Simplifying how to share content on Channel 9

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Hey folks,

We've just released an update to Channel 9 that simplifies how you share content.

We've now added two dedicated sharing icons for Twitter and Facebook on a video page, as shown in the image.
Clicking on either of the links will ask you to login with your Twitter (via or Facebook credentials respectively to share the link.

While this is a pretty minor change, we did want to discuss some of the reasons for the change.  

  • Familiarity - The Facebook and Twitter sharing icons are likely to be well-known niners and by making the sharing feature more obvious, the hope is that more people will share content.
  • Simplicity - The previous implementation of the share feature provided seven sharing options and had a dropdown menu of options. 
  • Usage data - Based on how the share feature was used, Facebook (#1) and Twitter (#2) were clearly the most used options.

- Channel 9 Team


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The Discussion

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    I like the new updates... the site feels faster as well

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    but still no way to kill spam i see..... now as i have said / posted about 100 times in over a year...

    why can't i tag *THE POST* as spam ?


    put a fakking button next to reply [This post is spam]  and flag just the post.

    then build an app for your own use that gets all the posts tagged that way and sorts them by number of times tagged and gets the top 100 or top 50 of them at a time.


    if i had the database i could build the sql part for sure.....  and a simple winforms client to view and nuke the spam.


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    figuerres said:
    if i had the database i could build the sql part for sure.....  and a simple winforms client to view and nuke the spam.

    Yeah, that would be easy ... building the button onto the specific comment, where it has to be the right comment after paging, was trickier and I wasn't able to get it working before this deployment. I did add a 'all comment' rss feed for the site though that we can use to make sure we spot new spam as it comes in.

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    Maybe its me, but I just feel like these two icons are far too prominent and in your face. There is something about the way they come immediately after the title and before the actual content of the post that just doesn't sit well to me

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    Very nice folks!

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