you watch this one as it will serve as a nice guide for the day of the event.

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Building Intelligence into your Apps with Azure Machine Learning with Corom Thompson

Scott talks to Corom Thompson from Azure Machine Learning. In just minutes Corom adds Machine Learning intelligence to a chat app, adding emoji based on a sentiment analysis of the text!

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Cloud: Image Processing

A scalable architecture for image processing. This overview makes use of API's, BLOB storage, Queues and CDN. For more information check out my Open Source project on GitHub:

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Community Corner: An Interview with Andy Abott from BookedOut

David Giard welcomes Andy Abott, Co-Founder and SVP of Engineering at BookedOut  as they discuss what BookedOut does, how it got started as well as how they use various Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Azure in their service.

  • [0:23] Tell us about BookedOut. What do you do? ...
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Teaser: More Band and Robots...

I need to make a stand for the motors on the back... but you get the idea.

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App Development with Cortana

In this episode, Robert is joined by Nick Landry, who shows us how to integrate Cortana into apps. Among the topics Nick covers and shows are voice commands, speech recognition and synthesis, background voice commands and continuous dictation. ...

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Office Dev Show - Episode 10 - File Handlers and Smartsheet

In this episode of the Office Dev Show Dorrene Brown and Ken Adamson, of Smartsheet, show us what File Handlers are, what contexts they are enabled, and how to get them running in your own environments. ...

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DevMov Superheroes: Jérémie

My name is Jérémie, I'm a programmer for the Canadian House of Commons, a technology enthusiast and a hobby Windows Phone/Windows/Universal app developer (thanks to DevMov). I'm also proud husband and dad of 2 girls. Oh, and just so I don't fall into the "geek" stereotype, I also love the outdoors!

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Episode 393: Jeff McWherter on Transitioning from a Programmer to a Manager

Since starting his own software company - Gravity Works - a few years ago, Jeff Mcwherter has changed his role from writing code to managing others who write code. In this interview, Jeff discusses that transition and how his life has changed.

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Cool things you didn't know about Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 is here! And what was already the most powerful IDE in the industry has now even become better. Visual Studio 2015 comes packed with numerous new features, some of which you may not have noticed when you have just installed the latest version. Are you working with XAML, HTML, C# or...? Doesn't matter, VS2015 has cool new stuff onboard. In this session, Gill Cleeren, Visual Studio user since Visual Studio 6 (which was released in 1998...), will show you some cool new things to impress your fellow developers! ...

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Dev-Test Starts with IT: (Part 1) Why Dev-Test on Azure?

Kevin Remde welcomes Drew McDaniel as they kick off a new multi-part series today, entitled “Dev-Test Starts with IT”. Tune in as they discuss how development and IT organizations can take advantage of a cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure to improve their agility and overall quality when it comes to supporting a fully dynamic and robust development lifecycle.

  • [1:44] How much infrastructure does a typical enterprise allocate for dev-test? ...
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A quick video tour of the OneNote app

Microsoft's Jason Draime takes you on a quick tour of the OneNote modern app where you can use the radial wheel to create lists and format on the fly, use a stylus to transcribe your handwriting, and take a quick picture to upload to your Notebook. This readiness guide brought to you by Microsoft IT aims to help you be more productive and inspire an all-digital culture within Microsoft. ...

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Windows 10 Security

Channel 9 hosts a lot of useful videos on Windows 10 security for sysadmins. However, since you're probably like us, and don't have time to find them all, we asked our Senior Technical Evangelist, Simon May, to create a curated list. Think of this as your playlist for Windows 10 Security, and just like any favorite playlist, we will continue to update with the latest and greatest. ...

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5 Minutes with Visual Studio 2015 Community Installer

A quick 5 minute-ish video about installing Visual Studio 2015 Community.

[00:29] - Let's get started...

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Mobilizing 3D Visualization with Siemens JT2Go and Windows 10

Interested in seeing how line of business (LOB) apps built on Microsoft technologies are transforming commercial industries (e.g. retail, hospitality, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing) and public sectors (e.g. education, public safety)?  Check out this multi-part LaunchPad series on Channel 9 where we showcase powerful LOB apps built on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Microsoft Azure and Office 365. ...

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Visual Studio 2015 with Robert Green

Richard Campbell hosts the next of the DEVintersection countdowns with guest Robert Green, discussing some of the great new features in the recently released Visual Studio 2015. Roberts talks about the productivity enhancements in VS2015 that can get you working on the right code in the right place faster than ever. Check out Robert's sessions at DEVIntersection at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, October 26-29. ...

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Ping 252: Dodging bullets with NASA, Revo Build by Acer, Chase Grid Battle

Welcome back to Ping! We talk about the return of robot combat return to television, we chat about a one-way ticket to Mars on the space desk, and more stories that 'softies are pinging each other about...

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Salesforce, SAP, Uber, Do and Smartsheet add-ins and extensibility solutions for Office 365

The new Office Add-in extensibility platform gives you integrated Office experiences with your favorite apps and the apps you use to run your organization. On this week's show we explore Office extensibility updates and take a tour of solutions from Salesforce, SAP, Uber, Do and Smartsheet across Office applications, Office Online in the browser and even Office for iPad.

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TechNet Friday - September 2015: Windows 10 Deployment

Join us for 60 minutes online while Microsoft and community experts give deep dive demonstration about Microsoft technologies. With Windows 10 ready and deployment are top of mind for IT Admins, this session will give you technical guidance on what options you as a desktop admins have for getting your users upgraded to latest version of Windows. ...

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Episode 71: SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database with Neeraj Joshi

We talk with Neeraj Joshi about SQL and Azure SQL Database. Your OS sucks. Make it rain every time you get paid.

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OneNote for Education

Create notebooks to stay organised, deliver curriculum and collaborate.

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Defrag Tools #140 - Larry Osterman - 31 Years

In a two part on-location special for Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder invade Larry Osterman's office on his 31st anniversary at Microsoft. This week, we talk about his various office moves and the collection of artifacts in his office. Next week we continue the visit and do a deep dive in to API Contracts. API Contracts are used to define and package the various Windows 10 SKUs for PC, Phone, HoloLens, Surface Hub, Xbox, IoT, etc.

Larry Osterman's Weblog
Larry Osterman on Channel 9

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