Photosynth of the Channel 9 Studio


Regular viewers of our This Week on Channel 9 Show might have noticed some improvements in our little studio. Larry Larsen and Nic Fillingham have been hard at work in improving our audio, video production along with the layout of the set.

Larry recently published a photosynth of the Channel 9 Studio. Plenty of improvements in the space and we have a few fun surprises planned for the future. Wink

Stay tuned.

The Discussion

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    Some improvements?

    Well, it looks like the studio I was in, only with a slightly different video guy in the control room(He was cool! Should totally have him on C9, imo).

    I like the new sudio a lot. I wish the surface table was there, when I was there. Sad

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    I spy with my little eye some nice acoustic panels.
    A surface table, yes please, sweet toys.
    Sounds good with improved audio, in a manner of speaking.
    And the furniture looks comfortable.
    Next up: a 360 degrees surface; or a bent TV in the corner ('excuse the name)


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    Neat. But only 22 pics. PhotoSynth needs lots of pics for all the zoom/detail stuff. Figured you should have had around 200+ for a nice PhotoSynth experience Smiley

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