New Events Section Now Available on Channel 9!

The Discussion

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    Nice!! Smiley

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    Great! It will be good to have all content in one place!

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    Will there be a RSS or OData feed for the Events? I see there's an event level feed (i.e. a Feed just for MIX06 or 07 or 08, etc) but will there be a higher level? One that aggregates all the events as they are added?

    An OData feed for all the events would be awesome. Would let us, the community, develop custom viewers, event content explorers, etc, etc...

    Still, this is an AWESOME first step in bringing all the very cool conference stuff into one place. Thank you guys for making this happen...

    Channel 9 rocks!  Smiley 

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    Will other Microsoft conferences like PDC, SharePoint Conference or TechEd be listed in here too?  It will be nice to see them all listed in one place! Big Smile

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